Are You Looking for a Unique Comedy Experience? Meet Jonnie W.

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Written by Tim Grable

June 13, 2017

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Jonnie W. is one of those rare talents who can entertain absolutely any crowd in the world, regardless of age, religion or ethnicity.

So if you are having trouble finding the right entertainer for your event, Jonnie might be the best solution for your needs and audience.

He is extremely versatile and creative so that he can adapt his performance to your theme, demographics and geographical zone.

Would you like to learn more? Read on.

Here’s How Jonnie W. Started His Comedy Career

He was working as a Young Adults Pastor. His church was hosting a retreat with students all over the state when one of his colleagues asked him to go on the stage and make an ice-breaker.

Are You Looking for a Unique Comedy Experience? Meet Jonnie W.

For some reason, Jonnie recalls he felt like jokes would be the perfect way of relieving the atmosphere of tension. The entire audience of over 300 students found him hilarious. His first performance went so well; it got him thinking “this could mean something.”

The story presented above happened back in 2008. After that, he got invited to youth events in different campuses, and everything snowballed. Another few years passed and Jonnie W. has switched to a full-time comedian.

He Is Both a Comedian and a Musician

Jonnie W. is a well-known comedian amongst Christian and corporate events organizers. However, he does not feel like he is famous and likes to keep it that way. It allows him to be able to make mistakes and explore new jokes and funny routines.

However, it is not his jokes which are mesmerizing. In fact, Jonnie W. started off in music as part of a band. Being on the stage for about seven years before his current career helped him.

He has a great voice and plays the guitar like a real rock star. Words do not make him justice, just take a look at the clip below to get a better understanding of what he is like on the stage:

Jonnie’s Routine Is Clean and Hilarious

Many stand-up comedians feel like making fun of certain stereotypes is where the true humor lies. Sadly, it would not be a good idea to let your young children listen to those jokes.

On the other hand, Jonnie W. likes to keep and display a clean humor. Instead of making fun or insulting his audience, he loves to tell stories and laugh at his life. He wants to talk about his childhood and certain moments which defined him as an adult, and he loves to add a little twist to the plot.

Listening to his comedy on stage is not always just about the laughs. As he puts it himself, Jonnie loves to give something to his audience. It is that one particular thing people will be talking about in the car, on their way back home from his show:

Jonnie W. is usually booked for both Church and corporate events, but he does not stop there. When he is not doing a solo performance for an individual event, he joins fellow funny man Tim Hawkins on his “Rockshow Comedy Tour.”

If you would like to book Jonnie or learn more about his show, go ahead and get in touch with us online or call us straight away at 615-283-0039.

The Grable Group is an experienced booking agency and entertainment company working with some of the best talents in the world.

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