Top 6 Illusionists Who Are Super Hilarious and Are Perfect for a Corporate Event

Michael Chaut

Written by Tim Grable

June 10, 2017

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Try to find a funny magician for your next corporate event, and you will quickly run into trouble. They are all busy, and you will have a hard time getting in touch with them.

However, working with a professional booking agency saves you time and gets you peace of mind. You will be able to focus on other pressing matters, especially since the best entertainment companies offer a contingency plan – a backup solution in case anything goes wrong with the artist.

Professional booking agencies also offer you multiple options. Like the following 6 funny illusionists, whom you can consider for your next event.

#1 Eric Buss – “Pure Art, Pure Madness.”

Booking Eric gets you a high energy and dynamic performance. He connects with your audience while making them laugh as never before.

Eric is perfect for corporate events because he is a one-man show. He controls his music cues and takes the stage by storm. He will energize your audience and leave them asking for more. Here’s a sneak peak of what you should expect if you book Eric Buss:

#2 Get the “Miraculous” Adam Trent for Your Corporate Event

How do an award-winning comic and Breathtaking magic sound as entertainment? Adam Trent a new generation of magic, fusing classic techniques, dancing, comedy, and technology.

He made it all the way up to the top thanks to two important aspects regarding his performance: magic and humor.

Your guests will be entertained by amazing tricks while laughing out loud to the clean, yet hilarious jokes of Adam TrentGo ahead and book him if you want something like this for your event:

#3 Michael Chaut – Incredible and Hilarious

Michael is one of the most experienced funny magicians you could ask for. With over 25 years of performances, he can make any corporate event be an instant success. Michael has also performed his miracles on cruise ships, conventions and tradeshows.

He started performing at the young age of eight years old and has continued doing so ever since. His rare blend of illusionism and hilarious jokes make for a performance of a lifetime.

Find out more about Michael Chaut in case you would like to book his show.

Michael Chaut, Top 6 Illusionists Who Are Super Hilarious and Are Perfect for a Corporate Event

#4 Andy Gross – Comedy, Magic, Illusionism, Ventriloquism

Andy is one of the most sophisticated entertainers you could book for your corporate event. Most of his shows go sold out fast and people like his talent even online – where he gathered millions of views.

Andy’s show involves combining hilarious and clean comedy with magic tricks and ventriloquism to create one of the most immersive live shows in the world.

Would you like to learn more about Andy Gross? Check out his entertainer page and the clip below:

#5 Chuck King… of Clean Comedy, Magic, and Hypnosis

Chuck is yet another veteran of corporate events whom you should consider for your next event. He is a Master Certified Stage Hypnotist and a World Champion Magician. He is certified to be able to entertain any audience.

Chuck King has performed with Jay Leno, Tim Allen, and others at over 100 comedy clubs, including the IMPROV, the Comedy Store, Icehouse, Magic Castle and Caesar’s Palace.

You can read more on Chuck’s entertainer page.

#6 Mat Franco – America’s Got Talent Winner

Mat is the first magician to ever win the prestigious competition. He is young and talented, funny and brilliant.

In fact, words do not make him justice. Just take a look at what you can expect should you book Mat Franco for your corporate event:

If you are looking for a young, dynamic and funny magician, Mat may be the perfect solution. Having him perform at your event will surely leave your guests in awe, asking for more.

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with The Grable Group online or simply call us at 615-283-0039.

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