Why Use Anyone Other Than JCTV Comedians…Why??

Thou Shalt Laugh

Written by Tim Grable

March 7, 2017

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Why you should use JCTV Comedians

jctv comediansJCTV (Jesus Christ Television) is a network that is focused on presenting the good new of Jesus Christ’s love and salvation through visual media. The network is geared towards 13-30 year olds. The programming is unique in that it strives to give back rather than take from viewers lives. People are not always aware of what they can find on a network dedicated to Christian living and JCTV displays their programs confidently. They are responding to a calling, filling a void. Sports, concerts, talk shows geared toward today’s struggles and challenges, and host of other programming offer a respite from one-dimensional programs and provides an introduction to altruism and community. JCTV comedians are clean and funny. Viewers who watch JCTV programming will tap into their spiritual connection with God and an awareness of their role in the world community while being entertained.

JCTV comedians take center stage. These clean comedians offer levity on subjects such as marriage and parenting using real situations to bring laughter. Free from profanity and suggestive behavior, JCTV comedians provide a laugh without weight. With Thor Ramsey, Jeff Allen, Michael Jr., Joby Saad, and Taylor Mason in the lineup, viewers are in for a treat.

Thor Ramsey

[vimeo 78462112]

Thor Ramsey started out in 1987 and quickly became a staple on the comedy circuit. His direct approach and opinionated, “in your face” style of standup comedy doesn’t give people much choice other than to laugh. He’s funny and sharp; his jokes get people where they live.

Jeff Allen

[vimeo 78462368]

Jeff Allen’s ability to make people laugh at themselves is uncanny. He takes normal, everyday situations and turns them into hilarious scenarios. His ability to add sarcasm to a story sets people at ease and makes them see the humor in life.

Michael Jr.

Michael Jr.’s comedy delivery is captivating. Audiences always want to know what he is going to say next, what correlation he will bring to the table. Starting off under the tutelage of George Wallace, Michael Jr. hit the ground running and hasn’t looked back.

Joby Saad

[vimeo 78462111]

Joby Saad’s unique brand of humor is surprising comforting. Willing to make connections that most people don’t utter aloud, Joby makes his audiences see the word through his eyes, and makes them laugh at what they find.

Taylor Mason

[vimeo 78462113]

Taylor Mason is the total package. He is a comedian, ventriloquist, and an accomplished pianist. The interesting combination of skills during his performance is mind blowing. He adds music to skits, which helps to visualize the scene. He pulls viewers in, engaging the crowd as he takes them on an amazing journey.

JCTV comedians offer an unparalleled experience. Each of thee comedians craftily presents their material in a way that is appealing to audiences time and time again. Providing clean humor that engages your mind, senses, and your very soul, these comedians will make you laugh, make you think, and make you wonder. Watching them is akin to reading a good book – you won’t want it to stop even when you’ve reached the end. JCTV is proud to present these practitioners of their art, showcasing them, and exposing the world to what Christian comedy entails. Welcome to JCTV. Welcome to spiritual entertainment.  JCTV is now Juice TV.

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