Top Company Party Entertainment Ideas

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Written by Tim Grable

February 24, 2017

Some company party entertainment ideas are certainly better than others. However, there comes a point where every organizer asks for new ideas and fresh entertainment; in other words, change. Many come to the conclusion that the company party entertainment ideas they are searching for must be in the hands of comedians instead of other sources they’ve looked at. There are so many comedians out there, however. How does anyone know which Unique Corporate Entertainment Ideas would be best for the company party entertainment?
Top 5 Company Party Entertainment Ideas

Holiday Company Party Entertainment Ideas

While some comedians just look out into the audience and expect a laugh, Jeff Civillico does not. This Las Vegas headline entertainer combines the hands-on and enjoyable entertainment with good laughs and challenges that will make any head spin. Honored with the title of Entertainer of the Year, Jeff Civillico can spice up any company party.  Jeff Civillico is a talented performer with quite a few tricks up his sleeves, ranging from juggling to unicycle riding to incredible physical feats. No matter what activity or outstanding stunt he is doing, Jeff showcases his talents using audience volunteers and a high level of energy to deliver an engaging and exciting performance.

While magic shows can often feel overdone and predictable, Adam Trent brings a new spin to the experience of illusion. A Broadway star who has appeared on multiple television shows, Adam’s act incorporates not just magic, but stand-up comedy, musical performances, and audience interaction. His extraordinary illusionist performances guarantee to delight and entertain even those who dislike magicians.  A change in pace, Adam Trent brings a fresh perspective on company party entertainment ideas. With a bit of home-taught magician dancing, he is the only magician to win back to back medals in the P.C.A.M Pro Magic Challenge. Imagine that at the next party: a dancing magician who has others come up and be the body while his hands do all the work. Wouldn’t that be a sight?

Ross Bennett uses a quick wit and comical perspective on life to turn ordinary life situations into a hilarious comedy routine. Covering a range of topics from parenting to shopping, Ross talks about everyday happenings in a clever way that brings a new and unique twist to them. His act will keep everyone laughing.  While getting up and helping is all fun and good, Ross Bennett brings the fun to the audience. With a sarcastic, satiric style of humor, he packs quite the punch with his stories. Not every remark is for the listener, but that all depends on who’s listening. Armed with various topics (disastrous golf games, snow days in school, and water skiing outings), his sense of humor offers more for company parties than any clown’s.

Taking familiar situations from the everyday life, Jeff Allen has gotten raving reviews from various sources, including the Chicago Tribune and Hollywood Reporter. Gladly ready to be a keynote for any business party, Allen’s humor has audiences on the floor in stitches, with some of the younger ones unable to say anything but “ROFL”.

Able to take any odd situation and turn it into a humor-filled sensation for his audiences, Tom Cotter can have his fans laughing with tears – as the women call it, crying laughing. With many comedy awards and TV shows under his belt, including Seattle’s International Stand-Up Comedy Competition, Last Comic Standing, and America’s Got Talent, Cotter can keep the laughter warm and becoming all evening long.

Life in the corporate world can seem mundane at times, but nobody wants it to stay that way. Sometimes a special event is just what you need for everyone from the office to get away and enjoy themselves. This can be a great time to take a break, let loose, and come back feeling refreshed. If you are the one planning this event, then you want to make sure that it not only runs smoothly but is a great time for everyone involved. So why not bring in corporate clean entertainment who will guarantee a memorable time? The performers below, with talents including hilarious comedy and more, may be your best bet for providing corporate clean entertainment that is appropriate for a professional setting while still being genuinely funny. When looking for someone to provide corporate clean entertainment for your next event, consider booking one of the excellent performers below.

Corporate Clean Entertainment You Can Hire

Ryan Hamilton keeps audiences entertained with his laugh-out-loud comedy routine. With a huge smile, a natural delivery, and a good-natured attitude, he pokes fun at himself and his own life experiences, from dating to social situations, in ways that much of his audience can relate to. Ryan’s act is a must-see for any lover of laughter.

