Village Idiot Jokes from Joby Saad

Written by Tim Grable

February 24, 2017

Village Idiot Jokes

Using awkward comedy moments, Joby Saad uses his infamous Village Idiot Jokes persona to entertain a lively crowd.

Dancing and gyrating his way on stage, Saad discusses the most unlikely awkward situations in life. Saad’s goofy and lovable comedy personality are the platforms he uses to expand crowd participation in his family based stand-up comedy.

When comedian Joby Saad (pronounced Sad) began doing comedy, his dad called him an idiot. Though Joby’s father intended the comment to serve as a reality check, Joby took that and turned it into a career-defining stage persona. Incorporating the concept into his act, Joby became famous for village idiot jokes. Specializing in physical comedy, Joby became a master of facial expressions. His act often features several contortions, as well as slips, falls, and physical mayhem. Filled with larger than life tales that always seem to end in disaster, Joby’s routine transforms the absurd into the hysterical. Fans of classical physical comedians such as Don Knotts, Jim Varney, Tim Conway, and Jim Carrey will love Joby Saad’s mastery of this often misunderstood genre.

The Best Village Idiot Jokes

From childhood adventures gone awry to unlikely encounters with store managers, Joby Saad shows his comedic genius as he jumps from one preposterous situation to another. As Joby describes each unlikely event, you can see every moment in side-splitting detail. Joby’s ability to bring the audience into his world is what makes him one of the best.

When Joby Saad begins telling a story, things never turn out as you expect, and this clip is no exception. Filled with physical gags and brilliantly executed facial expressions, Joby’s talent for slapstick shines bright as he weaves a course through three hilarious predicaments.

Though Joby Saad is primarily known for village idiot jokes, don’t let his shtick fool you. Joby’s somewhat batty stage antics is a mirage hiding his real genius. As Joby recalls a creative punishment from his school days, it is easy to see why refers to his act as “The smartest dumb guy comedy I’ve ever seen.”

Have you ever been waiting for someone to finish trying on clothes and wondered what might be taking them so long? If Joby Saad is the person in front of you, this clip will give you an eye-opening glimpse of the mayhem that is happening on the other side of the door. After seeing this, you’ll never look at trying on pants the same way again.

Charlie Chaplin was a master of silent film. In this clean comedy video, Joby Saad proves he can hold his own against Hollywood’s greatest pantomime legend. As he acts out his “typical” night at a restaurant, you will find yourself laughing out loud as you imagine what such an evening might be like for his fellow diners.

Awkward Comedy Moments can be funny

Saad uses the audience’s expectations to amplify his own funny performance using awkward comedy moments with Village Idiot Jokes. He plays upon the thoughts of the crowd. He has the ability to downplay his own humor by making an ordinary internal discussion a source of witty delight. The audience only can enjoy his own comedic reflections as he makes light the general observations on his own personality. Saad has an entrancing method of connecting expectations of stage performance to the expectations of common social miscues. The relations he makes when visiting friends, meeting someone else’s pets or taking a home tour all are related to the theme “nothing fits our expectations”.

The brilliance in Joby Saad’s stand-up comedy performance lies within his visual expressions. Throughout his routine, a multitude of emotions is on display for each of the awkward comedy moments he describes. The simple dialogue he holds while describing characters with added facial reaction creates dramatic roars from the audience. Saad has the ability to say less and create more laughter based on the pain and joy he can display simultaneously. The usage of physical comedy through facial expression keeps the audience anticipating the next unpredictable punchline.

Saad is not afraid to involve himself at the end of most of his jokes. He discusses situations many find uncomfortable or slightly annoying from a point of experience of a greater embarrassment. Saad actively references his dealings with the elderly and his local upbringing stereotypes. Instead of succumbing to the rational things most people would say to their relatives put them in an awkward position, Saad makes light of all awkwardness and embraces the situation. Saad makes anyone re-evaluate the amount of fun spending time with their grandmother can be. He also plays down the common southern culture stereotypes by making the crowd aware of how similar people across America are regardless of regional location.

In a field often dominated by vulgarity and endless profanity, Joby Saad offers a refreshing alternative to the comedy status quo. Joby’s lovable stage persona and funny comedy make him a crowd favorite wherever he goes. With family-friendly material, an endless repertoire of village idiot jokes, and a reputation for being easy to work with, Joby is a highly sought after entertainer by schools, corporations, event planners, club owners, and groups just looking for an evening of good clean fun.

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