15 Top Clean Comedians You Need to Know (2021 edition)

Anjelah Johnson

Written by Tim Grable

March 8, 2017

Laughter is maybe the single most miraculous thing which holds power to unite people because it means happiness.

While fun and humor can be showcased in many forms, stand-up performances are the most popular ones. The last year has seen a proper boost in popularity regarding clean comedians and their unique way of making people happy, without insulting or cursing.

Granted, the majority of famous stand-up comedians use sex, race, and religion to make people laugh. However, the way they do it makes a difference.

Stand-up comedy is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world.  Top clean comedians can bring in huge audiences of people from across the country. Most stand-up comedians rely on a combination of humorous anecdotes, light, self-deprecating humor, and interaction with the audience to engage their viewers.

8 Top Clean Comedians You Need to Know

Many comedians are known for excessive profanity that may be unsuitable for certain audiences, including young children or families. Some comedians, however, perform their routines without the use of profane language and crude jokes. These comedians are an excellent source of entertainment for everyone in the audience.

In a world where comedy has become increasingly offensive to add “shock value,” clean comics are dedicated to performing comedy routines without the crutch of profanity. These routines contain all of the humor with none of the foul language. Top Clean Comics are consummate entertainers for large events or corporate audiences, as they will provide humor that relates to a broad range of people without offending anyone.

Without further ado, here are the most appreciated clean comedians in the world who can be watched by audiences of all ages.

Top Clean Comedians that are Pure Entertainment

1) Marty Simpson

Marty Simpson is a clean comedian who has performed on 3 different continents, won awards at festivals, appeared on BET, ESPN, NickMom, Dry Bar Comedy, and stars in the Facebook series “Mary’s Hang Time”. Like all stand-up comedians, Marty tours all over the country performing live comedy shows.  He is the leading virtual comedian in the world performing virtual comedy shows for nonprofit organizations and Fortune 500 Companies.

2) Brian Regan

Brian Regan is a widely known stand-up comedian recognized for his observational and sarcastic style. He has been regularly featured on The Late Show with David Letterman, where his enthusiastic impressions engage the audience without resorting to off-color humor or profanity. His comedy reaches a diverse group as he tends to talk about everyday events that are familiar to all of us.

3) Jim Gaffigan

Jim Gaffigan has Brilliant, Self-Deprecating Humor.  Jim is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, voice actor, and author – a multitalented funny person. His jokes always involve fatherhood, observations, laziness, and food without any profanity.

Granted, earlier in his career, he did use profanity. Jim added cursing even to his comedy album Doing My Time, at the request of his label.

However, the real success came when he went clean, and now Jim Gaffigan is considered one of the best clean comedians in the world, he is also one of the most popular virtual comedians on YouTube.

Jim Gaffigan’s McDonald’s bit plays on the familiar shame of overindulging in fast food. Jim is well-known for his wide range of voices, spanning from a high-pitched whine to a deep grumble. His voice impressions and exuberant facial expressions add color to his routines without swearing. Jim Gaffigan’s comedy success has led to his television show, The Jim Gaffigan Show.  It is easy to see why Gaffigan is on this list of Top Clean Comedians.

4) Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton’s most endearing attribute is his ability to joke lightheartedly about himself instead of at the expense of others. Hamilton’s fans span a broad range of ages and backgrounds, and his fan base continues to grow. He was named one of Rolling Stone’s Five Comics to Watch, where he was noted for his clean-cut observational humor.

5) Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen is both funny and Inspiring. There’s no way you have not laughed once at Jeff’s jokes. He is a true clean comedy veteran, making people laugh for three decades.

His humor revolves around being married, raising children, growing up in the 60’s and any other topic regarding America. He is also one of the few clean comedians who has performed almost all over the world.

Jeff Allen is an observational comedian known for “taking everyday situations and making them hysterical.” His career has been long-lived, with over 40 years as a stand-up comedian. One of his most famous works is his comedy film, ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life, Revisited,’ which compiles some of his best acts about the humor of marriage. His Dry Bar Comedy videos have over 150 million views.  It won’t take you long to see why Jeff Allen is one of the top clean comedians.

6) Jerry Seinfeld

Most famously known as the writer for the self-named show Seinfeld, Jerry Seinfeld is a comedic Jack of all trades. He acts, writes, produces, and performs stand-up comedy. His first big break was an appearance in a Rodney Dangerfield HBO special. From there, his career continued to grow; he is now one of the most famous clean comedians in America.

7) Louie Anderson

Louie Anderson is a Two-Time Emmy Award-Winning Clean Comedian. Countless people all over the world are missing the famous cartoon series “Life with Louie.” Being the second youngest of 11 children in his family, you can imagine he has countless stories to tell.

