10 Unique Company Christmas Party Ideas (updated for 2020)

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Written by Tim Grable

March 1, 2017

No Questions Asked with these 9 Unique Company Christmas Party Ideas Christmas is the time of year for fellowship, friendship, and, of course, Unique Company Christmas Party Ideas. For a business, it is an opportune time to bring employees and management together as one cohesive group in a celebratory setting. People from all areas and backgrounds can share in the joy and festivity of the holiday season in a casual and relaxed setting. One of the best ways to achieve cohesiveness is with live entertainment that can be enjoyed by all in attendance.

Hiring a live performer to bring your group to their feet is sure to be one of the best company Christmas party ideas yet. Live performers will keep the group interested and entertained with a variety of different types and styles of comedy and live action. These performances are not only entertaining, but they will create a memorable party experience that will be the subject around the water cooler for long after the decorations are packed away.

These Unique Company Christmas Party Ideas Will Make You The Star

Everyone deals with the struggles of family, friends, and co-workers on a daily basis. Bob Stromberg takes these relationships and invests the time to point out the obvious annoying and disruptive issues of our everyday lives and puts his comedic twist on problems while offering his innovative solutions and point of view. He gives the audience insight into his personal life and has no problem poking fun of himself, allowing the audience to laugh at their life status and situations. With great audience interaction, smart jokes, and impeccable timing, Bob Stromberg is sure to deliver the laughs.

If you are looking for a magician that brings the illusions and wonderment of magic to the 21st century, Simon Pierro will blow your mind. With the aid of his magical iPad, he can produce physical proof of his magic by pulling photos and objects right off the screen. His unique form of modern magic will certainly be a hit with today’s tech-savvy population.

Bringing back the freak show an element of the traveling circus, Stevie Starr’s performance will amaze, excite, and entertain audiences of all ages. His unique physical performance involves his ingestion of some different objects; some are dry, some are alive, and some are seemingly impossible. For a true “I cannot believe my eyes” experience, Stevie Starr will deliver a lasting impression on the audience. His type of act is one of the unique company Christmas party ideas.

Hiring live event painter Heidi Schwartz for your next corporate get-together will not only be entertaining, but it could be profitable as well. Heidi brings her original vision to the canvas, creating works of art depicting the current happenings. This incredible one of a kind pieces may be auctioned off to the audience upon completion or given as a gift. Art enthusiasts and admirers will thoroughly enjoy her personalized art performances. It is a rare opportunity for audiences to be a part of the creation of an original art piece, and even more rare to be able to purchase a hand-painted reminder of the fantastic experience.

Max Winfrey can be described as a plain-faced performing clown. His comedy is off the cuff and funny while his physical act is both a marvel and hilarious. His acts of balance and juggling keep audiences on the edge of their seats while his delivery of his comedy keeps them laughing and entertained. He uses the audience in some his acts, and he keeps everyone in stitches. From juggling to balancing, unicycles, and pogo sticks, his active high performance is sure to delight crowds of all ages.

Joe Castillo is an excellent choice for your next unique company Christmas party ideas. His never before seen sand and light performances both amaze and delight crowds of every size. His ability to take the simple elements of sand and light and combine them together to create incredibly unbelievable art pieces in a matter of moments seems impossible. Leave the audience in wonder and amazement when you hire Castillo and his magic sand manipulating abilities.

When it comes to ventriloquism, Taylor Mason takes the craft to an entirely new realm. Using live audience members, he can integrate his voice throwing abilities to interact with the participating member while laughter roars from the crowd. His finely honed craft is not only entertaining, but it is also a welcomed break from the traditional stage shows. Taylor Mason’s comedy is interactive, and he delivers a top-notch performance for any group gathering.


Hailing from the city where anything is possible, Piff the Magic Dragon resides in the deserts of Las Vegas where he delivers a constant stream of hilarious entertainment to his audiences. With the assistance of his little dog Mr. Piffles, Piff demonstrates incredible skill in illusion and magic. His calm and monotone demeanor add to the hilarity of his bright green dinosaur outfit and matching canine sidekick. When it comes to entertaining a large group of people, Piff the Magic Dragon will blow them away.

Live performances do not get much more lively and interactive than an act that can get the group up out of their seats and moving their feet. Hiring DJ Drums will deliver the music, the lighting, and the energy that your holiday party needs to be a success. Hiring a live DJ to entertain the crowd and get the most out of the audience participation could be the difference between a successful and memorable holiday party and a room full of bah humbuggers. Get your holiday party poppin’ with the best selections of dance and party music around being spun by DJ Drums.

Award-winning juggler comedian Jeff Civillico is the youngest headlining performer on the Las Vegas strip. His juggling act includes using unexpected and crazy props like bowling balls and knives. He also shows off impressive stunts with a unicycle.  A Las Vegas comedy act since 2009, Jeff has performed at popular venues such as The Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino and The Quad.

Finding the perfect live and audience-interactive entertainment to put your Christmas party over the top is no problem when you hire one of these talented live performers to attend your celebration. Guests of all ages and diversified backgrounds alike will thoroughly enjoy the comedy and talent of these live professional entertainers. Keep the mood light and fun with live entertainment performed by one of these incredibly talented and socially skilled individuals when you choose them as an option for unique company Christmas party ideas. Partygoers will leave the festivities with the fondest of memories of the best Christmas party they have ever been to; all thanks to your choice of live entertainment from one of these professional performers.

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