Why use Christian Comedy for your Special Outreach Event?

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Written by Tim Grable

March 13, 2017

Comics and Christianity are not two concepts that you would usually associate with each other, but they have more in common than you would think. Nowadays, many Outreach Pastors use Christian comedy as a great way of renewing and replenishing the spirit. The Bible encourages laughter and entertainment as things that are good for the heart and can help overcome a long list of problems. Laughing and having fun can make you feel good about yourself and encourage you to make others feel good too by carrying out good deeds; an important part of the Christian faith.

Everyone likes to laugh. It doesn’t matter what religion you believe in, some things are just funny. In a lot of instances, humor unites people; you feel closer to someone when you share a joke with them and when you have the same sense of humor as someone you instantly like them. It’s the same when you go to a Christian comedy event and are enjoying yourself surrounded by likeminded people it can be an incredible boost. Comedy can bring people together from all backgrounds and of all ages, and this is why Christian comedians are often used as entertainment at an outreach event.

Why Christian Comedy Is So Effective As An Outreach Event

What is Christian Comedy?

It is a sub-genre of comedy which mainly consists of material that has been created for a largely Christian audience. The best clean comedians will perform in churches or church-sponsored venues on a regular basis. Even though a lot of observational comedians do base their material around their religion, it is not a requirement to feature a lot of Christian references throughout the performance. Many modern comedians loosely base their act on religion but mainly use comedy as a vehicle to express their thoughts and personal experiences in the modern world.

This is why a Christian comedian is so appealing to all demographics. Christians appreciate the references and the light relief, whereas non-believers enjoy the experience of getting to grips with what it’s like to be a Christian in the modern world. Clean comedy is becoming popular as an outreach program. A comedy show is a great way of bringing people into church who wouldn’t usually attend or even think about attending!

The concept of Christian comedy is centered around a passage in the Bible which says that laughter does the heart good and is “like a medicine,” hence the saying: “laughter is the best medicine.” People feel good when they laugh and it can help overcome all sorts of different problems as it acts as a release. We all like to be entertained and Christian entertainment is certainly very entertaining, however this kind of humor is not just designed for purely for entertainment’s sake. It is also a technique that is embraced by Christian entertainers as a way of spreading the word of god through humor complete with personal experiences.

Christian event planning is a great tool for outreach events as it is incredibly effective at bringing in those who would not normally frequent a church in through the doors. Everyone enjoys a night of laughter and socializing, therefore you shouldn’t be short of audience members should you decide to host a Christian comedian at your local church.

For an affordable yet effective way of strengthening and uniting your community, why not try clean comedy? The sort of shows that most experienced entertainers will put on will be well-liked by church-goers and non-believers alike, as there really is something for everyone. Outreach events are great for getting people thinking about religion who have never really considered it before all within an informal environment. It opens you up to an alternative lifestyle without putting any pressure on you to change your ways. If all you get from an outrach comedy event is a fun night out then and some new friends then it has been successful.

Christian Comedy is a non-threatening way of introducing the idea of religion to a group of people who don’t necessarily believe in Christianity. Through comedy, the concept of God’s love, grace and forgiveness can be communicated in an effective way that does not put any pressure on the audience to change their minds. Comedy is also a great way of proving to those not aware that Christianity is something that does have a place in the modern world and is still relevant even today. Having a sense of humor about the world around you is a large part in today’s Christianity, therefore comedy is very important.

Comedy is one of the most effective ways to organize a successful outreach event and really get a community involved in what goes on at church.

Why Christian Comedy Is So Effective As An Outreach Event

Nowadays, many churches are organizing Christian Comedy shows as a form of outreach events to the community and getting everyone involved. Both church-goers and non-believers are invited to these events in a bid to prove to those who think a church is annoying that it does not have to be. People who would never normally set foot inside a church often attend these events and discover a whole new side of Christianity that they never thought existed. Christian comedians prove to skeptics that religion can be fun, entertaining and informal at the same time as having a difficult place within society.

However, as well as being an excellent form of entertainment, Christian comedy also has a more serious side. It is a ministry that is embraced and practiced by exceptionally talented individuals who take their job as entertainers very seriously. They believe that through their entertainment they can spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the masses and share their personal religious experiences with an audience. These entertainers use humor as a vehicle to express themselves and their beliefs in a lighthearted manner that can be enjoyed by all, no matter what your beliefs. Even if you are not religious, the format of a Christian comedy event will not put you under any pressure to change your views; it will merely tear down walls and allow conversations to take place allowing you another perspective to think about.

What Christian Comedy should you Book?

Comedian Brad Stine brings a dose of reality to what it is like to live as a Christian. Sure, curse words are not accepted in most church venus, but as Stine points out, it is natural to want to use them in a variety of situations. Through his comedic take on curse words, he makes a larger point about sugar coating our language and our faith. “Sin is not always what we think it is.” Stine’s hilarious insights remind Christians that despite our natural inclinations and humanity, Christianity still invites everyone to come in, flaws and all. Sometimes we need to laugh a little to see how we are missing the bigger picture.

