Why Taylor Mason has the Best Comedy

Taylor Mason

Written by Tim Grable

July 30, 2017

Not everybody can make people laugh with the same passion and energy as Taylor Mason. It is a marvelous thing which requires great talent and devotion.

Taylor’s work can be considered 100% family in a friendly way. It means you can enjoy it together with your loved ones, without worries.

His quick wit, smart jokes, perfect delivery, and tremendous best master of ceremonies have always wowed crowds. However, how much do you know about his comedy?

Clean, Smart and Funny Comedy

Let’s go through a journey which defines this talented clean comedian.

Keeping his jokes clean and somewhat old school is the name of the game for Mason, who can be equally at ease working a corporate function or a Disney cruise, a non-profit function or a Bar Mitzvah, and he can do it all while not only making his audience laugh at him but also with him and at themselves. Taylor does not seem the type of guy that would ever take himself too seriously, and he certainly will not let his audience do so either. In addition to ventriloquism, he uses traditional stand-up comedy and music in his acts, sometimes mixing all three for a one of a kind best comedy show. One thing is for sure; with Taylor Mason, nothing is sacred as long as it can be called upon in the name of good clean humor and no one is safe from his laugh-producing antics and acts

Early Life

Mason was born on the 22nd of February 1956 in Hinsdale, Illinois and grew up in Chicago’s suburbs.

His father, Bill Mason, was a Radio farm broadcaster and a deacon in the Congregational Church. He worked at WGN Radio and Television, a local Chicago station which featured farm news in the early mornings and every day at noon.

Taylor was fascinated by his father’s job and often tagged along. Bill did not only broadcast news but was also hired by local farmers groups to speak at conferences and meetings.

Even if his childhood revolved around piano lessons, Little League, summer vacations and church dinners, Taylor’s father had a huge positive influence.

Taylor Mason

Growing Up

While Taylor was in high-school, the entire family moved to Ottawa, Illinois. He eventually graduated from Ottawa High in 1974.

Then it was time for college. Taylor attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he majored in agriculture and communications, graduating in 1979.

College was another defining period for this multi-talented clean comedian. Taylor Mason played varsity football for The Fighting Illini but suffered a knee injury during his junior season.

So, Mason began performing at his fraternity as a disc jockey and comedian for dances, having to spend entire autumn in an ankle-to-hip cast. Taylor only needed two years to become a campus favorite by spinning records and telling jokes at parties, college functions, and university events.

Taylor Mason, the Funny Musical Ventriloquist

Those final two years of college made Taylor rediscover a ventriloquist puppet received as a gift for his 10th-birthday from his parents. He quickly decided to combine the puppet, stand-up comedy and music into a sort of one-man variety show.

He went on to get a job as a musical director for The Second City Touring Company and was admitted to The Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in 1982. He earned a Masters’ Degree in Advertising twelve months later and started working as a ventriloquist at Zanies Comedy Club.

By 1990, Mason began making television appearances on all the popular shows of the day:

  • Evening at the Improv
  • Comic Strip Live
  • Caroline’s Comedy Hour
  • MTV Half-Hour Comedy Hour.

Back to the Present

Taylor’s entire youth was a forming stage. He was able to experiment and polish his talents.

Fast-forwarding forward, Taylor’s career grew exponentially with each unique show. He is now one of the best clean comedians you can hire for your event, and his talents are recognized worldwide.

He even performed for corporations such as Microsoft or Disney. Additionally, Mason is an excellent choice for non-profit events, as his comedy is always clean.

Taylor Mason is a brilliant comic with the best comedy

He plays music, does ventriloquism and, best of all, keeps it clean.


Would not it be gratifying to enjoy the best comedy show with the whole family…your kids, parents, and grandparents?  Taylor is the solution. His show is filled with clean humor. Between his Spanish speaking pig, Paco, and his classic audience participating tune, 3 Words in My Song, you will see that this is the one comic you can book for everyone in the family.  With his clean style of funny comedy and his fearlessness in taking on just about any subject, Mason defies description.


A consummate ventriloquist and entertainer, he plays conscience and moderator to his sidekick dummy Romeo. His ability to poke fun at everything from corporate culture to retail work to sports icons and teams, all while seemingly defending the same from the irreverence of Romeo make him ideal for just about any gathering, fundraiser, or kids event. Without resorting to vulgarity or profanity, he manages to find something in every audience and every situation to laugh about, or at the very least something to get us to laugh about.

