The Best Unique Entertainment Ideas for Special Events

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Written by Tim Grable

October 12, 2017

Unique entertainment ideas for special events are the key to planning a successful conference, online program, hybrid event, virtual event, or benefit. With the many entertainment options available, it can be harder to find the best entertainer for your event’s audience. In striving to do so, there are two things you should keep in mind when making your selection:

• Do you know your audience’s demographics? This is important! Appealing to your audience’s tastes is a must.

• What is the outcome you expect? Entertainment can set the tone of your event and be the main ingredient in making your event great. A brilliant time for all would certainly be the primary objective of your event or benefit.

As an event planner, you want to book entertainment that will be fresh, talked about for all the right reasons and above all will impress your audience.

Without a doubt, one of the following unique and exciting entertainment suggestions will be the perfect one for your event or benefit.

The Best Unique Entertainment Ideas for Special Events

9 Unique Entertainment Ideas for Special Events

“How’d he know that?” That is the question on everyone’s mind whenever Eric Dittelman performs. Dittleman has been reading minds across the entire country at corporate events, benefits, comedy clubs, colleges, and theaters. By combining his out of this world mind reading abilities with improvisational and stand-up comedy, he has blown audiences away. His TV appearances have included being a guest on The Ellen DeGeneresd Show and a semi-finalist of NBC’s America’s Got Talent season 7. The National Enquirer, Entertainment Weekly, and Rolling Stone have featured Dittleman’s fantastic, entertainment performances.

Wouldn’t having three singing waiters be one of the unique entertainment ideas for special events? The surprise act of The Three Waiters has entertained over 11,000 audiences in 85 countries at fundraiser benefits, corporate events, private parties, and weddings. The unique performance is created by three talented opera singers posing as waiters to amuse your guests with their unbelievable hoax. The thrilling operatic performance of these three tenors, as well as their revelation of not being waiters, creates a fantastic surprise for your guests.

Michael Harrison’s performance offers three forms of entertainment in his act that includes his being a puppeteer, ventriloquist, and comedian. Not only has he performed together with The Muppets, Kelly Clarkson and Boyz to Men, he has also been a featured entertainer on several of the impressive and well-known cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean, Princess, Holland America and Norwegian. With over 3,000 performances for 14 consecutive years on the world-famous Disney Cruise Line, he is certainly a cut above the rest. Michael also finished as a semi-finalist on the famous television show, America’s Got Talent, with glowing reviews from the judges.

Whether you are looking to entertain a corporate event, charity benefit, online fundraising events, wedding or birthday, Heidi Schwartz’s live interpretive paintings of the event will add an outstanding form of entertainment to make the event memorable for each and every guest. Heidi’s paintings can capture every aspect of the event’s atmosphere that can’t be matched with any photograph. Heidi will make your event not only different but also unusual in the memories of your guests.

Three electric violins, three gorgeous girls and a little bit of Beethoven, Mozart, and the Beatles gives you what? A most powerful show that is what! The String Angels make up a glamorous trio to entertain your next event or benefit in a most sophisticated way bringing in the classics like no other performance. As they get up close and personal with your guests, the String Angels will astonish your audience.

Adam Trent’s performance is a blend of magic, stand-up comedy, and concert. With original pop music of his creation, stage illusions that are highly innovative and delightful wit, his performance is like none other that you have seen. It is not surprising that the Disney Channel has recently featured a performance by Adam. Being an award-winning magician, Adam Trent has been recognized as one of “The 10 Most Influential Youths in the Nation” by the US News & World Report Magazine. Over the past year, he has performed over 300 shows at comedy clubs, cruise ships, theaters and colleges in 19 different countries.

If you are looking for one of the best unique entertainment ideas for special events, look no further. Stevie Starr is the answer to your search. If a professional regurgitator is not unique, what is? To the audience’s astonishment, Stevie swallows all kinds of items including light bulbs, coins, nails, balloons, dry sugar, billiard balls and goldfish. However, the most spectacular part of his performance is when he regurgitates everything he has swallowed. Most astonishing of all is when he swallows an unsolved rubric cube and regurgitates it solved. If that does not seem plausible, consider his swallowing sugar, then drinking a glass of water and finishing by regurgitating the sugar. Having performed both on the Jay Leno show and Ripley’s Believe It or Not proves that his tricks and talent are certainly noteworthy.

Joe Castillo has a unique way of telling stories. What makes his storytelling amazing? He just tells his stories with the use of sand art. This is what makes him one of the best entertainment ideas for online events. His creations are convincing and fluid illustrations formed by drawing in the sand on a light table. An overhead projector projects his drawings on a large screen enabling the entire audience to see his masterpieces. He has performed on NBC, CBS, TED, BBC and at more than thirty Fortune Five Hundred company events. He has been a finalist on America’s Got Talent and has been seen live in more than 43 countries. Castillo has performed at events for world leaders such as President Clinton, President Carter, President Bush, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, King Abdullah, President Juan Manuel Santos and Pope Francis.

rePercussion consist of passionate drummers from Chicago and Nashville.  The expert percussion group plays high-energy music that is innovative, humorous, and a bit different from your average run-of-the-mill entertainment. Using improvisational techniques, rePercussion performs a show with progressive and rhythmic style. The drumming and turn-taking escalate into a friendly rival of sorts, in a nearly narrative manner. This synchronized performance is reminiscent of a musical comedy mixed with a high school marching band.

In looking for unique entertainment ideas for events, the above performers with many different entertainment forms will, without a doubt, fill the bill. Each performs with his or her distinctive and exceptional talent. If you want a performance that is out of the ordinary, you will be thrilled with the performance of any one of these outstanding entertainers.

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