How to use trade show interactive ideas to make booth memorable

Heidi Schwartz Trade Show

Written by Tim Grable

October 18, 2017

Live performers at trade shows not only actively engage a crowd, they also create an atmosphere full of fun, excitement, and a heightened expectancy of more great things to come. Working closely with your performer, you can collaboratively design a show that complements your brand and cultivates a setting rife for new contacts and sales.Heidi Schwartz trade show interactive ideas

Trade Show Interactive Ideas to Dazzle, Engage, and Amaze, the Crowd with Live Performances

The secret to trade show interactive ideas is creating high drama — mesmerizing your audience and luring them to your booth still abuzz from their experience. Their performance is a perfect springboard to a discussion that may be just the opportunity you seek.

Researchers have found that your chance for trade show exhibit success can be quadrupled by delivering a high-impact performance that will draw crowds of qualified leads and generate awareness like crazy.

Live painters and artists such as Joe Castillo, who works in motivational speeches and message-infused sand drawings, can wow business prospects, consultants, investors and the press. These kinds of high-impact showstoppers will give everyone something to talk about.

To further soften the trade show atmosphere and ensure excellent engagement between you and possible leads, prepare your staff with witty things to say about the performance. This will help create a sense of camaraderie between you, your clients, and the staff

Several artists who can do all of this at your next trade show are Heidi Schwartz, Joe Castillo, and the amazing drummer’s RePercussion.

Picture this:

Attendees approach your booth and are stopped in their tracks by a beautiful blond frantically throwing bright blues and pinks onto a canvas. Her hands are dripping with sapphire-blue paint, which runs down her right ankle and covers her shoe as well. As she continues her work, more carefully shaping the colors into columns, sky, and a huge crowd, you soon realize you are a part of the crowd she’s painting.

In this way, Heidi draws attention to the interactive quality of art, by making herself — specifically her body — and the profiles of the audience’s faces and hairstyles — all part of her creation. Heidi delivers a highly engaging, reflective, and interactive show. Her paintings will attract and intrigue your crowd, giving them something fascinating to remember and talk about with you.

You can witness Heidi’s artistry as she paints the new Music City Center in Nashville, TN. The painting captures the wonder of the myriad events happening that day — the new children’s’ jungle-fun house, the huge scarlet-red umbrella in the food courts, and honors the new structure by incorporating symbols of Music City such as the guitar and music note.

You can work with Heidi to create a painting which will coordinate with the theme of any event you’re planning, impressing her audience with her grace, charm, and uniqueness. She keeps a crowd completely abuzz with anticipation and intrigue.

“Sand Stories” visual artist Joe Castillo is a best-selling author, artist, storyteller, and highly successful motivational public speaker. He recently discovered a new way to motivate crowds with his hands in the sand over a light table with carefully selected highly motivational music in the background. For Castillo, the “sand stories” approach is a new way to tell a story and to let the story unfold as the sand shapes into first one object and then another. The sand he sprinkles on light tables becomes one fascinating object or person and then, with a few graceful swoop of the hand, becomes another. His sand paintings carry both subliminal sales pitches and very obvious ones as well.

For example, his presentation for Mercedes-Benz illustrates this idea perfectly. As Joe begins his sand creation, the first image that solidly emerges seems to be some beast’s ragged upper teeth. These “teeth” soon become shadow from a streetlight on an old car’s windshield. But then Joe starts more pronouncedly shaping the lines on this old car, drawing very modernized curves and headlights. Finally, as “We Are the Champions” grows louder in the background, he adds the Benz symbol. At this point, of course, the crowd grows wild.

Percussion performing artists RePercussion play air drums so convincingly you can almost hear the music. Their hair-swinging hard-rocking performances on air engage the crowd and get them playing “guitar:” as well. However, these drummers really can hit those drums. Well, “drums” isn’t quite the word. Because RePercussion doesn’t play on real drums — they play on mounted “junk” such as buckets, barrels, street signs, and pots, pans, and lids. RePercusssion combines comedy and orchestral-level playing skill to create a truly inspirational event, ultimately blurring the line between the motivational quality of a marching band with the hard-rocking, hair-swinging music of Def Leppard.

Your event deserves the kind of quality and class that these artists can provide for any and all of your events.  Performance art at trade shows is the perfect interactive idea to engage your audience and draw a crowd. For more information on the best trade show interactive ideas and entertainment call 615-283-0039.

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