How to Make Your VIP Event Memorable

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Written by Tim Grable

March 13, 2017

How to Make Your VIP Event Memorable

VIP special events are a great way in which to help your organization, or even your community, socialize with one another in an informal and fun manner. However, for your VIP event to be a triumphant success, it is vital that you book appropriate entertainment to not only cater for all who attend, but to also help make a focal part of the night that everyone will remember.

How Entertainment  makes a VIP Event Special

Using Comedy Magic Adam Trent brings a fresh new face to an old profession. Combining original dance and music with original magic, Adam Trent puts on a magic show like no one else in show business.

Trent wins over the most skeptical of audiences with his likable humor, dance and personality while dazzling them with tricks, unlike any other magician. Trent’s  charm combined with a veteran’s ability creates a recipe for an entertaining and memorable show.

Adam Trent has taken his live stage show around the world to audiences of all calibers. His entertaining magic and original dance has been featured on TV including the Disney Channel’s Shake It Up.

Adam Trent is quickly gaining steam on the college circuit, winning over fans along the way. Odessa College says about Adam Trent, “Hilarious, unique, and very different than what we expected a magician to be!”

With his lively and entertaining dance routines and highly skilled magic, Trent is building a reputation among the media as well. “Adam Trent is best described as Justin Timberlake meets David Copperfield,” says GP4T Magazine.

If you are looking to book entertainment for your next VIP event, Adam Trent will not disappoint. Impress your audience with Trent’s overwhelming charm and talent for performance. Trent puts on a show like no one else that audience members will be talking about for years to come.

At any time that you are responsible for booking entertainment for a large function, there are some factors which you must take into consideration. Although entertainment should be lighthearted, it must not be approached in the same manner as your entertainment must be high quality, appropriate and be something which perfectly fits the theme of the evening. Opting to book just any entertainer or look for an artist who may only cater for a few attending will simply be a recipe for disaster.

Joe Castillo uses sand art as his medium and creates fluid art that tells a story. Sand Art is amazing.  The sand shows up black on a smooth surfaced drawing board lit up with a backlight. Castillo’s storytelling technique is creative, interesting, and unique. Castillo’s brush strokes are thumb and fingertip strokes that astonish the viewer along every step of the story.

When it comes to booking quality entertainment for corporate or VIP events, it is essential that you steer away from any performers who are less than wholesome. Just one or two bad jokes could be enough to make the whole evening turn sour which may not only be uncomfortable for the crowd but will also be damaging to your reputation. One of the easiest ways to avoid this issue is to look only for entertainers who specialize in performing family-friendly entertainment. This way, not only will your guests be provided with quality entertainment, but they will also be free from offense.

When choosing the ideal entertainer for your event, you also need to identify what kind of crowd you can expect. If your guests are likely to be rowdy, then they will best suit a comedian of high caliber. However, if you were planning an event for more senior members, they may prefer something more relaxing and suitable, such as a live band. When booking entertainment for a corporate event, you need to be firstly aware of the purpose for the event and then be sure of what the likes and dislikes are of those who will be in attendance.
The Panic Squad is an improv comedy troupe focused on showing the world that it does not have to be dirty to be funny.

Here, the Panic Squad performs The Numbers Game. In this video, the Squad begins by getting some suggestions from the audience for types of blue collar jobs. The audience chooses a plumber. Given this subject, each participating member of the Squad is then given a number selected by the audience. This number represents how many words per sentence that member of the Squad must use.

Each member then takes their turn joining into and acting out a small scene involving a plumber during which the conversation is limited to each member’s respective word quota. A man attempts to shower but finds his facilities are malfunctioning. A plumber shows up just then to fix the problem. Can the Squad manage to get the plumbing fixed? How did the plumbing stop working in the first place? Is that a Jedi and a ninja?!

Enjoy this hilarious, family friendly and entertaining video and find out!

For most corporate VIP events, corporate comedians, emcees, and bands are most favored as often; they will appeal to all guests. With a broad range of performers at your disposal, it is relatively easy to find an array of entertainment that will astound, intrigue and entertain your guests to great delight. By your admission, you may find it hard to discover ideal performers, but with organizations such as The Grable Group, you can utilize their experience in providing a myriad of corporate events with quality entertainment, to find the ideal performer for your needs. By using their experience, they will be able to identify the best form of entertainment for your guests, helping your event to be a great success.

By nurturing the talents of some of the best comedians in the country, such as Taylor Mason, your guests will be spoilt with a combination of music, ventriloquism, stand-up comedy and audience participation. A former Star Search Grand Champion, Mason, thrives on bringing his audience directly into his performance, enabling them to operate puppets used on the show for a live experience like no other. It is for this reason and much more that Mason’s shows are a cut above other comedy performances.

For light-hearted, fun entertainment for your VIP event, look no further than comedic performers such as Taylor Mason, courtesy of The Grable Group. By trusting in some of the highest quality entertainment in the country, you will not only be guaranteed that your event will be a great success, but also that each and every guest will be more than eager to attend your next event.

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