What Unique Corporate Entertainment Should you Book?

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Written by Tim Grable

April 10, 2017


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What Unique Corporate Entertainment should you Book?At your next corporate event, why not hire some unique corporate entertainment? The performance sets the tone for your event. Do you want a stiff and boring conference or do you want a meeting that will make people excited for the next one? Whether it is a corporate retreat, a seminar, conference, shareholders meeting, or some other event, make sure that people leave there happy. From comedians to illusionists to artists and beyond this list will help you find the perfect entertainment for your next event. Examples of all entertainers work are available with a web search. So, make sure you set the tone for not only your next event but all of your future events as well. Some of the listed acts are interactive, and others are strictly performers. Find the artist that will best fit the needs of you and your event.

Unique Corporate Entertainment for Your Next Event

The Three Waiters® ~ Singing Waiters Best Entertainment!

The Three Waiters will thrill your guests with their opera singing. At first, your guests will not even realize they are watching a show. The waiters will begin the event by disguising themselves as actual members of the wait staff. One of them will be posing as the lead waiter and will welcome your guests to the function before breaking into a long opera note. A duel will begin between him and another waiter before the third joins the contest and steals the show.

Bob Stromberg - Amazing Hand Shadow Puppets

When you hire Bob Stromberg for your next event, you will be glad that you did. Bob is a comedian and a hand shadow puppeteer. Let him excite your guests with his comedy and shadows. He involves the crowd, so that is always a plus. Moreover, you will never have to worry that he will offend members of your audience like some comedians do. He tells clean jokes that are drawn from real life situations. Let the unique corporate entertainment of Bob Stromberg help you take your next corporate event to the next level.

World class juggling - The Raspyni Brothers - TEDxMarin

The Raspyni Brothers are not real brothers, but they feel like it. They have performed at over 1,000 corporate events and bring a little bit of everything to the stage with their unique corporate entertainment. They have also performed on many national programs. They are world champion jugglers and comedians. Through audience participation and improvisation, they will please even the most hardened crowd. Most jugglers are boring, but there is nothing boring about these two, who juggle anything from flaming torches to bowling balls.

Bob Cates is a Canadian, award-winning comedian, who will interact with your audience members to keep them entertained. However, his talents do not stop at making audience members laugh. He also juggles, rides a unicycle, does magic, uses laser lights, and much more. He ends his routine with a twenty-two plate balancing act that will leave your guests wowed and keeps them talking for weeks. Best of all his show is clean, so if you have younger audience members, you will not have to worry about covering their ears.


If you are looking for a unique talent, look no further than Joe Castillo. Previously a finalist on America’s Got Talent, Joe Castillo will captivate your audience with his story-telling and sand art. What is sand art? Joe Castillo tells a story using sand, a light table, and music. He will astound your audience with his artistic abilities. He has been seen on all seven continents and by nobility and celebrities alike. So, let Joe be the entertainment at your next event and leave your guests breathless.

Heidi Schwartz is an artist and the perfect unique corporate entertainment for your next event. Heidi will set up and get to work painting. What is she painting? Heidi will paint your event. She draws on the abstract and shapes of the room to paint the event. Guests will marvel at her artistic abilities and her ability to capture the moment in a lasting masterpiece. The best part is that, after she has completed the painting, you get to keep the piece of art to display proudly.

Jarrett & Raja are also known as the Master Magician and Piano Genius. Jarrett was trained under famed illusionist Harry Blackstone, Jr. Raja was trained at Julliard. They came together and created an act that is sure to please everyone. They have appeared at Lincoln Center and made it to the quarterfinals of America’s Got Talent. Their combination of music and master illusion act is sure to astound every member of your audience at your event and leave them wanting more.

Catapult Entertainment is a dance group that was founded in 2008. Catapult does not, however, do the same boring dances that most people have become accustomed to. Catapult does shadow dancing. You and your guests will watch in amazement as shadows come to life, and beautiful stories are told. They have appeared on America’s Got Talent and will work with you and your event coordinator to create a one of a kind performance. They can even create an interactive performance for your guests.

rePercussion is a unique music show that will have your guests begging for more. The group will awe your audience with their combination of music and comedy. They do not play traditional instruments; instead they use trashcans, plastic buckets, barrels, pots, pans, and anything else that they can find. Their set is completely portable, so they are free to move about your event if necessary. They will work with you to create a personalized show that can either be just them performing or an entirely interactive experience for your guests.

Whatever your next event is to make sure that you book some unique corporate entertainment that your employees and guests will enjoy. A unique experience will get people talking and lead to an increase in productivity. It boosts morale to have unique  entertainment, instead of the same old boring program. Plus, it encourages more people to attend the event if it is not the same old thing time and time again. Moreover, any of the acts mentioned above will be perfect for your event.

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