Frank King brings out the laughter in his viewers by making witty observations on several subjects, or considering the quirkier aspects of life and asking, “What’s wrong with this picture?” From self-deprecating humor to good-natured joshing, Frank’s act makes fun of the ridiculous parts of life and helps his audience to laugh along with him.

Taylor Mason may be best known for his use of puppets and music, but his stand-up comedy is just as talented and funny. His sharp wit and deadpan delivery combine to make even the most mundane situations into laughable jokes. Taylor’s extraordinary act is sure to please people of all ages.

Everyone needs to take a break from work once in a while, so why not make it count in a special way? For your next business event, consider booking one of the above masters of corporate clean entertainment. You will like what you see and everyone will have a great time.

When company party ideas start to run dry, looking for comedy is an easy and fun way to keep the ideas flowing. With any great comedian, the jokes run all night long and keep everyone on their toes. Great entertainment makes the party, after all. Hiring a comic will make everyone wonder when the next company party is.

What happened to Unique Corporate Entertainment Ideas?

Even the most professional corporate entities can benefit from a little relaxation, whether it is a holiday party, a celebration, or a weekend retreat. These types of events give people an opportunity to better communicate and grow together, and can often be a great venue for motivational talks, team building exercises, and networking opportunities. It can be difficult when organizing these events to come up with unique corporate entertainment ideas, especially ones that will help inspire employees, motivate the company or represent a company’s particular ideas and beliefs.

Finding Unique Corporate Entertainment Ideas

What happened to Unique Corporate Entertainment Ideas?

While motivational speakers or speeches from people within the enterprise can be appropriate and inspirational, booking a live artist will help liven the experience and engage a corporate audience in new and unexpected ways. Often these artists can incorporate a corporate message and inspire motivation while still entertaining with dynamic performances and remarkable talents. This list offers just a few examples of live artists and performers who would provide unique corporate entertainment ideas for anything from a luncheon to a company retreat.

Dan Meyer offers one of the rarest performance experiences – sword swallowing. A 7-time Guinness World Record holder, Dan has appeared on America’s Got Talent, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, and is also known for his global motivational speaking. While he may delight some and shock others, there is no argument that Dan’s incredible performance is sure to capture everyone’s attention.

No one can turn a one-person act into a five-person performance quite like the Amazing Christopher. With the help of four life-sized puppets, he has created a truly unique dancing and puppeteering act, performing as groups such as the Jackson 5 and the Village People. His dancing and puppetry skills have entertained and energized audiences for almost two decades.


No stranger to corporate entertainment, Joe Castillo’s performance art has been experienced all over the world. Using sand, light, and music to tell stories and inspire, Joe Castillo is passionate about spreading corporate and motivational messages through his Sand Animation, or SandStory, visual experiences. His performances ArtStory and WordStory also offer incredible storytelling experiences in both English and Spanish.

Ice Beat Factory creates a vivid performance experience by pairing electronic and live music and dynamic visual graphics with the process of ice sculpting. This multi-media production experience not only offers an exciting experience for an audience, but it also gives them the opportunity to witness the creation of art that is, by its very nature, temporary and truly unique.

A perfect experience for energetic, animal-loving audiences, the Olate Dogs, brings the art of dancing dogs to an entirely new level of entertainment. The winners of season seven of America’s Got Talent, Richard and Nicholas Olate, have trained mostly rescue dogs and feature up to ten of them in any given act. The Olate Dogs have been featured in commercials and television programs and have also used their acts to promote dog rescue and adoption.

The only speed art glitter painter, Robert Channing is no stranger to creating art under pressure. He has been motivating companies with his one-of-a-kind art for years, and also appeared on America’s Got Talent. Known for his incredible glitter portraits, Robert will also work with businesses to paint their logo or slogan, incorporating a professional message and motivation into his artistic message.

Even in the serious, corporate world, there is room for entertainment, laughter, and levity. Any of these amazing performers offer an opportunity to connect with corporate audiences and provide messages of motivation while still entertaining with dynamic performances that will draw everyone in and continue to keep them entertained to the end. Finding unique corporate entertainment ideas will be simple with any of the artists outlined here, and are sure to spread excitement while sending a positive message to any corporate get together.aaaaattr

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