The Best Atlanta Entertainers

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Written by Tim Grable

March 20, 2017

The Best Atlanta Entertainers It takes some preparation and planning to put together a great event of any kind. One key to a perfect pleasing experience is to hire live talent from Atlanta Artists. Atlanta, Georgia is often thought of as a hub for worldwide transportation, but few realize that it is a nerve center for entertainment as well. There is a massive pool of divergent and skilled talent that thrives in the Atlanta area, and Atlanta Artists represents many of them. Booking live talent can tricky, but not when client needs are the top priority. The number and variety of artists and entertainers available continue to grow and diversify, guaranteeing that every client will find just the right act for their event. With entertainment artists present, every event comes to life making it a rare and engaging experience for each and every attendee.

Atlanta entertainers provide well-represented choices of talent that people pick to entertain at private parties or corporate events. A pool of artists from many entertainment genres is available. A critical factor in hosting an event is to provide entertainment the group enjoys. The type of event and the guest list determine the type of entertainment provided. Atlanta is Georgia’s most populous city. Famous musicians, a flourishing theater community, neo-soul, R & B, and hip-hop find a place in Atlanta. Visitors to the city often learn about a talent that is new to them.

Organizing events is a hectic process. Important details easily slip the mind. When that happens, the event loses some of the intended purposes. Hiring the entertainment at random is a big mistake. A well thought out choice of entertainment helps make the event a success. Consider hiring one of these Atlanta entertainers.

Atlanta Entertainers that do Live Events

Rik Roberts

After college, Rik joined Midwest Comedy Tool & Die. He soon ventured out on his own to successfully do stand-up comedy. His headlining experience takes him across the U.S. and abroad. Rik also is frequently employed as a keynote speaker. When speaking or performing, he uses crowd participation, visuals, current events, facts, and stories to enhance his performance. The BANANAS COMEDY SHOW featured him as a national top comedian.

Heidi Schwartz

Heidi Schwartz is a native of Dayton, Ohio, who moved to the South to pursue a music career. She landed a job painting at live events instead and the world is all the more thankful. Heidi’s paintings are unique, vibrant and enchanting. She uses her natural talent to capture truly the heart of each event.

Joe Castillo

It is hard to encompass all of Joe Castillo’s skills with words. His passion for the encouragement of others is demonstrated in his entrepreneurship, his role as pastor, and his writing and artistic ability.   Joe Castillo, a sand artist originally from Mexico City, who now lives in Atlanta with his family. Joe’s live sand art presentations are more than simple art pieces. With each one, by setting the piece to music and following an organic rhythm, Joe tells a story while creating a beautiful work of art right in front of the audience’s eyes.  He is the only Sand Artist to be featured on America’s Got Talent.

Lindee Link

Lindee began performing at the age of eight for the Veggie Tales CD series. She received a contract to sing in The Disney Collection. After auditioning at an Atlanta church, she became the front girl for Lighthouse. She performed live every weekend for more than a year. She has and continues to dance, act, and sing through YouTube, a Teen Pop Star reality show, and Six Flags Over Georgia performances.  Lindee Link is a pop singer who began singing professionally at the age of eight when she recorded several studio songs for Veggie Tales. She has since awed fans on the internet with her covers of hit songs as well as crooning away a few original pieces of her own. Some may know Lindee’s lilting voice from the Minecraft parodies she recorded in 2013.

Joby Saad

Joby’s comedic work included performing with Jeff Foxworthy and Tim Allen. He is a self-proclaimed Village Idiot, who started a company entitled Village Entertainment. George Shapiro, the manager for Jerry Seinfeld, arranged network sitcom auditions for him. He worked for Bananas Comedy and Warner Brothers. He launched his “Vidiots” television series. His love is reaching audiences of all languages and ages.

Atlanta Artists is the first and last stop for live entertainment for any event. From fundraisers to weddings, birthdays to business openings, no matter the type of event, there is a live act that will fit the theme, as well as the budget, entirely. Planning the event may be challenging, and great entertainers can be hard to find but, with Atlanta Artists, booking the best in live entertainment is just a phone call or email click away.

Having one of these Atlanta entertainers at a function is a step toward its success. Big name artists are not as necessary as quality performers. This group provides a variety to choose from. They are experienced comedians, performers, and artists.

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