What unique party entertainment will blow your mind?

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Written by Tim Grable

March 6, 2017

Having trouble finding unique party entertainers for your next work-related event or private party? Well, trouble yourself no more because I am here to bring you the kind of unique party entertainment your guests deserve. These gigs are not your same old rabbit out of hat magic act or sad and scary clown disaster. These entertainers will have you awestruck, laughing, inspired, and they’ll keep you guessing as to how they do what they do.

What unique party entertainment will blow your mind?

Some of these entertainers were discovered on NBC’s hit show “America’s Got Talent.” Others you may recognize became famous through YouTube. Regardless of whether or not you know these unique party entertainers, they are all world famous and have been seen and interviewed by some of the best. “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” “Rolling Stone,” “Entertainment Weekly”, and even “Fox Business” are just a small few who have had the pleasure of interviewing these amazing talents.

Unique Party Entertainment…Amazing Entertainers

Joe Castillo is a sand artist who tells stories in the sand by using his hands to depict images off of a light box that is projected onto a larger screen. It may sound simple if you’ve never actually seen it before but is quite inspiring. His passion for the visual arts and storytelling as a way of touching the hearts of others will have you truly moved long before the end of the performance.

Eric Dittelman knows what you are thinking with his incredible mind reading and improvisational comedy act. He uses his knowledge of psychology to get truly into the minds of others and leaves no explanation other than the possibility that he could be psychic. Although some of his tactics are a bit kooky, this mentalist stunt is sure to keep any audience engaged and entertained.

Simon Pierro is a whiz with technology and magic.   He is the very first and only iPad magician. His act includes pulling various objects through his iPad screen, “changing the weather”, and even helping climate control by removing the sun from a picture entirely. This guy knows how to bring a whole new meaning to the magic of technology.

HypnoTWIST, not to be confused with the rock group The Hypno-Twist, combines comedy and hypnosis in a most unexpected way. The hypnotist collects three volunteers to go on stage with him and then transforms them into singing superstars through the power of his hypnosis. It is a fun show full of laughter and great musical hits.


It may seem like just a bunch of dumb squiggles on a canvas at first, but what you once thought were squiggles turn into the ultimate masterpiece in Dan Dunn’s speed painting routine. Using paintbrushes, as well as his hands, Dan Dunn creates beautiful works of art in a short amount of time that are truly breathtaking.


Just amazing is the only way to describe Oz Pearlman’s unique blend of magic and mentalism. By creating an interactive experience for the whole audience to enjoy, Pearlman redefines the magic show scene with his natural charisma and charm by getting inside the heads of others. His act makes him a top choice for corporate events or private parties.

Bob Stromberg indeed gives a hand show show like no other in his unique yet timeless rendition of a puppet show. He makes a rather robust performance with hand shows, and his comedic style is sure to engage the audience with laughter and simple little truths that leave you wanting more.

I do not think I could have asked for a better group of unique party entertainment myself. Of course, there are seven choices, and they were all fantastic, so choosing just one could be difficult for anyone. However, at least now you have some great choices to choose from instead of panicking over how your party will never be a night to remember with Bubbles the Clown as the main event. It is not the food and the drinks the people want when they go to a party, although that does help. They are looking for an authentic experience that they can remember for years to come. So give your guests what they want with your next office gathering, bar mitzvah, or whatever the occasion may be with the very best in top-notch, unique party entertainment.

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