Make Your Virtual Event More Entertaining By Booking A Comedy Act

Taylor Mason

Written by Tim Grable

May 15, 2020

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We understand that social distancing can grow boring at times. And while virtual events and online activities may be a good option, they don’t always pack the same punch as an in-person event.

When it comes to entertainment, virtual events need a little bit of a push, simply because the viewer may not be as immersed as they would be during an in-person event.

However, despite all this, they can still pack a punch and be equally successful in their own right. We think that hiring a comedy act may be just the thing any virtual event needs right now.

And in this following article, we will show you some of our top comedians, to see how they raise the bar of entertainment for all the events they perform at, whether virtual or in person.

Make Your Virtual Event More Entertaining By Booking A Comedy Act

Booking a Comedy Act Keeps People Interested

It may sound like a no-brainer, but from all forms of live entertainment out there, none can compete with how effective stand-up comedy is in getting laughs out of people.

Comedy goes hand-in-hand with audience interaction and engagement. And during a virtual event, it is a useful tool to keep people interested in the activities throughout the event’s runtime.

As audience-retention isn’t quite the same for an online event, you will have to make up for it with bits of entertainment. Because of this, a comedian is an excellent choice as a host for the event.

Your audience may be tempted to click out of the event or to leave sitting idly in the taskbar. Booking a comedy act can prevent situations like these by directly interacting with the audience.

For example, they can single out a member of the audience or ask volunteers to assist with the performance.

You can be sure that the other people in the lobby will be keen to see how the interaction goesAnd this is only one example of how a comedian manages to keep people attentive through unique experiences.

Comedy Speaks Directly to the People

In times where businesses have shut down, and people’s livelihood has been impacted, a comedian can be precisely what people need to get some of that weight off their shoulders.

Usually, a small-scale virtual event is a more up-close experience, where people will be tuning in with webcams. For situations like these, you not only need someone who can be entertaining but someone who can also communicate effectively.

A comedian’s easy-going personality allows him to interact with the audience naturally. People won’t ever get the feeling they’re being pandered because a comedian is there to speak about experiences almost everyone can relate to.

Since comedians spend so much time in front of audiences, it becomes second nature to them to get down to everyone’s level.

Meet the Comedians

Through the entire article, we have been talking about how comedians can make an impact on the events they participate in.   Let’s see exactly what they can bring to the table and why booking a comedy act is a good idea.

The first on our list is Taylor Mason. He is an entertainer, encompassing a comprehensive set of skills to put out a diverse entertainment experience.

He is a comedian, a ventriloquist, and a musician. Taylor Mason has performed on Showtime, Thou Shalt Laugh, Bananas Comedy, Star Search and Dry Bar Comedy. And what makes him stand out is the fact he flawlessly combines all these talents into one polished act, which translates perfectly to both in-person and online events.  

Greg Schwem is a comedian and entertaining speaker who tackles thought-provoking topics such as technology and the impact it has on our lives and at the workplace.

He can be sober and professional, but also can be a complete joker. It’s this exciting dynamic, which makes him a pleasure to watch. Whether in-person or through a screen, guests will love Greg’s performance.

Marty Simpson is hands-down the premier virtual comedian of the modern age.  Because he has been working with virtual comedy prior to COVID-19, Marty is experienced to bring his quick-witted comedic talent to any event – regardless of size or location.

He is comfortable performing in large Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses, nonprofits and even private family gatherings.  No matter the size, your online event is guaranteed to be entertaining, customized and memorable.

The Solution for Your Virtual Event

Since the pandemic shutdown, many organizations are faced with having to transition their events online. However, if done right, it can yield many benefits.

If you have transitioned to virtual events, then don’t miss the chance to boost the entertainment factor by booking a comedy act.

We are the worlds leading booking agency for virtual events.  Be sure to give us a call at (615) 283-0039 or email us, and we will gladly assist you!

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