How to Entertain Your Family and Friends with a Virtual Comedy Night

Virtual Comedy Night

Written by Terre Grable

April 28, 2020

Are you looking for a different, unique way to connect and entertain your family and friends? Are you tired of feeling disconnected and disappointed? What if there was a way to laugh together and engage with one another regardless of where you live and what you are doing? Would you be game? 

Ditch the Disappointment of Social Distancing with a Virtual Comedy Night!

How to Entertain Your Family and Friends with a Virtual Comedy Night

Then a Comedy Night is just the thing for you! It’s easy, affordable, and, most of all, – FUN! A Family Comedy Night is where you choose an experienced comedian to do a live set virtually and entertain your family and friends. Our comedians will serve as your host while your loved ones feel connected and rejuvenates over side-splitting laughter. 

A Family Comedy Night is personalized to you. It is unique as each person in attendance. The Improv and customization ensure that no two events are the same. Most comedians can only entertain with a live audience. Our comedians are not newbies. They know how to make everyone have a great time in a virtual setting. 

Your Virtual Comedy Night will never feel like a boring virtual business meeting. Using their comedic talent coupled with fun props, special sound effects, and great music, your host will entertain and offer a fun night out from the comfort of your own home – no matter how many miles are between your loved ones.

Likewise, a Comedy Night is fun for everyone! Kids and grandparents alike will feel a special part of your time together. Your host will create a PG atmosphere that connects with each person and personality. Everyone will leave feeling positive and uplifted from spend time together laughing.  You can even celebrate special days and have a virtual graduation party or a virtual birthday party!

So get ready to ditch the discouragement and disappointments! 

Does a Virtual Comedy Night Entertain Your Family? 

Like everyone else on the planet, our family was tired of feeling disappointed, disjointed, and disconnected from Covid-19. There are only so many board games you can play—only so many movies you can watch. Only so many cookies you can eat before you get a terrible case of the blahs. 

We were looking for a different fun pick-me-up. Something that would make us stop feeling disconnected from our friends and family. Something that would be equally fun and engaging for our youngest child to our oldest grandparent. So we decided to schedule a Virtual Comedy Night. There is something about laughing together that makes us forget about the outside circumstances and miles between us. 

We hosted a Family Comedy Night with Marty Simpson. The set up was easy, and the time spent together was just what we needed. The Family Comedy Night was personalized to our family, which made it feel like we had our local comedy club all to ourselves. As the emcee, Marty was relaxed, engaging, and hilariously made each family member – teenagers and grandparents – feel a part of the show. We can’t thank Marty enough for hosting this special time with our family during the chaos of COVID-19. It was the breath of fresh air everyone needed.” – Elizabeth from TN

Call to learn more about how a personalized Family Comedy Night can entertain your family and help you feel connected – even you cannot be together!

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