What are the best Ministry Outreach Ideas?

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Written by Tim Grable

February 23, 2017

What are the best ministry outreach ideas? Are you looking for entertainment for your fellowship? Do you have an outreach event that needs clean fun and something unique? Everybody loves a good story. However, finding clean, wholesome entertainment can often be difficult these days. There are many ministry outreach ideas that can speak to the heart and change a life. Hearing a motivational story can do wonders for those who find themselves down and out in life, or those who just need a little pick-me-up.

Do you need Ministry Outreach Ideas?

The performers below are well respected and from a growing list of artists who provide entertainment and a message. Their diverse talent and inspiring talks leave those who listen spellbound. Hear how they shined even when faced with adversity. Having one of these wonderful people speak is one of the greatest ministry outreach ideas around. Here are seven exceptional communicators who will move your crowd.

He became famous as the virtuous man on the hit television show “The Bachelor.” He wanted to make a stand for purity and opted to run his version of the show different than others. Lowe is a risk taker who has lost everything but has risen from the ashes and now uses his story to help others. Being rejected and lost someone whom he loved, he learned that reality television is not all it is cracked up to be. He turned to the world when he felt God has forsaken him. He soon found out how disastrous living away from His Savior was. Hear his experiences and hear how he walked away only to return like the Prodigal son.

As a contestant on “America’s Next-Top Model,” Leah Darrow learned that real beauty comes from within. Though she enjoyed her stint on television, she realized that the outside is just a reflection of the inside. She is a Catholic speaker, who works as a female motivational speaker to help women be more beautiful. She speaks to young girls who have problems with their self-esteem and has written a bestselling book on the same topic. She sees the world through eyes of beauty and teaches how God would want others to view themselves.

If you like magic and want to impress, then Joshua Jordan is the man to call. He is an Christian illusionist that blows his audience away. No two shows are the same, and he is always bringing new materials to his audiences. He uses his spectators in the stunts to keep them engaged. Jordan delivers a very good time and keeps it faith centered. He has ministry outreach ideas that allow him to fit into any religious or faith-centered organization.

There are Christian painters, and then there are people who become the human paintbrush. Marc Eckel is one of the best painters around. He uses his hands to create masterpiece works of art to music. He can paint a full picture by the time the song is done. He was an illustrator for General Motors until this calling took him other places. In 2012, he left his lucrative job to follow his heart and passion. He is a devout Christian Artist that uses his talent to entertain others. He has painted enough canvases to cover an entire football field. Watching him work is a mesmerizing event. Eckel is one of a kind.

If you are looking for something unique, rare and intriguing; you need Joe Castillo to entertain your group. He created his talent using sand. Sand art is something that not many people know how to do or have even heard of. When “American’s Got Talent” brought Castillo out onto the stage, the rest was history. Joe uses a box of sand and music to create works of art that evolve. The image changes numerous times during the song, but it always something spectacular. He wows audiences with his humble demeanor and genuine talent.

Emily Wilson is a Catholic Speaker and artist who travels the world sharing her voice and her testimony with others. She can sing like an angel, yet her humble nature makes her approachable. She talks to groups about the love of God and how she has overcome much adversity in her life. She is the singer of “10,000 Reasons -Bless the Lord.” She works with various bands and has recorded some hit songs. She works tirelessly to write, record and bring new materials to minister to the heart of those around her.

This Minnesota entertainer is known for his Christian Comedy. He has quite a reputation in the business for his zany jokes and always has the audience in stitches. He has been both on film and radio since 1995, and he has quite a following. He equates his style to that of Ray Romano. Using situational based clean comedy, he draws from his life and family to make others chuckle. He speaks across the country and entertains faith-based people. He knows how to work for the crowd and promises to be an excellent night of entertainment.

Choosing between these fantastic artists may be difficult. Whether you want an outreach that tugs at the heartstrings or something for entertainment; you have plenty to choose from. These individuals have amazing reputations as being entertainers in the purest sense. They will motivate, stir and change the lives and hearts of those they come in contact with.

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