Top-Notch Corporate Event Comics Make Your Event A Unique Success

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Written by Tim Grable

March 6, 2017

Top-Notch Corporate Event Comics Make Your Event A Unique Success Infusing elegant events with stand up comedy seems like it would be a daunting task, but in reality, it is a no brainer. Corporate event comics as the main attraction are an easy way to make your event stand out from your guests’ busy schedule. Hiring a solid lineup of corporate comedians to give your event an air of anticipation and make it easier for a planner because of the simple stage setup of a microphone and general lighting. Also, seasoned comedians already have designed show, so the planner can focus on the most important part: the event itself. When looking for reliable entertainment for your next big corporate event, choose the comedic side of the entertainment spectrum. When your guests are the time of their lives, they will always remember the company and reason they were laughing so hard.

Seasoned Corporate Event Comics

Anyone can have a funny moment. You know that is true. Some people can wax hilarious a good portion of a week. However, there’s nothing like the best corporate event comics to show us how it is done. They understand timing and delivery in a more organic way that the sidewalk comedian dopes. They’ve paid their dues in comedy clubs where the patrons were ruthless and on stage in front of people who did not know their name. They took risks that netted a reward sometimes and boos on other occasions, but all of these experiences were learning experiences that helped to build their brand. By the time we see them on YouTube or TV they are seasoned professionals able to tell a joke and make us laugh harder than we expected to with ease. If you are planning an event for your corporation, school, team, or nonprofit, going to a professional is the right decision. There’s a reason that Headline comedians make you laugh within minutes. They just know how and they are not afraid to show you.

A self-described “Asian with a Southern accent”, Henry Cho is charmingly hilarious. Using an observational style of comedy, he has worked on films such as Material Girls and Say It is not So. Henry Cho can also be seen in his special “What’s that Clickin’ Noise?”

One of the top corporate comedians in the United States, Frank King captivates any audience with his hilarious and honest take on American life. Along with his standup routine, he also is adept at impersonations of famous political figures. Frank King can regularly be seen performing at corporate events, speaking engagements, and staff parties.

To book Todd Oliver is to book a package deal. An exceptionally skilled ventriloquist and comedian is best known performing with his talking dog. He can be seen performing on the national talent competition show, “America’s Got Talent” where he was ultimately eliminated in the semifinals.

A seasoned professional with a career that stretches over 20 years, Dan Naturman has performed on the late night television circuit, making appearances from “The Late Show with David Letterman” to “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” With his biting wit and sharp observations on life, Dan Naturman will keep your guests cracking up well into the night.

A master of inspirational and world-class humor, 40-year comedian Jeff Allen is a reliable choice for any corporate event or speaking engagement. Armed with a universal observational style depicting married life and growing up in the 1950s and 1960s, Jeff Allen is sure to connect with any audience.

Direct and to the point – funny with a biting edge. These descriptions of Tom Cotter are accurate and oh so hilarious. He is raw. He is honest. Moreover, he is funny. You’ll laugh at things you have done in your life, reluctantly at first, but then with fervor. He is just that good.

Taylor Williamson’s delivery is unsettling. He makes you wonder, which is precisely why he is effective. His demeanor prepares you for one thing, but what you get is quite another. This mix makes his comedy stand out from the crowd.

Sinbad is a classic. He knows how this thing is done. Sinbad shows everyone who wanted to see a celebrity work the stage the ropes; his show is the epitome of what real stand up is. Sinbad’s delivery is smooth, and he does not shy away from anything. You’ll start laughing as soon as he tells his first joke and not stop until his last.

Anjelah Johnson is a fresh voice in comedy. She talks about things that people may not address, and they are surprisingly funny. She makes you laugh at real-world scenarios, showing you how funny life can be if you just open your mind to the humor. Moreover, that, my friends, is funny.

Sometimes people just need to hear the facts. Billy Gardell is happy to oblige them. The way he tells it as it is is direct, sure, but it is as funny as it can be. He is a teacher of sorts – the one you wish you had in your life to set you straight.

If you are looking for a great way to celebrate a victory or enter a new phase in your business cycle, headline comedians will help you do so. After the show is over people will be relaxed and tickled at the same time, making them ready to meet the next challenge head-on.

Armed with the best corporate event comics in the country, your corporate event is sure to be an over-the-top success. When you keep your guests and future clients rolling in the aisles, they are sure to remember you for years in the future. Each of these comics is sure to create that effect for your next big event.

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