The Best Fitness Comedy from Comedians and Entertainers

fitness comedy

Written by Tim Grable

July 28, 2017

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Fitness comedy has much merit both in and out of the comedy club. It can reach such a broad spectrum because so many people can relate to observational comedy in this modern body-conscious society whether they love exercise, or they hate it. Comedy about fitness works perfectly in comedy clubs because people are eating and drinking instead of spending time in the gym and might be feeling guilty about it.

However, fitness comedy works in a lot of different venues, not just clubs. At black tie events, people are extra body-aware because of the clothes they’ve had to don, and a few jokes about the working out they might have, or should have, been doing to fit into said clothes could be just the thing to put them at ease. An otherwise routine health lecture could be spiced up by a comic commiserating with them about exercise, making the attendees much more relaxed and invested in the information they receive afterward.

The Best Fitness Comedy from Comedians and Entertainers

Here are some fitness comics who might be perfect for your next event.

5 Comedians who have Fitness Comedy

Who else other than Jeff Allen could take something as boring as a book about jogging and turn it into comedy gold? This Chicago native has starred in several comedies, though he is perhaps best known for his movie “Happy Wife, Happy Life, Revisited.” Jeff has been making people laugh professionally since 1978.

Michael Jr. took a projector malfunction in a Michigan theater and turned it into a comedy career. His comedy is about the human experience, tackling fitness and other, deeper topics in ways that are easily relatable to all. He is the first comedian ever to appear on “The Tonight Show” live via satellite.

Bob Nelson has been honing his comedy craft since the late 1970s. Because of his expressive face, which features prominently in his act, he is been compared to the likes of Red Skelton, a comedian who had a profound impact on Bob’s career. He has opened for the likes of Rodney Dangerfield and is best known for his zany, often sports-related character impersonations.

Taylor Mason is a Chicago-born comic and ventriloquist was the 1990 Grand Prize winner on Star Search. Taylor often uses both music and puppets in his act, which he began perfecting back in 1982 while he was still in college. He is worked in television, on cruise lines, in comedy clubs and at weddings. He is nothing if not versatile.  Watch one of this class fitness comedy bits.

This Georgian did not get his comedy club start as a comedian. Instead, at the tender age of 36, he began introducing the other acts. Shortly after that, James Gregory had his first feature act and hasn’t stopped. His storytelling style looks at everyday activities, like fitness, in a new and humorous light.

If you are looking for the best comedians who can make fitness funny, look no further than the gentlemen above. With over 100 years combined experience between them, there are none better.

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