3 Super-Hilarious Stand-up Acts You Need to Know About

Written by Tim Grable

January 18, 2018

When you are searching for stand-up acts to make your event a hit, there are plenty of options to choose from. Or, as they say, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

To pick only the best ones may often prove a struggle.

However, what does ‘the best’ mean?

Our answer is: the best stand-uppers are not just the famous ones, but all those who can deliver a natural, uber-funny performance which suits the profile of your event. In what follows, we are going to indicate 3 performers who’ll be able to offer precisely this type of gig.

3 Super-Hilarious Stand-up Acts You Need to Know About

Tom Cotter

Having reached widespread national appeal with his runner-up finish at America’s Got Talent, Tom Cotter is no stranger to success on the stand-up comedy scene.

To note just a part of his resume:

  • winner of the Seattle International Comedy Competition
  • the grand prize at the Boston Comedy Festival
  • ‘Best Stand-up’ act at The Las Vegas Comedy Festival
  • Appearances in The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Last Comic Standing, The Today Show or Comics Unleashed.
  • his own Comedy Central show.

If you were looking for the reasons for his massive appeal to audiences, you would find it in the main characteristics of his stand-up acts:

  • the right balance between a polished appearance and irreverence
  • suited both for corporate gigs and high-profile events
  • masterful selection of topics
  • carefully paced performance
  • capacity to improvise.

The last point in the list above is maybe the true sign of Tom’s mastery of his stand-up act. In fact, what if you click here and see for yourself?

On Demand Comedy With Tom Cotter - America's Got Talent Semifinals

Preacher Lawson

A Portland native, Preacher, was one of those people who had to move around a lot since childhood. That built his adaptable mindset, which is an essential trait stand-up comedians should possess.

Preacher’s skill has grown considerably since he settled in Orlando, FL. The proof?

  • opening acts to a handful of his famous fellow comedians
  • the Funniest Comedian in Florida award in 2015
  • winner of The Seattle International Comedy Competition in 2016
  • selected in Just for Laughs New Face 2017
  • finalist of America’s Got Talent in 2017 (one of the only comedians to reach the final stage).

All the above achievements were possible due to Preacher’s high-energy, fast-paced and always unpredictable stand-up acts. He also throws in a bit of self-deprecating humor, just enough hilarious facial expression and even dance moves when the sketch requires it.

All in all, if you need an infectious performer who can make your guests laugh till their stomach hurts, Preacher Lawson should be your man.

ALL Performances Preacher Lawson - The Best Comedian America's Got Talent 2017

Dan Naturman

Dan Naturman, another experienced performer, has also been a presence on America’s Got Talent.

With a background in legal studies, Dan may not have followed the same path as his fellow stand-up performers, but he sure solidified an excellent reputation with appearances in The Last Comic Standing or The Late Show with David Letterman.

His comedic brand relies on a funny, endearing persona people cannot help but relate to.

Dan Naturman: Sizzle Reel 2017

More Stand-up Acts to Choose from

If you are looking for excellence in comedy gigs, you are right in the perfect place. Just like Tom Cotter, Preacher Lawson or Dan Naturman, many other top-notch comedians are waiting for their turn at entertaining your guests.

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