The Best Christian Marriage Humor for 2020

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Written by Tim Grable

March 10, 2017

The Best Christian Marriage Humor Marriage is a journey which some days might feel bumpier than other days. A little perspective from comedians on marriage can be a good thing. Focusing on universal situations, here are the best clean comedians to explore the ins and outs of marriage and families. Thru their funny one-liners, they can touch a spot in those of us who are long-married or who know people who are. Thanks to their thought-provoking, real-life details, we can see ourselves in their fun-house mirrors. These entertaining comedians on marriage give us permission to loosen up. Their clean humor reminds us one of the best things about having a better half just might be the laughs.

Christian marriage humor may not have a ton of mainstream appeal, but there is comedic value in the everyday interactions between husbands and wives. Christian marriage comedy is not all that different from the comedy found in other secular relationships. The content may be more PG, but there is a universal thread in Christian marriage comedy to which nearly all couples can relate. Whether it be in the different ways in which Christian husbands and wives communicate or the quirks and habits that make each marriage different. Good comedians can make the topics of Christian marriage just as entertaining as any other comedic bit about relationships. While there may be no foul language, crude jokes, or discussion of what happens between the sheets, plenty of other facets of Marriage is fertile ground for comedians to entertain an open-minded audience.

Christian Marriage Humor from Christian Comedians

Jeff Allen 

Beginning his career in the late 1970s, Jeff Allen is a stand-up veteran who became a Christian in the late 1990s. Up until committing his life to God, Allen was an atheist. Although his act is clean, Allen does not explicitly reference his faith in his material without explicit request.

Anthony Griffith

With a faith-based and laid-back style, Anthony Griffith speaks with heart and humor on topics such as the value of apologizing to your spouse and offers a gentle approach for the 50 and over married folks.  Originally from Chicago and currently residing in Los Angeles, Anthony Griffith honed his comedic craft at any venue he could. Griffith has dozens of national comedy television appearances under his belt. He has appeared on NBC’s “Tonight Show” and been part of the Apostles of Comedy tour, performing comedy routines in churches throughout the country.

Thor Ramsey

Thor Ramsey wears many hats professionally. He is a pastor, author, comedian, and blogger. Ramsey is a teaching pastor at Canyon Lake Community Church located in Canyon Lake, CA. Ramsey is most well known for his “Thou Shalt Laugh” series of DVDs. He still performs stand-up comedy.  Thor Ramsey makes you laugh at things you might not have thought were funny before. He shows life in such a light that can make most things hilarious and he does so in grand form. Animated and in your face, Thor Ramsey can keep his audiences on their toes.

Jay and Laura Laffoon

Jay & Laura Laffoon have been married for nearly 30 years. Calling themselves “marriage edu-tainers”, the Laffoons use their experiences in marriage to teach and entertain other couples at conferences that they host around the country. The Laffoons have authored several books and also operate a vlog on their website.   Their date night events are a fun night of christian marriage humor.

Daren Streblow

Darren Streblow does not mind it when you laugh at the things he says and does because he knows you’ve done the same things in your life. In fact, it is his ability to you laugh about the most embarrassing things that happen in human interaction is what keeps people coming back for more. As host of the Daren Streblow Comedy Show, he knows his way around a joke and is not afraid to show you some christian marriage humor.

Michael Joiner

Known for his improvisation ability as well as his comedy, Michael Joiner was one of four Christian Comedy performers on the DVD, “The Clean Stand Up Tour.” His observational humor about everyday domestic objects which can define the boundaries of marriage just may make you laugh at yourself. He has appeared in over 50 Hollywood films and been featured on the comedy shows Bananas and Dry Bar Comedy.

Steve Geyer

Steve Geyer’s humor comes from a history of coping. Sometimes life is like that. Instead of allowing himself to succumb to what was happening in his life he made a conscious effort to focus on the positive. The outcome has been a successful career doing the thing that got him through – the thing that has always remained true in his life.

If you are looking for marriage comedy, look no further. The professionals listed here know how to make an audience laugh about one of the most sacred and important moments of their lives, and they do so with relish. Contact us to find out more about these hilarious comics and learn what it means to laugh out loud.

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