What Talented Entertainers You Can Hire for an Event in LA

Acro army, acroarmy

Written by Tim Grable

July 5, 2017

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So, you are all set on planning a first-rate event in LA. You are brimming with ideas, checklists, enthusiasm and positive energy.

As with any gathering you are organizing, there has to be an element of amusement to break the ice and cheer all participants up.

Start searching for the entertainer of your choice, and you will be faced with loads of California-based performers vying to take on as many events as possible.

Some of them are emerging in the industry; some others are household names, so you need to make your way through this crowded offer.

We thought of helping you out, so we singled out 5 top-notch performers who are always ready to travel to LA for your event.

What Talented Entertainers You Can Hire for an Event in LA

1. Blake Vogt

An event in LA requires that you hire a highly qualitative act which manages to please a well-versed audience. You need to grab the attention of people who attend dozens of events, one more engaging than the other.

To get this burden off your chest, we suggest that you seek for entertainers like Blake Vogt.

It is enough to mention that he possesses extensive expertise in the world of entertainment, having worked with and for top names like:

  • Pharrell
  • Kanye West
  • Daniel Radcliffe
  • Neil Patrick Harris
  • magician David Copperfield.

Not only that, but Blake has also been involved in movie productions like Now You See Me 1&2 or Marvel’s Ant Man.

2. Ron Pearson

With a Corporate Comedian of the Year award under his belt, Ron Pearson is a favorite of corporate or show audiences.

He knows how to fuse keynote speeches with top-tier entertainment – something which has been experienced by the corporate staff of companies like:

  • Hewlett Packard
  • Toyota
  • Verizon
  • Motorola.

His extensive experience with comedy club performance makes him a strong candidate for your event.

3. Jay Alexander

‘Dynamic’ is the proper word for Jay Alexander’s brand of comedy – outstanding magic trickery meets mentalism and comedy on top of that.

This is a combination which works every time, especially when executed by an expert like Jay Alexander. Thought-provoking and action-packed, his gigs are always catered to a company’s specific needs for a specific event.

He is no stranger to audiences at:

  • trade shows
  • incentive dinners
  • sales meetings.

4. Raspyni Brothers

Is juggling a suitable type of entertainment for business meetings? With over 1,000 corporate shows, the Raspyni Brothers prove it is.

Even though their forte is juggling, Barry Friedman and Dan Holzman have also trained in Improv comedy. That is mainly why people seem to love them so much – they bring genuine excitement and verve to any event hall.

They make for excellent emcees, also.

5. Acro Army

Acts involving physical stunts are always a sure way to leave an audience flabbergasted.

Acro army, acroarmy

The ensemble we are recommending for your event in LA is no exception if we only consider the Acro Army has managed to earn the sympathy of millions of Americans who placed them in the top 3 at America’s Got Talent.

That speaks volumes to these acrobatic gymnasts’ ability to turn years of training into stage-worthy, uplifting shows.

Plan an Event in LA with the Best Entertainment at Your Disposal

In the hope that you have at least started to make up your mind, we have to point out that the Grable Group offers only top-tier entertainers.

Make sure you book them in advance, and your event will come together better than you would have wished.

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