Top Corporate Party Ideas Which Will Get Everyone Excited

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Written by Tim Grable

September 20, 2018

People look forward to an excellent party. Also, when all the elements are in place and with proper planning at your side, you can ensure there’s a good time to be had.

Being in charge with the planning of your office party can be a lot of fun and exciting. On the other hand, it can be a little bit tricky because you’ll be the one responsible for identifying what type of entertainment the guests will enjoy the most.

If you’re interested in offering the audience an experience unlike any other, then this article is for you.

To narrow down the top corporate party ideas you have at your disposal, you can first start answering these quick questions:

  • How large will the crowd be? Certain performances may require a larger space and some can be performed in smaller areas, so knowing this information is crucial to choosing the right entertainment so everyone can enjoy it.
  • What type of entertainment do the participants appreciate the most? You don’t have to go to every employee to ask them directly this. Instead, send out a survey they can fill out and include up to 10 corporate party ideas as suggestions. That way, it will be much easier for them to respond.
  • What’s your budget? One of the first questions which will pop up in event planning is “How much we can spend?”. Once you have your answer, it will be much easier to make the selection when it comes to entertainment.

Top Corporate Party Ideas Which Will Get Everyone Excited

If you think adding 10 party ideas can be too much, then you should know we’ve got you covered. Here are a few options you can add to your list so the participants can decide on.

Top Corporate Party Ideas Everyone Will Love

1. Office Olympics

Hosting the Office Olympics is a great way to encourage fun at the workplace, which will most certainly lead to increased employee engagement. The second best thing about it is that it can be organized even in a small office space. You can get as creative as possible by using supplies you have on hand.

To make sure everyone is going to get involved, you need to make sure you mix physical games with games of chance.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Desk chair soccer. Two teams will compete against each other while sitting on their office chairs. This works if you have an open office space area.
  • Mental gymnastics. For this one, the participants will have to guess what Olympic event their member is acting out.
  • Balloon sprint. The racers are going to keep a blown-up balloon between their legs. If the balloon falls, the person is disqualified. The first “sprinter” to cross the line wins. Sounds easy, but it’s not!

At the end of the event, don’t forget to hold an awards ceremony and combine it with some drinks and snacks so everyone can gather and socialize.

2. Themed party

Playing the pretend game at themed parties is always fun. There are countless ideas to choose from here – you can go for a particular decade, event, according to a season, specific holiday or even a color.

Entertainment is a must for these type of events, and you most certainly need to select a performer who’ll go hand in hand with your event.

For example, a 90’s themed corporate party will benefit from having a band, such as Alter Ego, who is known for featuring and all-dance repertoire.

3. Stunt performance

If you want to have a wow factor at the corporate event, then you can also consider booking a stunt performer who’s going to leave a lasting impression on the participants.

Max Winfrey is known for being a talented stunt comedian, and the best thing about him is he will even pick someone from the audience to help him during the performance. He uses much improvising to create hilarious situations your guests will most certainly not expect.

You can watch his demo video below.

Ideas Which Will Get Your Audience Excited

These top corporate party ideas will get the attendees to look forward to attending your party.

4. Hire a Musician for an Incredible Listening Experience

Few people would want to miss out on a concert. Also, that alone is enough of a good reason why a musician is often the go-to entertainment choice for a corporate party.

A musician is the type of performer who can either get energized reactions out of an audience or get them to sit down to listen in awe.

Music can take people on a rollercoaster ride of emotions they will not forget. When words have nothing to say, the instruments will do the talking, much to everyone’s delight.

So if you’re looking at a musician to deliver that kind of performance to your guests, then our suggestions is to book Freddie Ravel.

4 Corporate Party Ideas Which Will Get Your Audience Excited

He is an internationally acclaimed keyboardist who has played with Carlos Santana and Prince.

5. Hire a Magician for Wow Moments

If your attendees prefer something more mesmerizing, then magic is the solution. And you can rarely go wrong with hiring a magician to entertain people.

From basic card tricks or maybe even elaborate stunts which leave the public questioning how it was done, people can’t get enough of them.

Magic is ideal when you want to provide light entertainment which doesn’t ask for too much effort on the viewer’s side, but would still catch them off guard with an amazing trick.

 Randy Charach

If you want to ensure your audience gets a magic show of the highest quality, then we suggest hiring Randy Charach. He is a renowned performer who uses magic and mentalism always to surprise and entertain.

6. Hire a Comedian for a Good Laugh

If you’re ever out of corporate party ideas, always know you can’t go wrong with clean comedy. That is why hiring such a comedian is still a safe choice to make.

People love a good performance, but they never forget the one who made them laugh all the way through without a single curse word. It’s simple; they enjoy watching a show which raises the fun factor to 11.

daren streblow

A comedian which fits this description is Daren Streblow, and with him, you can never fail in providing the audience with tons of fun.

7. Go for Something Different

If you are looking for performers who offer an experience never before seen, then there’s good news.

Unlike the previous corporate party ideas, if you want to spice things up, treat your public with something different. There are numerous entertainers you can choose from. And each of them has something unique going on.

For example, Ivan Pecel is the type of performer you may be looking for. He combines comedy and juggling to reach thrilling heights.

Having him on stage will leave the public breathless, from his juggling antiques, which, by the way – involve real hatchets.

ivan percel

Corporate Parties Are Important – Make Them Awesome

Corporate parties represent the perfect way for the employees to bond and get to know each other better. That’s why it’s important not only to organize these type of events regularly but also to consider what your audience would enjoy the most.

If this article convinced you that a performer is what the audience wants, then don’t hesitate to double down on that request.

For More Corporate Party Ideas

If you are interested in booking one of these entertainers, then give us a call at (615) 283-0039, and we will gladly assist you!

If you would like to book any entertainment for your next corporate event or you’re looking for more top corporate party ideas, leave us a message on this page, and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

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