Additionally, if you have seen the cartoon series, you already know his humor is focused and based on his father.

Comedy Central has named Louie Anderson “One of 100 Greatest Stand-Up Clean Comedians of All Time.”

If you want to book Louie Anderson for an event, you can do so on this page.

8) Bob Nelson

Bob Nelson’s impressions bring his comedy acts to life. He is famous for portraying different characters, one of which is Jiffy Jeff, a boxer with some apparent brain damage from fighting. Nelson reaches his audience through a broad range of facial expressions, sound effects, and dynamic movements. He consistently has audiences laughing without profanity or crudeness.

9) Henry Cho

The first thing you’ll notice about Henry Cho is his unexpected accent. Of Asian descent, Cho was born and raised in Tennessee and speaks with a distinct southern accent. His conversational tone and humorous anecdotes have brought him much success in the comedy world, having worked with popular Blue Collar comedians Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, and Larry the Cable Guy.

10) Carlos Oscar

Carlos Oscar is known for performing clean comedy suitable for all ages. He charms audiences with his witty personality and energetic presence. He has been quoted as saying “I do not and won’t fall back on with four-letter words or lewd innuendos to entertain an audience,” making him one of the successful clean comics in the entertainment industry today.

11) Taylor Mason

Taylor Mason is One of the Few Clean Comedians who Uses Ventriloquism.  He has performed for countless shows for both corporations, such as Disney, Microsoft, Dry Bar Comedy and churches or charity events around the world.

Taylor’s quick wit, flawless clean comedy, brilliant ventriloquism skills, and unique jokes make him a hit with audiences of all ages. for both live and online programs.

His puppets are mesmerizing as well, but that is mostly thanks to his natural talent. However, almost anyone who has seen one of Taylor Mason’s shows can agree the puppets are the real stars.

12) Ron Pearson

Clean Comedians who can bring some great entertainment other than their words are always a treat. Ron Pearson is not only funny, but he is also holding the record as the World’s Best Juggler. He started in 1988 and got his big break when he received a guest role on the hit show “Mama’s Family.” That allowed him to have many other guests spots, which made his juggling and humor a household name. Pairing the two together, he is a one-man show that is unstoppable. As a married man with two children, he focuses his comedic humor on the stories of family and the struggle of being married for nearly 20 years.

13) Ross Bennett

Some say Ross Bennett is one of the best-kept secrets in show business. He dropped out of school so he could peruse his dream of being a stand-up comedian. He is known for the important part he plays in the comedy community in New York City. He has been on Comedy Central, Dry Bar Comedy and many other broadcast networks. He has been featured on the big networks and also has had many reviews by famous newspaper publications. His dry and charming style makes everyone hang on to every word and wait for more. Bennett is known for having a soft face and using a wide variety of voices to make people laugh till their sides hurt.

14) John Crist

He is a young entertainer who understands laughter is a great way to deal with difficult situations. With billions of video views, comedian and viral sensation John Crist is the next big thing in standup comedy.

His career started as an announcement guy at his church. Then, he had his first open mic show in 2009. He enjoyed it so much he decided to do it again and again. He soon became one of the best clean comedy performers.

He was a finalist in Comedy Central’s “Up Next Comedy Competition,” a finalist in the Comedy Works “New Faces Contest,” and named to the Burbank Comedy Festival’s “Best of the Fest.” In 2019, he charted on Pollstar’s Top 100 Global Tours. The Top 100 list is based on attendance and gross sales.

15) Anjelah Johnson

Anjelah Johnson is a television personality and comedienne. She started her career by doing improv comedy shows. And back in 2008, she struck old when a video of one her performances became viral on the internet.

Anjelah Johnson

Quickly after, her popularity landed her a role on MADtv, the comedy sketch show, where he impersonated her now-legendary character – Bon Qui Qui, the disgruntled food employee who wanted to pursue a music career.

Anjelah is very special among clean comedians. She brings a street attitude to the stage, but despite that, she never curses or uses any offensive words, keeping everything fun and entertaining for the entire family.

Ready to hire clean comedians to perform stand up comedy?

As you can see, there are some great comedians who have achieved incredible strides. Your next event can feature clean comedy and impress them one and all. Laugh with your friends and family at the next wedding, office party, or any other event that would benefit from some humor.

Pure comedy entertainers represent a relatively small percentage of comics. While most comedians resort to crude humor and profanity to create laughs, top clean comedians create material that is suitable for all ages. This is especially ideal for providing entertainment to a widely varying audience that may not appreciate profanity. If you are looking for entertainment that will engage an audience of all ages, a clean comedian might be the right choice for you.

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