12 Top Comedians from Dry Bar Comedy Will Have You Roaring with Laughter

top comedians from Dry Bar Comedy

Written by Tim Grable

December 14, 2019

Did you know a good hearty laugh can relieve physical tension and stress building up in your body? Not only that, but laughter also boosts the immune system and improves your resistance to disease.

Don’t worry. This article is not about your health. It’s an invitation to laugh.

Today’s comedy scene is bustling with activity and is perhaps going through a golden age. To think that only a few years ago, you had to put some effort into finding quality stand-up routines.

That said, here are 12 top comedians from Dry Bar Comedy who are most likely going to make you laugh out loud.  From new talents to established industry vets, Dry Bar features a wide range of comedians – all there to make you laugh.  We guarantee they will get a good laugh out of you!

top comedians from Dry Bar Comedy

1. Kjell Bjorgen

A working comedian with nearly two decades of experience, Kjell has toured with some of the biggest names in comedy and appeared at the prestigious Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal.

On Dry Bar Comedy, Kjell showcased his many talents, which accent his innate storytelling abilities, his perfect timing, and crowd work – all a testament to just how refined his style has become since starting his career in 2001.

Check out one of his performances from the show in the video below:

2. Kevin Bozeman

Kevin Bozeman started his career in 1999, attending open-mic nights in Wisconsin, doing something which always came naturally to him: make people laugh.

With his smooth and clever style and contagious laugh, Kevin managed to build a successful career as an entertainer and be featured on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” in 2015 and Comedy Central, among others.

After two decades in the game, Kevin took his comedy on Dry Bar Comedy as well, where he impressed the audiences with his witty comebacks and natural charisma.

Watch him talk about the crazy things people in love usually do. You’ll see why we decided to include him as one of the top comedians working today.

3. Cory Michaelis

A teacher by day and comedian by night, Cory Michaelis likes to keep his acts foul-language free, yet edgy enough to captivate the audience’s attention.

To create his material for Dry Bar Comedy, Cory pulled from his experience in the classroom and having to deal with young students on a day-to-day basis.  The result is hilarious.

If you want to see Cory in action and get a good laugh in, make sure to check out the video below.

4. Andy Woodhull

Andy Woodhull is one of the top comedians working today, having appeared on shows, such as The Late Late Show, Conan, The Tonight Show, and Comedy Central. Andy was also the first comedian to make his network television debut on the Tonight Show: Staring Jimmy Fallon.

On Dry Bar Comedy, Andy stayed true to whom he is as an entertainer – meaning a charming comedian with sardonic wit, who somehow manages to find quirky observations in the course of everyday life.

If you enjoy observational humor, he is the one to watch. Exhibit A: the clip below.

In the clip, he shares a few hilarious tips on how to deal with teenagers, pulling from his own experience as a dad. Take a look:

5. Jeff Shaw

Jeff Shaw is a stand-up comic who has been in the industry for more than 30 years. His foray into comedy began in the 90s, where he worked for a company that printed funny post-cards, and his responsibility was to come up with the jokes.

He then gained prominence as a comedy writer for Shecky! Magazine, where his stories became very popular. Eventually, he took his sense of humor to the stage, and everything else is history.

Nowadays, with the help of Dry Bar Comedy, Jeff’s career is being rejuvenated as his comedy genius is being introduced to younger audiences – and people can’t seem to get enough of the incredibly funny stories that he tells.

6. Corey Rodrigues

Corey Rodrigues is a highly sought after performer and one of the top comedians in today’s scene. He likes to joke about pretty much everything, never settling for a single topic.

He has been performing from a very early age. He started by entertaining guests at his family’s barbershop. Later on, he pursued more serious endeavors and eventually took his comedy act to the stage.

Nowadays, he is an award-winning comedian, winning multiple comedy competitions and festivals. In 2018, he had his first appearance on the Dry Bar App, which was quickly followed by a comedy special that put him under the spotlight.

7. Collin Moulton

Collin Moulton is a comedian who brings a healthy dose of energy and confidence to the stage. He has been performing for over 15 years and has come to be an audience favorite, becoming one of the top comedians of today.

He is a very electrifying storyteller, making the listener imagine as if he is taking part in the action. Seeing Collin’s enthusiasm when he’s telling stories makes you think as if he is experiencing them for the first time.

He’s a master at delivering one-liners, and the fact that all his jokes are part of a bigger narrative is something to be admired.

8. Arvin Mitchell

Arvin Mitchell is a comedian with a sense of humor, which is simple, honest, and straightforward. His comedy style revolves around his favorite topic – making fun of himself!

For example, he has a hilarious story about why he picked up comedy. It started with a defining moment in his life – when his mother disciplined him in front of an entire class. Since then, he found that he had a knack for making a fool of himself in front of others.

A few years later and Arvin turned from class clown to professional headliner, having shows across all the U.S. He is also very appreciated on the internet, his comedy sets getting many views on Dry Bar’s YouTube channel.

9. DC Benny

Comedian/entertainer DC Benny has been making people laugh for more than three decades now.

His one-of-kind style of telling autobiographical stories that are filled with colorful characters audiences can easily imagine turned Benny into one of the most popular entertainers in the New York Comedy world.

In this bit from Dry Bar Comedy, he talks about parking warfare being a real thing, especially for folks living in an Italian neighborhood. If you ever experienced issues due to not enough parking spaces being available, then this will make you laugh hard.

10. Ron Ruhman

Ron Ruhman is known for being an incredibly versatile entertainer.

In addition to headlining comedy clubs from all over the United States, he’s also acted in numerous movies and assisted several improv comedy groups.

Ron’s comedy style is relatable, smart, and always funny. Plus, audiences love him for his great attitude and enthusiasm on stage.

Here’s a sample of that; all you have to do is hit play.

11. Tommy Drake

The crux of Tommy Drake’s humor is observational comedy.  The comic’s deliveries and the stories he tells can make anyone giggle because they are stories most of us can relate to.

More than just the flow of his storytelling and his side-splitting anecdotes, though, what makes his material so funny is his fast-paced delivery.

See it all in the video below from Dry Bar Comedy. In it, Tommy advises on how to survive the fall holidays, while also reminiscing about how the holidays were like for him growing up.

12. Dave Nihill

The first thing you’ll notice about Dave when you hear him speak is his Irish accent. Originally from Dublin, now based in California, Dave is the kind of comedian you can always count on to make you smile.

His humor is mostly observational with a sprinkle of playful self-deprecation here and there. His laidback stage persona, Irish charm, and his undeniable skills as a storyteller all add to his appeal, making him one of the most compelling standup personas to watch on stage.

Check out the video below to watch Dave’s bit on how mountain climbing is never a fun date.

Keep Laughing with More Top Comedians from Dry Bar Comedy

When it comes to laughter and comedy, more is more. We hope this article has opened up your appetite for high-quality comedy.  That said, we want to take this opportunity to introduce you to even more entertainers who are sure to tickle your funny bone. Discover them in this article.

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