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Written by Tim Grable

March 2, 2017

Taylor Mason Romeo - No Dummies Here There are few people who are talented enough and courageous enough to get on stage and perform in front of an audience. It is always a little easier if the performer is not alone on the stage. Perhaps this is why Taylor Mason chooses to perform with a friend. In his Taylor Mason and Romeo performance, he delivers side-splitting comedy with the help of his funny ventriloquist dummy. Hilarity ensues as this duo performs their comedy to the crowd.

Taylor Mason Romeo a great comedy combination

In this comedic duos performance, they manage to take a variety of subjects and put the views of an innocent character named Romeo out there for the audience to laugh at and enjoy. He keeps the audience involved with his interaction and by poking fun of the selected members. From beginning to end, Taylor Mason and Romeo keep the laughter going.

After singling out another member of the audience, the hilarity ensues as Romeo makes fun of the Showing off even more of his incredible talent, Taylor Mason Romeo break out in a musical rap for the delight of the crowd. The seamless interaction between performer and puppet makes his performance an entirely believable rendition from a pair of gangster rappers, busting out a rhyme. Even during the musical performance, Romeo can not help himself but to make hilarious comments.

Although the puppet seems to have a darker side, he is no stranger to the Bible. He is questioned by Mason about his affiliation with the Holy book. Romeo proclaims his method can be done in the time span of a tweet. Taylor Mason challenges Romeo to his tactics, and the outcome of the Taylor Mason Romeo interchange is priceless. Convinced that his reasoning is spot on, Romeo argues his point to the chuckling delight of the crowd.

In the end, Romeo gets his comeuppance when Taylor Mason turns the tables, and the jokes are turned on Romeo. Mason makes fun of the puppet Romeo’s inability to raise his hands and turns it into an entire audience lesson. He uses an audience member to create a dialogue and a story that has the whole audience captivated and chuckled through the whole show. Hilarity ensues as Taylor Mason invites the audience member on stage, and he is made a live action part of the show. This interaction proves to create a truly visual and humorous encounter between Romeo and Taylor Mason.

Romeo is available to entertain at corporate functions. Although he may not be able to shake your hand, he will do his best to help you laugh and have a great time. And he comes as a two-for-one special with Taylor Mason, who is always at his side!

Taylor Mason – Making a Pig of Himself with a Puppet

taylor mason pig puppet What do you get when you cross a talented ventriloquist, a pig named Paco, a pig named Ramon, and a pig with no mouth named Paquito? You get the incredible talent of Taylor Mason pig puppet on stage delivering his unique style of comedic ventriloquism. His lighthearted look at the world through the eyes of these pigs is a “porktacular” experience. Commanding the stage and the microphone, Taylor Mason keeps the crowd involved and entertained. His style of comedy is perfect for conferences, large gatherings, party entertainment, charity fundraisers, holiday parties and many other celebrations in need of quality wholesome entertainment.

Taylor Mason Pig Puppet Paco, Ramon, Paquito

Mason brings his skills to the stage with the help of his puppet partners. A master at ventriloquism, he can converse with his Taylor Mason pig puppet Paco in a lively conversation that is a mix of a Spanish speaking pig and a frustrated comedian trying to teach him English. Showing off his skill as a talented ventriloquist, he brings in a third element; a portly pig named Ramone. The back and forth banter is masterfully done with seamless transitions between the two characters. He covers some subjects during his shows including covering areas such as the financial status of banks, political issues, and everyday life.

Keeping the audience involved is the key to a successful production or show. Although the pigs can reach audiences of all ages with relevant material, Taylor Mason’s pig puppet performance is not the only skill that he offers his audiences. Mason is a master of many forms of entertainment including such as:

  • Pianist
  • Rock n’ roller
  • Political observer
  • Writer
  • Singer
  • Songwriter
  • Blogger
  • Author
  • Puppeteer
  • Entertainer

Taylor Mason is no stranger to the stage and television screen. He has been seen on such television shows as America’s Got Talent and Star Search. He has performed all over the world for the last 25 years, accumulating a number of awards, performing in headliner comedy clubs, helping create and appear in television commercials, and performing on live theater stage in Chicago.

With a background in such a variety of entertainment categories, Mason’s style of humor is the perfect fit for events for:

  • Corporate events
  • Church functions
  • Comedy clubs
  • College campuses
  • Television appearances
  • Large private parties
  • Outdoor live events
  • Fundraisers


When there is a need for a wholesome genuinely entertaining act to fill the fun void at your next function, Taylor Mason’s pig puppet Paco and his friends are sure to make the audience “squeal” with delight. Offering much more than just a comedic ventriloquist act, Taylor Mason can entertain his audiences with a broad mixture of entertaining skills.

Thank goodness the art of ventriloquism is being kept alive by Taylor Mason Romeo. His shows are an impressive demonstration of superior comedy, mixed with audience interaction, a touch of the sarcasm, and sprinkled with some actual live on stage performance perfection. Taylor Mason and his ventriloquist partner Romeo are an excellent solution to the entertainment dilemma of any group gathering; whether it be large or small. This duo of professional performers is sure to leave the audience wanting more.


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