Not only is a Christian comedy show a great way of getting people from different backgrounds and different beliefs together in one church, but it is also fun for those who are already involved in the church to do a bit of socializing and enjoy themselves.

Breakdown walls with humor! Christian comedian Ron Pearson is perfect for outreach! Ron’s appeal crosses all barriers. He has been featured on The Late Late Show, That 70’s Show, The George Lopez Show, The Drew Carey Show, Comedy Central and in the Disney Channel Movie “Starstruck”. Your congregation might recognize him from his tours and film, “The Apostles of Comedy” or his Telly Award winning Bananas Comedy Special. Anything from outreach to award banquets this act is different! He can make you laugh and touch your heart in the same show!

Christian humor can be people from different backgrounds together all under the same roof, all finding the same jokes funny and having fun. The nature of Christianity is to embrace everyone and not to discriminate against others for any reason; therefore, comedy is a Christian activity. Everyone enjoys lauging and organizing an outreach event like this is your local church is one of the most affordable and efficient ways of strengthening a diverse community.

If you have not heard of Taylor Mason ventriloquist, comedian, entertainer, and musician, you are in luck. He brings family-friendly comedy with his friend Romeo the mannequin about his dating adventures online and elsewhere. Romeo is a funny puppet. He is a little soft spoken, so be sure you turn the volume way up. You will not want to miss his punch lines. If you are dating, then this is the video for you. It is a great snippet to make you want to watch more comedic acts by Taylor Mason. He is well known for his clean, family-friendly jokes.

Popular comedian Michael Jr draws jokes from an unusual situation in this YouTube video clip. He recounts how he is forced to discuss breastfeeding with his five-year-old son after his son witnesses a woman breastfeeding her baby at a doctor’s office. The situation goes to awkward and hilarious extremes as he is forced to explain everything to his young son in detail in front of other patients in the waiting room.

The clip is taken from a standup routine by Michael Jr., a comedian who is also a devout Christian and focuses on doing clean comedy that is appropriate for the entire family. Michael Jr. has appeared on late night talk shows such as “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” His standup routines have also been featured on basic cable networks BET and Comedy Central.

Michael Jr. tours everywhere from universities to churches with his funny act. He places emphasis on creating comedy that is clean enough to be shared in church and funny enough also to find a home inside a comedy club. Michael Jr. cites Bill Cosby and Jerry Seinfeld as his biggest stand-up comedy influences. He is married and the father of five children.

There are many different styles of comedy and many different comedians available including a ventriloquist, improv, music, and stand-up comedians so you really can tailor the comedy to suit your event. The amount of new  comedians around these days just goes to show Christianity does have a place in the contemporary world and that as a religion, it is relevant today. With their entertainment, modern day Christian comedians prove that a contemporary outlook and a sense of humor are both essential to a believers life.

If you have been searching for a way in which to reach out to your community, it is likely that you will desire to create an event which is not only effective and successful in bringing your community together, but one that is also affordable. (Hint: Christian Comedy) You want to not only bring new and current members together, but also provide a way in which all members can share the love of God together.

Although it may be an idea which some may be wary of, comedy entertainers are a great addition to any outreach event. By investing in a Christian comedy performer, you can not only devise an evening that will be enjoyed by all, but you may also discover an effective way in which you can encourage more members into your community.

How can Christian comedy benefit your outreach event?

The first benefit is that Christian comedy is not designed solely for Christian’s. There is often the misconception that comedy must be offensive or crass in order to be considered funny, but this is simply not the case. Laughter and comedy is enjoyed by everyone-whether they are a Christian or not, so the implementation of Christian comedy in your outreach event can be enjoyed by all; when it comes down to it, comedy is fun! Furthermore, by hiring the service of a professional comedian, you will be provided with clean fun that is suitable for all. Your audience will leave your event feeling enlightened and happy which can also be a great way in which to encourage non-Christians to return to a future outreach event.

Although musical acts are commonly utilized for outreach events, they can often cause issues in regards to fees, equipment, technical issues and so forth. When you introduce a Christian comedian into your outreach event, you will be spared of these issues, as there will be little to no technical needs for the performer and it will also be easier for you to stick within your budget as you are only hiring one performer. You may also be fortunate enough to find a Christian performer who is willing to develop their routine to fit the theme of your outreach event. Whereas musical acts may only perform music of a certain genre, a professional Christian comedian will have the skills in order to adapt their material to appeal to all audiences.

There is often the misconception that church is not designed for the younger generation which can often leave them hesitant to join in with outreach events. However, by hiring the service of a fantastic Christian comedian, you can help to show younger members of the community that your church is relative and can cater to modern culture. Furthermore, should any members of the church wish to bring friends to any outreach events, the mention of a comedian may be incentive enough to bring their attendance to the church.

Organizing a comedy event can work wonders for strengthening a community and joining people together.

The Grable Group specializes in providing quality Christian comedy performers for a wide variety of events. With a team of some of the most talented comedians in the country at their disposal, The Grable Group is able to provide audiences of all shapes and sizes with a night’s entertainment like no other.

If you want to find a great comedian for your next Outreach event then why not have a look at The Grable Group Website for a whole host of brilliant Christian entertainers ready to entertain you.

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