4 Top Comedians You Can Book Right Now – and What Makes them Special

Top Comedians You Can Book eff allen

Written by Tim Grable

May 25, 2021

Having the right comedian at your event does a lot to amplify the people’s experience. The audience may be enjoying the event proceedings, but the main event performance from a comedian will give them something to look forward to.

If you are excited about this idea, then we have good news. In the following article, we have compiled a list of the top comedians you can book for your upcoming events, and we will share a few details on why we think they are the best for you!

John Branyan

John Branyan started his career at an open mic night when he took to the stage for some quick gags. He expected to be booed off, yet the crowd enjoyed his performance. It turned out that John had a penchant for comedy.

Since then, John has been on a 30-year long career as a comedian. He has flown across the U.S. and performed shows from local churches to high-profile comedy platforms such as Dry Bar Comedy.

John’s comedy is simply inspirational, and whether you will book him for a company meeting, bar show, or fundraising event, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful time.

Robert G Lee

Robert G Lee is a comedian that brings Hollywood to the stage. He has been performing on California’s comedy scene since the ’90s and has come to be one of the most respected and long-lasting comics in the biz.

The chances are that you may have come into contact with Robert’s signature comedy without even knowing it. His comedy bits are played on SIRIUS radio. He wrote the jokes for the popular kids’ show VeggieTales and has opened thousands of shows.

Either way, you want to slice it; the fact of the matter is that Robert is very prolific, and after three decades of performing on stage, he has learned the ins and outs of the stand-up game. He is, without a doubt, one of the top comedians you can book.

Nick Arnette

Nick Arnette is a comedian, motivational speaker, and leadership coach who works with organizations worldwide to spread a message of hopefulness and positivity.

As a comedian, he has great success with his signature style of comedy, which is more easygoing, lighter in tone, and gleeful. However, his energetic delivery and insightful material add more value to his shows and make him an all-around top-shelf performer.

Nick’s set is excellent for formal gatherings such as team building events and corporate galas – where your guests can just lay back and enjoy Nick’s lighthearted brand of humor.  This is why he made our list of top comedians you can book.

Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen is a stand-up comedy veteran; he has had a long career fronting comedy clubs and corporate meetings. His versatility, honest and stalwart delivery have made him an audience favorite, and his humor has remained fresh over the years.

People appreciate Jeff because of his honest performance, and he does not beat around the bush and says things as they are. Despite this, his comedy never feels rough around the edges, which shows Jeff’s effort and consideration into his craft.

Having also acted in movies, Jeff is charismatic and knows how to work with an audience. This fact is made evident by the overwhelmingly positive reaction that the public has had over the years!

Top Comedians You Can Book for Your Event

The comedians listed in this article are among the best in the industry, and when you work with them, you know that you are guaranteed to get quality services and 100% good humor!

We at Grable Group can help you book their services for any of your upcoming events. So give us a call at (615) 283-0039, and let’s turn your event into an entertaining experience.

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