Top Talented Comedians Who Have Sharp, Smart Humor

Jeff Allen PureFlix Comedy All-Stars

Written by Tim Grable

December 7, 2017

The best comedians not only know how to make audiences laugh out loud, but they also give them something to think about.

They have something called smart humor, so they rely on witty dialogue, irony and more elaborated, multi-layered setups to jokes.  Simply put, smart comedy is good comedy and here are three super talented comedians who are brilliant at it.

1. Jeff Allen

Having performed at countless corporate functions and fundraisers during his impressive career which spans across three decades, Jeff is what you would call a veteran comedian.

Jeff Allen has made a name for himself as one of the top clean comedians in the industry today.

He is particularly popular amongst corporations which want to provide top-shelf, squeaky-clean entertainment at their events. Here are just some of his former corporate clients:

  • Sam’s Club
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Iowa Highway Equipment Company
  • Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives
  • McNairy County Chamber of Commerce.

One of the reasons Jeff is a corporate favorite is that his style of comedy and sharp humor is the kind which will appeal to all guests. What’s more, it is in total agreement with the norms of a corporate setting.

Jeff Allen’s specialty is observational humor about marriage, family, and kids.

He is very skilled at creating material the majority of people sitting in the audience can relate to. However, at the same time, he knows where to draw the line so no one will feel offended.

Top Talented Comedians Who Have Sharp, Smart Humor  

2. Bob Stromberg

We could not talk about talented comedians who have a sharp, clever style of humor and leave Bob Stromberg out of the conversation.

The best way to get to know Bob better is by discovering what his peculiarities are as a comedian. So, here’s what you can expect to witness during his performances:

  • Stand-up Comedy + Storytelling Timeless humor. His jokes rely on telling simple truths about everyday situations most people have had to deal with in a way which is smart, highly engaging – and much fun. Bob’s sense of humor is one who never gets old and which always leaves people wanting more. 
  • Audience connection.  Bob is amongst the most talented comedians in the country. However, as important as his talent is the fact he is genuine and portrays a sense of authenticity on stage. This helps him earn the trust of those sitting in the audience and instantly bond with them.
  • Hand Shadows. That is right; one of the things which makes Bob Stromberg stand out from the rest is his ability to put on an impressive hand shadow performance.

Want to get a glimpse of these skills in action? Then make sure to watch the video below:

Bob Stromberg Sizzle EPK

3. Robert G. Lee

Known as Hollywood’s top warm-up comic, Robert G. Lee will use the experience of warming up audiences for hundreds of Hollywood’s top sitcoms to create a highly-entertaining experience at your next event.

The humor he packs into his performances is full of razor-sharp wit and will keep all types of audiences entertained throughout his act.

Whether it is through humorous interviews, rapid-fire ad-libs or just his exceptional stage charisma, Robert G. Lee knows how to make an audience have a good time.

Also, did we mentioned Robert produces 100% clean comedy? You can learn more about him and his remarkable, three-decade career by watching the video below:

Robert G Lee: Standup promo

Elevate Your Event by Getting One of These Talented Comedians on Board

If you are looking for a comedian who can go beyond just making obvious jokes and who can glue your entire event together, then any of the entertainers mentioned in this article would be an excellent option.

Give us a call at (615) 283-0039 to check for available dates and take the next step forward towards planning a memorable, successful event.

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