Here are the Best Ventriloquists Right Now That Perform Live Shows

Taylor Mason holding a stuffed pig.

Written by Courtney Grable

November 22, 2018

Ventriloquists Are All the Rage

Let’s face it, people love puppets and comedy. From Sesame Street to the big stage, these human-controlled actors are masters of performance. However, how can you bring all that excitement and comedy to your show? Through ventriloquism, of course! But who to choose? I mean, there’s so many out there, and well…not all of them are good. Don’t worry, though, we’ve searched and scoured the vast realm of the internet and come up with our own list of talented ventriloquists we think you should see. From a young girl performing with the adults to the adults who still maintain their childlike spark, each and every one of these performers has their very own unique talent to offer. So without further ado…let’s open the show!

Taylor Mason

Romeo, Juliet, Pacho, and Paquito. Yes, those are the friends of skilled ventriloquist Taylor Mason. However, these friends are a little different…you see, they’re puppets, which makes them all the better! From singing songs to audience participation, there is no doubt that every time you see Mason perform, he will surprise you with something new! With jokes that are as funny as they are clean, it should come as no surprise that Taylor Mason is one of the best ventriloquists out there, at least in our opinion. What’s even better? He made all of his puppets himself, which means that he isn’t just any generic entertainer. He’s witty, original, and a truly remarkable find in the ever-changing entertainment industry.

Darci Lynne

Have you ever heard of a teenage ventriloquist? Well, Darci Lynne is one of them! After winning NBC’s America’s Got Talent at the age of thirteen, Lynne has gone on to pursue a career in the art of ventriloquy. With her faithful singing puppets Petunia and Edna, among many others, Darci Lynne takes the ground-breaking strides that are only necessary when one is approaching greatness. From her debut as a teenager to her future on the stage, there is no doubt that this young lady has only greatness in store for her.

Paul Zerdin

Have you heard of Paul Zerdin? Well, we have, and we want to share him with you. With a tour of the UK and US already under his belt, this comedian sure has been making a name for himself in the world of ventriloquists. As a British performer in the world of technology and Instagram, Zerdin has wonderfully mastered the art of grasping people’s attention and not letting them down. From his multitude of puppets to his hilarious jokes, Paul is everything an entertainer should be. As he takes the stage, you will no doubt see a profound shift in the audience as he seamlessly blends ventriloquism with comedy. From the UK to the US to wherever you may be, you simply must hear about the talented Paul Zerdin.

Kevin Johnson

Ah, yes. Last, but certainly, not least is the ever famous Kevin Johnson. Simon Cowell once told him “America loves you” and it’s not very hard for us to see why. At a young age, Johnson discovered the art of ventriloquism and after, he was hooked! He’s spent years upon years perfecting his craft and hour upon hour making sure he performs only the best every time he steps onstage.

Along with his birds and his talent, Kevin has appeared on National television countless times. From America’s Got Talent to The Late Show with David Letterman, Johnson has yet to let America down. That is why you know you can always trust him to put on the best performance, whether it’s 5 am or 8 pm, Kevin Johnson is still ready to shine.

Ken Groves

If you are tired of homegrown improv shows and open mike standup; Comic Ventriloquist Ken Groves is your guy. World-class ventriloquist Ken Groves is a magical, entertaining professional with an amusing cast of teammates that will leave audiences of all ages begging for an encore. You will swear that his zany cast of characters is based on your own friends and family as he talks about everyday trials and tribulations in whimsical ways.

Ken is a world renowned comic ventriloquist  and corporate entertainer who has an extensive, and impressive, entertainment career. He has entertained and delighted many fortune 500 companies such as Pepsi, Ford and Frito Lay. In his travels, he has also performed on CNBC, in Atlantic City, in Las Vegas and regularly on three major cruise lines.

Ken regularly showcases his first-rate comedic talents at corporate events, trade shows, conventions, cruises, special events and any other venue that wants a top notch entertainer to make them look good. Ken will not disappoint, and your audience will delight in clean comedy that fully entertains. Let Ken put the fun in your event and make you look great. Your guests will thank you for the investment you made in a top quality entertainer.

Steve Brogan

Don’t be deceived by Steve Brogan’s soft southern twang, his sharp wit can make everyone laugh and his voice make anyone, or anything, talk. A fantastic voice talent who has spent years in entertainment performing on both live shows and television, Brogan is nothing short of a brilliant, hilarious ventriloquist. Comedy should keep audiences engaged, and Brogan prioritizes audience participation in his shows, which makes him a perfect act at a significant event.

Todd Oliver

What do you get when you cross two dogs, a band, a few puppets, and a ventriloquist? Todd Oliver’s show. Along with his talking dogs, Irving and Lucy, Oliver has performed on national TV for many shows, including “The Today Show”, “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, and“CNN Entertainment News”. An expert at his craft, Todd Oliver personalizes his act for his audience to make a fantastic presentation.

Who’s Your Favorite?

Here are the Best Ventriloquists Right Now That Perform Live Shows

Or do you not have one yet? That’s okay, maybe you just need to watch them all again. After all, it’s a universal truth that the more you view something, the more details you catch. And to be truthful, can you ever capture all of the jokes in a single performance? Of course not! Anyways, after you’ve done that, be sure to check them out and maybe even watch them perform at your next event! Anyways, what are you waiting for? Go choose your favorite!

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