What Top Christian Comedians are the Best Clean Entertainment

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Written by Tim Grable

July 9, 2017

Looking for a new way to get people together? Tired of potlucks? Want to entertain a group without offending the audience with rude or crude humor? Top Christian comedians provide fun and laughter to your event. When you hire a Christian comedian, you have a great show without graphic content.
What Top Christian Comedians are the Best Clean Entertainment
Relationships are enhanced when people are brought together with laughter. This makes Top Christian Comics an excellent choice for marriage, family and youth events. Fundraisers will bring in a crowd; outreach events will appeal to a broad audience, and fellowship activities will be forever memorable. Your group will leave excited and ready to commit to your next event.  That’s why comedians are the perfect entertainment for any event, whether it’s an office party or a bar mitzvah. They’ll lighten the mood, bring everyone together and leave your guests with a smile on their faces.

There’s a Christian comedian to meet the needs of your audience. Whether you are looking to entertain a group of moms, a women’s retreat, men’s event or a community night, the answer to your entertainment needs is in the list below.

Who are the Top Christian Comedians?

Thor Ramsey - Displaced Anger


Thor Ramsey is an author, pastor, comedian, father, and husband. With that much going on, he knows more than a bit about relationships. His comedy takes you into his life with relatable antidotes. Get ready to laugh when you recognize your marriage in his stories.

Paul Aldrich - KUM BA YAH Medley


Paul Aldrich delights audiences with his music-based humor. His original songs will have you laughing until you are wiping away tears. Kum Ba Yah has never been so funny. Paul’s act is great for fundraisers and group entertainment. Consider him for your next corporate event.

Things you can expect when you get old, Leanne Morgan


Get ready for some serious mom humor. Leanne Morgan is the perfect addition to mom’s night out. So much so, that she is written a book by that name. She is a mom who digs out the craziness in daily life as wife and mother and presents the humor in extraordinary ways. She’ll have you laughing over the things that usually make you crazy. Leanne renews the spirits of tired moms, sending them home refreshed and energized.

Blind Date Disaster. Daren Streblow

Daren Streblow’s comedy style in any one of his clean funny videos is the epitome of observational humor. His observational comedy comes from his experience as a father, husband and joking about random moments in life. Daren’s ability to fine-tune his set to connect with a wide range of audiences, from attendees at corporate events to donors at a fundraiser, renders him the go-to guy for clean humor.  Life as a Christian in the modern world is not without hurdles. Daren Streblow takes on the challenges and turns them into hilarious comedy. He is an excellent choice for group and men’s events. Check out his one-hour radio show where he hosts other Top Christian comedians.

Michael Joiner on wise proverbs - Dry Bar Comedy


Michael Joiner’s Bible-based comedy routine will have the audience roaring. He is a master at getting the crowd to laugh at themselves. Michael is also an actor who has played in such films as “The Grace Card” and “Chasing Grace.” He’ll be happy to schedule a showing of one of his movies, followed by a comedy show.

Comedian David Dean: Living with Teenage Girls

Clean comedian David Dean uses his original comedy to describe those little moments in life where you just hope the earth opens up and swallows you whole. Embarrassing moments often leave us feeling totally confused. From greeting total strangers as you know them to losing your car in the parking lot, these situations might make us question our sanity.

David Dean knows all too well that it is just life, and we have to laugh. He even recounts the story of bear-hugging a complete stranger, which would throw anyone off his game! These embarrassing moments make us human, and David Dean believes that God has a sense of humor. Moreover, if God has a sense of humor, then shouldn’t we all when life gets a little embarrassing? Told with a straightforward approach, this comedian knows how to deliver a punchline and still leave room to provide a clean, honest message. He can be booked for churches or other local events as his comedy will appeal to all ages.

David Dean tells pure, family-friendly jokes. It is rare to find a comedian who can deliver a wide range of comedy that appeals to the entire family, but this one knows how to do just that. In a society where jokes have become synonymous with dirty sarcasm, David Dean offers a classic approach that will entertain without offending. With a Christian background and devotion to making people laugh instead of cringe, David Dean will have audiences rolling in the aisles without needing to cover up the kids’ ears.

Bob Stromberg tells the secret of the slinky

Who knew that the Slinky was more than just a children’s toy! Comedian Bob  Stromberg does!  Bob lays out his comedy in a storytelling style. He keeps it clean and darn funny. His stories relate to the ones we all have about our childhood memories. Whether they are good, bad or ugly the memories you and I have from our younger years stick with us.  Bob uses him to evoke laughter from the audience – an audience that has similar stories from their childhood.

In this video, he relates the childhood experience of one rare moment when his father was angry with him. We all can remember times when our parents were cross with us. Youngsters always feel the need to push the envelope and feel out just how far they can push their parents.  While he admits his father never actually showed anger towards him very often, this particular instance made the sparks fly.

Disgruntled Driver. Taylor Mason

Taylor Mason wears many hats, all of which, of course, is funny. As a musician and ventriloquist, his variety-show style of comedy is easily adaptable for any audience. In his long career, he’s worked everything from business conferences and weddings to nightclubs and university events. Mason has also been twice named the Family Entertainer of the Year.

Your Wife Is More Complicated Than You. Rex Havens - Full Special

Rex Havens comes from the unorthodox background of academia — unorthodox for a comedian, that is. The former professor’s clean style of humor focuses on family, marriage and personal relationships, making him a favorite choice for corporate events as a keynote speaker.

Failing Out Of Kindergarten. Dennis Regan - Full Special

Dennis Regan’s observational style has worked well over the last 20 years and earned him several appearances on the “Late Show with David Letterman”, Dar Bar Comedy and “The Tonight Show.” His clean humor and deadpan delivery leaves audiences pleasantly delighted whether he’s talking about ordering from a fast food place or the arduous task of buying shoes from a sneaker store.

Comedians with Clean Funny Video make the best form of entertainment at any event simply because it’s their job to bring joy to any event, allowing you to laugh at yourself and others. After all, life is funny if you just allow yourself to let go and find the humor around you. Or you can hire a comedian to point it out for you!

Whether the purpose is for fellowship, celebration or outreach, you can count on e to bring you entertainment that won’t have you covering your child’s ears or even your own. Increase your reach with an event designed to delight the audience. Any of these Top Christian Comedians can provide your group with a hilarious and clean show.

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