Unique Entertainment Acts that Amaze Special Events

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Written by Tim Grable

March 9, 2017

Unique entertainment acts mesmerize audiences through a variety of techniques that might include a stand-up comedy routine or an unusual artistic presentation. Live performances strike a nerve with spectators by illustrating tender moments that people easily relate to or with music that appeals to all. Good entertainment need not be memorable by featuring scantily clad performers, lewd dance routines or a slew of verbal vulgarity. Many accomplished artists build very successful careers around acts deemed appropriate for guests of all ages. Talented artists can connect with spectators by taking ordinary moments from everyday life and turning the events into humorous anecdotes or incredible nonverbal displays. Many different entertainers have honed their acts over years or decades and capably please guests in a variety of venues. These skilled and experienced artisans feel comfortable sharing their talents whether performing at corporate gatherings, in community malls, in vast auditoriums or front of television cameras.
5 Unique Entertainment Acts that Amaze Special Events, Unique Talent Show Acts

The Best Unique Entertainment Acts for Corporate Events

Heidi Schwartz wows audiences by performing as a live event painter. As crowds gather around in public places or audiences watch from their seats, she chooses various elements of a location, event or topic and creates a giant painting. Boasting a vast array of colors and painting techniques the canvas soon reveals a completed work that never fails to appeal.

A former finalist on America’s Got Talent, Joe Castillo is world renowned for SandStory, his spellbinding ability to tell inspiring tales.  Using a light table, sand, and themed music, Joe Castillo is a Sand Artist that tells a story using that inevitably touches the hearts and lives of spectators. Known as Sand Story or Sand Art, the nonverbal presentations have been enjoyed by people in 43 different countries. Everyday citizens to world leaders have given the stamp of approval after experiencing this motivational art-form.

Whether sharing a story from his childhood days or introducing audiences to one of his many shadow characters, Bob Stromberg has delighted people of all ages for more than three decades. Through comedy, music and unique visual presentations, he continues entertaining guests attending his shows in a wide variety of venues ranging from children’s hospitals to Fortune 500 corporate conventions.

Undoubtedly one of the unique entertainment acts audiences have ever had the pleasure of seeing, Catapult consists of a group of talented athletes who tell a story through shadow-dancing. When scheduled to perform, the group presents one of their original interpretations, offers interactive team building experiences or conveys a pre-determined message or goal.

For more than a decade, these men have thrilled audiences with their combination of music, percussion, and slapstick physical comedy. Individually and together, the group of skilled musicians has drawn the approval of audiences around the world at a number of public and private events. rePercussion also has the distinction of performing on a number of television shows.

Entertainment Meets Imagination with Unique Talent Show Acts

These award-winning entertainers shatter the mold. Their unique talent show acts spread beyond the center stage, engaging audience members and each of their five senses. Some use sand; some use a song. All are incredible!

Citius, Altius, Fortius: Faster, higher, stronger. Such is the credo of AcroArmy, a high-flying group of award-winning acrobats led by a World Champion acrobatic gymnast, Arthur Davis. The motley crew has members ranging in age from 11-27, and everyone can twirl, twist, flip and fly with astonishing grace. AcroArmy performed with acclaim on America’s Got Talent and now performs for audiences around America.

The sweeping brush strokes and bold colors of Heidi Schwartz capture both the heart of the event and the heart of the audience. In Paint Your Event, Schwartz creates live paintings of the occasion – the banquet, conference, tradeshow – in such a way that the atmosphere seeps into the canvas. Each picture takes about three hours. She works coast to coast in and near major metropolises like Chicago, Miami and New York City.

Rhythm Extreme marches to the beat of its drum. Blistering with high energy and comedy, the rhythmists extract music from trash can lids, typewriters, forks, parking signs and more. Interspersed between the drumming extravaganzas are bouts of tap dancing, hip hop dancing and slapstick. The show has traveled from Dubai to Alaska, but Rhythm Extreme works with any group, large or small, to create one of the best unique talent show acts.

Adam Trent is a quadruple threat. A master of illusion, dance, song, and comedy, he has performed his one-man magic in dozens of countries, comedy clubs and campuses. He is the youngest contestant to ever win back-to-back medals in the P.C.A.M. Pro Magic challenge and is one of the fastest-rising comedy stars in the world. Every live show is different, and Trent enjoys nothing more than breaking the fourth wall. He is currently part of The Illusionists Tour.

If you’ve ever wanted to go to Hawaii, this is a performance group act for you. They bring the luau to your event replete with dancing, percussion, hula-hoop skills, and fire skirts. Make your event a tropical exploration with Beyond Wings.


After a performance by the Bucket Boys, you’ll never look at a bucket the same way again. These maestros use common items like buckets and hubcaps to create a musical symmetry that is as engaging as it is amazing. You’ll be surprised by how many sounds they can get from every day buckets.

This act provides the most incredible surprise for a wedding. Seeming to be waiters, they pretend to be a part of the staff until they break into song. Talented opera singers, The Three Waiters® regale audiences with their endearing performance that is reminiscent of the famed Three Tenors.

Unique talent show acts do more than entertain. They awe, inspire, cajole, shock and regale. More than anything, they challenge audiences to rethink their perceptions of music, magic, and art. Also, as AcroArmy tumbles and soars, the imagination of the audience soars with them.

When planning on hosting a private or public event, consider the benefits of treating guests to the talents of unique entertainment acts. Whether hoping to inspire, keep audiences tuned in or merely entertained, these professional artists will not disappoint.

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