Taylor Mason is a variety comic, and his puppet friends Romeo, Paco and Ramon have all performed the best comedy in venues ranging from college auditoriums to Carnegie Hall to network television shows. His performances include leading corporations, family cruise passengers, and non-profit groups and organizations alike.

Taylor sings and plays piano, discusses modern life with his soft little friends of felt, and connects with the audience through clean comedy in his unique way. His jokes remain clean and friendly for viewing by family members of all ages. His unique style does not follow the typical foul humor that draws large cable television and movie contracts. However, he has no problem continuing to fill seats in comedy clubs across the country.

He won the ‘Family Entertainer of the Year’ award twice. He performed on television’s most popular comedy forums, like MTV Half-Hour Comedy Hour, Comic Strip Live, Caroline’s Comedy Hour, Thou Shalt Laugh, Bananas Comedy, Dry Bar Comedy and Evening at the Improv.

He was a contestant on the top-rated variety show Star Search. Taylor won in the comedy category. Others that have competed on the show include Rosie O’Donnell, Sinbad, Kevin James, Loni Love, Ray Romano, Martin Lawrence, Dana Gould, Dave Chappelle, and Dennis Miller.

Taylor carefully refined his act specifically for all audiences and continues to keep people of all ages entertained with a good-natured, clean act that has worked for comedy clubs, corporations, private parties, and The Disney Cruise Line.

4 Qualities Making Taylor Mason a Top Emcee for Any Event

You may have heard about Taylor as one of the best ventriloquists out there, but he is a man of many other talents.

Here is what makes him an outstanding emcee to virtually any type of event.

There’s no need to stress the importance of hiring an excellent emcee to your event here. Suffice it to say that your event would feel like a rehearsal or a quasi-professional array of happenings if it were not for that person who ensures everything flows swiftly, and the event makes sense as a whole.

While there’s no simple recipe to spotting the best master of ceremonies, you can still look for people with a proven track record in the entertainment industry. Taylor Mason is one of those you know you can rely on – and in the following lines, you will learn why.

#1 Quick Wit

During an event, countless things could go wrong or not exactly as planned.

What you want in those moments is a Master of Ceremonies who’s able to mend the situation or dispel any tension.

Mr. Mason possesses that kind of emotional intelligence and improv skills to manage even the most problematic of contexts.

Just a display of his slapstick humor can be found here:

#2 Acknowledged Writing Skills

Taylor Mason is not a one-trick pony, and the secret to this invaluable quality might be the fact he has his way with words. Thus, he can create content much more effortlessly.

This further means that, as the potential emcee to your event, he will bring:

  • succinct and efficient transitions between acts
  • varied content
  • customized style to match the type of event and the range of the acts on the schedule

To be sure, this is not a skill you find in any emcee. Taylor has the writing flair, but he also worked intensively at honing this skill by contributing to several humor productions.

#3 Master of Transitions

Transitions are to an MC what salt and pepper are to a chef – they make disparate elements come together in a unitary whole.

While most MCs are ‘good enough’ at delivering the right transitions, Taylor Mason can be considered a virtuoso in this respect. His natural demeanor and commanding voice will do wonders, to keep everyone engaged.

#4 Proper Guest Showcase

From non-profit events to corporate conventions, Taylor has amassed a significant amount of people he entertained. He masters the art of feeling the vibe of an audience.

Having been in the shoes of both the invited speaker and the presenter, he will be able to adjust his discourse, while also granting headliners the deserved spotlight.

A seasoned performer like Taylor is the surefire way to balance out event management specifics and audience expectations.

Taylor Mason Can Single-Handedly Deliver the Success of Your Event

All of the above qualities Taylor possesses are interlinked and could not work so well one without the other.

To cap it all off, he is one of those MCs who knows when to step in and when to back down. His work weaves the threads of your event in the most seamless way.

If you would like to book this talented and incredibly smart comedian and emcee, go ahead and get in touch with The Grable Group.

We are a booking agency, and entertainment company focused on delivering the very best services possible. Working with us gets you a large selection of incredibly talented artists.


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