The Dynamic Team Building World of Jeff Civillico

Jeff Civillico

Written by Tim Grable

September 14, 2017

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Jeff Civillico knows it can be a challenge to find comedic entertainment that is both clean and relevant. The responsibility of booking entertainment for dynamic team building workshops or corporate events can be a challenging prospect.

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You don’t want to risk booking an entertainer who leaves a bad taste in anybody’s mouth. It is important to find live entertainment that delivers laughs and engages the audience without being offensive. The key is to find a true entertainment genius among the sea of average comedians.Jeff Civillico

Presenting Jeff Civillico

Jeff is a juggling wunderkind. Jeff has built a name for himself over the past decade as a Las Vegas Headliner. He puts on an energetic performance that is strong on audience interaction. His show is a dramatic and playful display of his juggling talents. He also uses his show as a learning experience and self-esteem booster for his audience. Juggling is more than just a hobby for Jeff. It is a philosophy. He uses his juggling talents to show people their own unlimited potential. He does this by bringing audience members on stage with him and getting them to perform juggling feats with him.

Audiences Love Him

Jeff Civillico leaves his audiences howling at every show he puts on. His amazing energy and agility create an atmosphere of fun and learning. Every person in the crowd leaves with a different perspective than when they arrived. Jeff is committed to excellence in a way that goes beyond simply getting a laugh from audiences. This Georgetown University graduate puts on a carefully-crafted and calculated show that enriches the minds of his audience and delivers major laughs. Jeff incorporates physical comedy, incredible skill, and audience engagement into every step of his performance.

A Passion For Success

Juggling is Jeff’s passion. He can parlay this passion into a performance to motivate and inspire employees and shareholders at any corporate event. Jeff is a perfect choice for serving as master of ceremony at any corporate event because he is at home in the world of business. Jeff serves as President of the Georgetown Club of Las Vegas. In addition, he is Director of Marketing for the Las Vegas Chapter of the National Speaker’s Association. He also serves on the boards of a variety of other business and entertainment associations. Jeff has graced the stage of many Fortune 500 events. Companies he has partnered with include Wachovia, Honda, Harley-Davidson, OSHA, Anheuser-Busch, Verizon, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Verizon, and Toyota. Jeff also devotes his time and talent to charity organizations like Make a Wish.

Jeff Delivers a Show to Remember

Every show Jeff Civillico puts on is a carefully-crafted fusion of comedy, excellence, and audience engagement. Jeff’s dynamic performance will be talked about for years to come by everybody in the audience.  For more information on booking headline entertainer, Jeff Civillico call 615-283.0039.

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