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taylor mason

Written by Tim Grable

March 6, 2017

The Best Ventriloquist Puppets

Taylor Mason Ventriloquist Puppets Taylor Mason is an extremely talented Ventriloquist and comedian. Because he is full of energy, wit, and is a quick thinker, he is able to speedily switch between his ventriloquist puppets voice and his own voice.

He is great at keeping the comedy clean and “family-friendly“. He can be trusted to perform in front of audiences of all ages and does not offend people who have good morals. He is said to be “One of the Top Ventriloquists in the World”.

Not only is he very talented in changing his voice fluctuations and tone to keep up with the role play going on between puppets and himself, he also makes people laugh with his witty jokes. In 1990, Taylor Mason beat out many comedian contestants, making him the winner on the show, “Star Search“. Because of his skill for writing and performing his comedy acts, he now performs shows in church buildings and also in comedy clubs across America.

Go to a Taylor Mason show and you’ll get more bang for your buck as you pay for two comedy acts in one. Taylor Mason and Romeo come together as a package.

If you enjoy watching a ventriloquist, you’ve come to the right place. Like most ventriloquists, Taylor lets Romeo steal the show. Romeo takes over with the jokes and Taylor has to stand back, attempting to keep his puppet under control. The best part of a Taylor and Romeo performance: it’s clean entertainment. Bring them to any venue that is looking for family fun and this dynamic duo will keep everyone in the house in stitches.

Taylor Mason got his first big break in comedy when he won “Star Search” back in 1990. For those who may not remember that program, think of it as paving the way for today’s “America’s Got Talent.” Since that time, Taylor has traveled the country, delivering first rate comedy, along with his musical talents, and his abilities as a ventriloquist. He’s a master at writing his own comedy and is versatile as well. Whether Taylor is performing for the big wigs at Microsoft, is at a premiere comedy club, or a family festival, he can deliver with ease. Audiences of all ages can appreciate his humor, his puppets, and his music. Everything blends together for some innocent laughs, leaving out the need for crude language or dirty jokes.

To get an idea of where Taylor fits in, you could watch him perform with Romeo with Disney entertainment or walk into a convention for a major corporation in America. Regardless of the venue or the event, Taylor Mason can live up expectations when it comes to making people laugh.

Invite Taylor Mason to an event and prepare to let the rest of the world go away for a little while. Once he pulls out Romeo, the laughs are on. The whole audience is quickly carried along for the ride while Romeo drives the comedy act. Taylor can hardly get a word in edgewise once his puppets are on stage. His ventriloquist skills will amaze everyone to the point that the audience forgets that puppet isn’t real! Eventually, it seems like there are two guys standing on stage, bent on making everyone laugh until their sides hurt. If you are planning a special occasion and need to turn on the laughs, count on Taylor and Romeo.

Whether he is performing for professionals such as for Microsoft or Wal-Mart, or for young children on Disney cruise lines, he is a natural comedian and always remains calm and sharp. His dialogue and jokes just flow quickly and flawlessly out of his mouth. If you are looking to book a clean, yet still entertaining comedian/Ventriloquist Puppets, Taylor Mason is highly recommended. Because of his commitment and passion for what he does, the audience is drawn into his acts and is able to take a time out from any stress that may be accumulating in their life.

Because he is so well-rounded and can tailor his acts for any audience, he is known to be “smart enough for micro-soft, funny enough for the improv/Second city, and clean enough for Disney”. He is talented enough to make anybody laugh without the use of vulgar language or jokes with sexual connotation used by comedians that so often make many people uncomfortable and/or offended. Because of his immense talent as a comedian, Ventriloquist, and musician, people often forget that the puppets are not real!

Undoubtedly, Taylor Mason lives up to any expectation when it comes to helping people to forget the world and feel joy. As the saying goes, “Laughter is the best medicine”, Taylor definitely brings the best laughter medicine to cure any sadness. With so many unnecessary and crude jokes that come from most comedians today, Taylor Mason is refreshing to all!

For more information on booking comedian ventriloquist puppets and Taylor Mason call 615-283-0039.

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