7 Unique Grand Opening Ideas – Artist Acts For Must-See Events

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Written by Tim Grable

April 13, 2017

Many business grand opening ideas are simple and don’t offer potential customers enough value to consider dropping by. The bottom line for an owner is getting more prospective buyers in the door to sample the product and brand.

A greater amount of customers walking into the door during a grand opening is always better. Nobody ever complains about too many customers. It usually also equates to more sales and more buzz. A social media campaign announcing a free entertainer could draw an even larger quantity of customers in the door. A professional headliner who brings artistry or laughs to the table could generate buzz and electricity to an otherwise boring event.

If you’ve been charged by your company to plan and execute an event announcing a new product or/and opening of a new location or something on this order, merely using the same old tired promotions and entertainment is no longer going to draw the crowds. You need to look at some grand opening ideas to add pizzazz to your show and draw the attention you need.

7 Unique Grand Opening Ideas - Artist Acts For Must-See Events

8 entertainers perfect for unique grand opening ideas

One of the unique grand opening ideas is to showcase the brand by establishing the organization as a fun place to be. Perhaps the perfect answer for branding “fun” as a business attribute is landing an entertainer with an incredible portfolio.

Here are several performers who would provide laughs, astound customers and help establish your business as the go-to place for fun.

Joe Castillo is an artist, speaker, and storyteller with a passion for promoting the visual arts. He gained national recognition in 2012 as a finalist on America’s Got Talent television show with his incredible and unique sand art demonstrations. Working only with sand spread across a glass panel, he draws beautiful pictures with his fingers that are projected onto a large screen.  Joe is a storyteller and motivational speaker who uses inspirational art to reach any audience. He simply uplifts audiences with his illustrations accompanied by rich and fabulous stories. His artistry with sand has left millions in awe.

La Roc formed his group of New York City musicians called Masterpiece. Masterpiece and entertains in concerts around the world. His custom-made five-string Plexiglas electric violin is his trademark.

His love and commitment to bring his electric violin music to the popular audience could be seen when he won the Fox network television show, “Thirty Seconds to Fame.”

Some of his corporate clients, whom he performs for at various company functions, include I.B.M., G.E., and Pfizer. For unique grand opening ideas, Lorenzo has to be rated near the top in satisfying results.

 Live Event Painting is one of the best grand opening ideas

Nothing draws the attention like watching a gifted artist create a work of art right before our eyes. That is what artist Heidi Schwarz does when she performs.

Heidi is one of the leading event painters in the world. Schwartz can paint your event and grand opening in an epic fashion. Schwartz will utilize her unending artistry to recreate single portraits of beautiful landscapes to commemorate a grand opening.  Business owners enjoy Heidi because she brings an element of class to a grand opening that is hard to find.

Heidi Schwartz combines the immediacy of photography with her brush-stroked painting style to create lively real-time images that interpret events ranging from corporate parties and banquets to weddings and special events.

At the end of her performances, Schwartz presents the finished works to recipients designated by the company or to the bride and groom or birthday celebrant. Some business functions are set up for charity, and her art is auctioned off to the highest bidders.

This talented performance artist is in high demand and never fails to deliver on unique grand opening ideas.

This exciting multi-media performance art show combines the power and wonder of ice sculpting with the energy of the music and live visuals projections.

Audiences watch in awe as raw blocks of ice are turned into beautiful works of art by artisans using chainsaws and various power tools while accompanied by powerful music played in unique instruments by costumed musicians.

No two shows are ever alike as the group custom designs the art and music to fit each event. They often incorporate their client’s logos into the sculptured ice works.

This wonderful musical group features the gifted Phylissia Ross on vocals and piano and performs full ranges of today’s popular music in their own unique, jazz-chanteuse arrangements.

The three-piece group features Ross on piano and vocals, a drummer and a bass player. Audiences cannot seem to get enough of their unique and beautiful music as they clamor for encore after encore. A perfect sized act for smaller and more intimate gatherings.

Described as architecture in motion, Diavolo is an American dance company that was founded in 1992 by Jacques Heim. Their unique style embraces modern dance, acrobatics, and gymnastics. Based out of Los Angeles, Diavolo and has toured across the country States as well as in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

A separate entity, Diavolo Creative Productions, handles all of the corporate bookings for the dance group. Some of their past clients include Honda, General Motors, and Wells Fargo Bank.

Dance critic Lewis Segal of the Los Angeles Times reviewed Diavolo after their 2007 and 2010 Hollywood Bowl appearances and gave the group rave reviews both times. He pointed out that Diavolo exemplifies that rare event in Los Angles where the level of art and vision are equally exceptional.


This trio of beautiful and sophisticated world-class string players explode onto the stage when they begin on of their incredible shows. The stunning entertainers are known to play classical music in a way never seen or heard before.

String Angels always present a crowd-pleasing repertoire of music custom tailored to fit the audience they are playing for. The three women bring their high-quality backing tracks and violins.

Steve McGranahan is often considered to be the World’s Strongest Redneck. McGranahan combines his incredible strength with his equally incredible sense of humor to perform for a wide array of audiences. He can deadlift 585 pounds eight times. More importantly, he can make 585 people laugh simultaneously. His redneck strength and comedy act has been showcased on the Discovery Channel, The Tonight Show and has garnered millions of hits on YouTube. Steve lands many fans as he continues to tour the country showing off his biceps and punch lines.

There are scores of talented comedians, magicians, singers and comedic acts who perform at corporate functions and do an excellent job of entertaining. However, if you are seeking some unique grand opening ideas that will wow the audience and bring them into the tent, this selection of performance artists can add that dimension of excitement you need to make that event a truly successful one.

These professional entertainers are well known throughout their respective industries and would certainly enhance any grand opening ideas. Combined with good food and an excellent setting, it could be the difference between a great grand opening and a very average one.

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