These Comedians Are Perfect for Your Next Special Event

Randy Charach

Written by Courtney Grable

May 8, 2018

These Comedians Are Perfect for Your Next Special Event

From New York to Afghanistan, these men are undoubtedly some of the most talented and hilarious comedians out there. Find out which one is right for your next special event!

Want to Make Your next Special Event Unique?

Is there even any good comedy out there anymore? Okay, maybe that’s a little too overboard, let’s restate it. Is there any good, clean comedy out there anymore? Better? It’s hard to find unique comedy these days, and it’s even more of a challenge trying to find the unique comedy that’s entertaining enough to put your corporation behind. Such first world problems…but let’s be honest, it is a problem. But don’t worry, The Grable Group is here to help you out. We’ve put together a list of comedians that are perfect for your next special event. These comedians are entertaining, engaging, and most importantly, hilarious!

Comedian Jeff Allen

Married men of the world, you will appreciate this one…happy wife, happy life. At least, that’s what Jeff Allen says. In the words of his father, “in your married life, would you rather be right, or would you rather be happy?” He’s a happy happy man.

Jeff Allen: Short Comedy 2

All joking aside, however, Jeff Allen is clean, funny, and completely relatable. From being a newlywed to having a teenage son, Jeff Allen tells the stories we’ve all lived through, maybe barely (teaching your first born to drive), but we did survive!  With comedy that could make even the most serious people laugh, Jeff Allen is perfect for your next special event.

Keith Alberstadt

Keith Alberstadt: 2018 Stand Up Comedy Demo

Appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman, Last Comic Standing, Fox News Red Eye, and multiple other credits, including eight tours (all for comedy of course). With a deadpan, sarcastic sense of humor, his talent is not one you find everyday. He began his career at 18 when he co-hosted his high school talent show. After graduating, however, instead of pursuing the career of comedy that was waiting for him, he instead decided to attend college. Right after college, he was hired as the sideline reporter for the Vanderbilt football team. This isn’t the end, however.

After deciding to leave that world behind, things could only get up for this comedian. Moving to New York and becoming an established comedian, with world tours that take him anywhere from Asia to the Middle East, Keith Alberstadt is no doubt a talented entertainer and comedian. He’s funny, he’s professional, and he’s perfect for your next special event.

Randy Charach

A businessman, a marketer, an author, and a comedian, which one is Randy Charach? Comedian? Yep. Businessman? Absolutely. Marketer? Definity. Author? Check! That’s right, Charach certainly is a jack of all trades. From helping others grow their business to making the audience lol (that’s laugh out loud for all you non-text language speakers), Randy Charach has a knack for relating to people, no matter what the topic.

Randy Charach, These Comedians Are Perfect for Your Next Special Event

But don’t let his title as a businessman scare you away from his comedy. Though he is skilled at speaking and marketing, he is just as talented at the art of entertaining. Appearing everywhere from Vegas to cruise boats, from special events to fundraisers, Randy Charach is a comedian you won’t want to miss out on!

Panic Squad

Panic Squad on the Rampage

They do improv like you’ve never seen. How often do you get to pick elements of a performance and watch it play out in front of you? That is what Panic Squad does, and they do improv comedy well. Levity and outright fun are the order of the moment, but you cannot help but see their talent and chemistry peaking through.

Wayne Cotter

Remember those Roman numerals you learned in Latin class that has really served its purpose in life? Yeah…neither do we. Well, at least Wayne Cotter remembers some of them. But don’t worry, he’s much better at comedy. So good in fact that it landed him a career in electrical engineering. But let’s face it, comedy is much more fun, so that’s what he became, a comedian. A really good one at that and has appeared on Spy Hard, The Aristocrats, and many more shows that he didn’t just appear on, he hosted.

wayne cotter

Oh, yeah…he was also nominated as “Best Standup” at the American Comedy Awards. Needless to say, Wayne Cotter is more than qualified to perform as a comedian anywhere. With talent and charisma, Cotter puts into word the thoughts all of us are thinking from “everything really needs to come with instructions” to “of course only use a vacuum cleaner for its intended purpose”. Relatable and funny, Wayne Cotter is the perfect person to hire at your next special event.


What do you think? Who’s the best one mentioned here? Is it Jeff Allan or Wayne Cotter? Randy Charach or Keith Alberstadt? There’s only one way to find out which of these comedians is the best…book them!

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