3 Unique Comedy Acts Which Will Lead You to Sold-out Shows

Devin Henderson

Written by Tim Grable

August 26, 2018

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There is no higher reward for an event organizer than having a sold-out show. It’s a telling sign people are finding great value in your events.  So it’s without a doubt a goal worth achieving.

High-quality entertainment sells and people will greatly appreciate it if you offer them a unique experience.

Here are 3 unique comedy acts which fit the description and will help you fill in the seats at your events.

1. Theresa Rose

Have you ever heard of a speaker who can deliver valuable information and top-notch comedy at the same time?

That’s Theresa Rose, and vibrant corporate comedy is her way of getting things done.

Theresa has quite a story to tell. Her career began as a cashier in the fast-food industry when she was only 14 years old.

This experience proved to be a formidable lesson, as it prepared a young Theresa Rose to interact with clients – effectively teaching her the blueprint for effective customer service. A skill she would later adopt in her comedic feats.

3 Unique Comedy Acts Which Will Lead You to Sold-out Shows

Since then, she has served in many high-ranking positions and has got an insider’s view on how the corporate world rolls. Now, she’s making the list among unique comedy acts. And she does with a smile on her face (which quickly transfers to the audience).

Theresa’s act consists of lively keynote speeches which are riddled with comedy skits the audience will love undoubtedly.

2. Devin Henderson

If your event guests are dealing with workplace-related issues, then Devin Henderson is someone to consider!

He is a comedy powerhouse who makes all the problems go away. Perhaps not all of them, but certainly those related to the working environment.

His performance is focused on bringing out what’s best in people. He is the type of comedian who doesn’t settle with telling a joke; he adds a dash of magic to it!

 Devin Henderson  

If you were to equate Devin to a doctor, you wouldn’t be far from the truth. That’s because his brand of humor is a tried and tested solution for many of the obstacles met in the corporate world.

Not just because it’s a mean of relief, but actually because of the real-life benefits. Comedy helps to deal with stress, difficult situations, it increases productivity and even boosts creativity.

3. Chris Bliss

Chris’ history goes way back. It all started with his firm decision of not becoming a lawyer. Chris didn’t want to become a performer either, but it eventually happened and turned out to be something unique.

Comedy acts often lack theatrics. However, Chris’ performance is all about that. Each time he’s on stage, he’s determined to leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Chris Bliss

First of all, Chris is not only a comedian, but he’s also a juggler. Also, he combines both of these skills to put out an amazing performance.

On the one hand, you can expect him to surprise and entertain with clever punchlines. And on the other hand, Chris throws a juggling performance unlike you’ve ever seen before.

Especially during the finale which has earned him viral fame on the internet.

Have a look for yourself in the following video:

These Unique Comedy Acts Are One Call Away

If our performers have managed to impress you beyond any doubt, wait until they’re on stage, entertaining your guests!

Do not hesitate to book them for your events. Just call (615) 283-0039. We’re always happy to hear from you.

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