The Best New York Comedians for Live Events

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Written by Tim Grable

September 19, 2017

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Louis CK says that it is on the stage where comedy is born and where it truly lives. Moreover, it was on the New York comedy stage where the greatest American comics made their names – just some of those names: Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Jay Leno, Dave Chappelle. New York is the city where Ray Romano, before he way Ray Romano, did nine shows on one Saturday night. By popular vote, New York City is the greatest city on Earth, so it happens to be no coincidence that New York City is where you will still find the best artists in the United States. Moreover, NY Comedians are no exception. From Ray Romano to Tom Cotter, from Jerry Seinfeld to Ross Bennett, from Chris Rock to Taylor Mason, from Dave Chappelle to Keith Alberstadt – if you’re looking for talent, you’ve found a good place to look.The Best New York Comedians for Live Events

Hire New York Comedians

Taylor Mason

It is been over two decades since Taylor Mason won the predecessor to America’s Got Talent, Star Search, but his star and his talent has yet to fade. Mason continues to bring his skills to ventriloquism and a sharp-witted brand of comedy that allows people of all ages to be entertained and audiences of all kinds to bust a gut laughing. This has allowed him to become one of the best New York comedians and headline gigs for the largest companies like Microsoft, McDonalds, and WalMart.

Keith Alberstadt

Many may know Keith Alberstadt for his frequent appearances on Fox News’ Red Eye where his sharp sense of sarcasm makes him the star of any episode he graces. Perhaps his greatest gigs, though, have been performing for American troops serving overseas whom he entertained an everyman brand of humor and witness to great reviews. Armed Forces Entertainment hailed him as “absolutely hilarious.”

Ross Bennett

Ross Bennett is known as the smart comic of New York comedians, but his brand of comedy is not pinned down to formulas and punchlines. Rather, he greets his audiences with a conversational banter and witty observations of the world around him. His inventive style has made him a hit with crowds for almost 30 years whom he hooked with his strong comedic timing and high-octane performances.

Tom Cotter

Tom Cotter built his recent popularity by becoming the runner-up on America’s Got Talent and the first AGT comedian to reach that final stage. His ferociously energetic brand of humor found a welcome audience on NBC’s hit show, but he didn’t rest on his laurels there rolling on toward appearances on The Today Show and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

New York City remains the mecca of many things, but comedy is one of the highest on that list. The history of comedy ran through the standup stages of the city, and now the newest and hottest New York comedians are making their names known. Anyone looking to book entertainment needs to look no further.

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