4 Reasons Why Clean Comedians are Perfect for Charity and Corporate Events

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Written by Tim Grable

February 27, 2017

If you’re planning a corporate retreat, trade show, meeting, or similar event, you might consider hiring Comedians for Corporate Events. A great comedy show will put everyone assembled in a cheerful mood; such performances refresh and energize people. Further, the attendees may long remember how much they enjoyed your comedian. Thus, your reputation as a corporate event planner will be greatly enhanced.

Clean comedians have a lot in common with your average stand-up comedian. They make people laugh.

But the way they do it is a key difference. It makes the difference between fame and fortune.

Clean entertainers use a more refined type of comedy. Their jokes and punchlines aren’t meant to offend. They don’t curse and don’t make rude gestures.

Charity and certain corporate events have some rules you can’t ignore. So, let’s go over why clean comedians are perfect for such events:

1. Baby Boomer and Millennial Appeal

Clean entertainers use their own way of adapting their show to the audience. They are professionals. Their jokes don’t need to be politically incorrect to make people laugh.

They don’t pick on people from the audience and insult them.

Take Drew Lynch for example. This young comedian has a stuttering flaw. His jokes are about what people his age go through. He’s also making fun of his problem.

He made his debut in 2015, at America’s Got Talent and got all the way to the finals.

On the other hand, clean comedians like Jeff Allen appeal to older audiences. Baby Boomers can easily relate to his jokes. His shows are about family and kids.

Here’s a funny piece of clean comedy from his Dry Bar Comedy Special:

2. They Bring in More People to Your Event

Just having a special guest on your event is a great thing. But having a world famous entertainer as your main event attraction is better – especially if it’s a clean comedian.

This way, people will see that you’ve considered their preference for entertainment as well.

Clean comedy offers you the advantage of dealing with no audience barriers. People can bring their children along. The target age spans from eight years old to eighty.

So, if you’re organizing a fundraiser, booking one of these great clean comedians is a great idea. Happy people tend to be more generous. That’s the entertainer’s job – to get them to that point.

3. Clean Comics Are Multi-Talented

They are artists that love to entertain audiences. Most of them have more talents than just saying jokes on a stage. Their shows can include exciting moments like magic or ventriloquism.

That makes clean comedy a great fit for multiple types of events. Some of them are actually Christian motivational speakers.

And some of these entertainers come together with the whole package – like Justin Flom. He blends music, magic, and a great personality to make the audience feel good.

4. They Can Do Private Events or Big Charity Galas

4 Reasons Why Clean Comedians are Perfect for Charity and Corporate Events

Another important thing you should know about clean comedians is that they can handle any audience – from small, private parties to big galas. Parents don’t need to look for a babysitter. They can bring their children along.

They provide entertainment for corporate events where you just want your employees to relax and have a great time. They can also perform at Christian events, where you want your attendees to have an astonishing experience.

Clean comics are good at making people laugh. But that doesn’t mean their audience can’t learn a thing or two. Many artists talk about the mistakes they made in life. Others provide valuable tips for living a happy life.

In the end, it all comes down to how successful you want your event to be.

10 Clean Comedians That Are Perfect for Any Type of Event

Planning a company party, a holiday bash, or a big corporate gala to celebrate achieving a business milestone?

Regardless of the type of event that you have in mind, it is important that it not lack one essential ingredient. Yep – you have guessed it – we are talking about the entertainment aspect.
Moreover, since you brought it up, we have an entertainment suggestion you should take into consideration: Clean Comedians.

5 Clean Comedians That Are Perfect for Any Type of Event

If you want high-quality comedy without the foul language, consider booking a comedian who works clean.

Want to hire the best? Any of the experienced comics mentioned in this article is an excellent pick. Read on to find out more about each one of them.

1. Lisa Mills

Lisa Mills

A member of the Christian Comedy Association, Lisa has appeared on television’s LIFETIME Network.

She has extensive experience performing at major events such as large conferences. So you can rest assured knowing she will be able to entertain your guests and leave them rolling in the aisles!

She has come to master the art of delivering club-funny yet church-clean comedy. So it is no surprise that her hilarious stand-up act is always an audience favorite.

2. John Crist

From Universities to festivals to corporate Fortune 500 events for large enterprises like Microsoft and Lexus, Crist has been successfully performing at a wide array of events.

That is because he is one of those rare clean comedians who’ll appeal to anyone. That includes your guests who might think clean comedy is just “too safe” to be funny.

From joking about the evil of social media to telling people that not all children are winners, his act conveys a distinct point of view. It is what makes him stand out from other comedians.

3. Scott Wood (Mr. Punchline)

Scott Wood will make your guests laugh out loud with a rapid-fire delivery of one-liners. That is regardless of the venue, occasion, or audience.

He can deliver more than eight jokes per minute, so there won’t be a single dull moment throughout his performance.

Also, Scott has an experience of over twenty years performing at different venues. He has been a hit at numerous corporate functions throughout the US.

Your event could be next on the list!

4. Carlos Oscar

Hilarious, energetic, charming, inspirational – these are four words that do an excellent job describing Carlos’s performances.

What makes his act so funny is the fact that his jokes are inspired by real-life situations that anybody can relate to.

Your guests will love his jokes about the humorous side of the family, pop-culture, and everyday mishaps.
Here’s just a small sample of what he does on stage:

5. Chris Blackmore

If you are looking for clean comedians that are seriously funny, you might want to consider Chris Blackmore.

There’s a business side of “entertainment,” and Chris knows just how to handle it to wow corporate audiences at all types of events. Through the use of comedy and magic, Chris will:

  • Focus on your sales message, your company’s mission, and the goals you want to achieve through your event.
  • Make sure his show is designed around your particular needs and audience.

6. Taylor Mason

Taylor Mason is talented to the extreme. He’s musical. He’s lightning-fast with jokes and quips. And this winner of “Star Search” has a special gift for bringing puppets to life. In fact, his comedic ventriloquism is so convincing that audience members often scold him whenever he says something impolite to his dummies. Taylor might see his puppets as objects made of cloth and foam, but his fans view them as real people.

7. Dennis Regan

Dennis Regan, a former “King of Queens” writer who hails from Miami, has a laid-back and avuncular comic presence. Usually Dennis performs as a headliner, but he sometimes opens for Brian Regan, his brother. Dennis’ observations about everyday life are sharp, unique, and expertly designed to wring the maximum laughter from crowds. When people watch him perform, they frequently laugh the way toddlers do — helplessly.

8. Bob Nelson

Bob Nelson, a protege of the great Red Skelton, is more than a comedian. He’s an all-around entertainer, one of a rare breed. During his shows, Bob transforms himself into a wide range of hysterical characters. His vocalizations and facial contortions are brilliant, and costumes, props, and rousing music help to complete the effect.

9. Bob Stromberg

Bob Stromberg has performed thousands of times and has consistently brought joy to crowds for more than three decades. His stories deal with topics that everyone can relate to, and he always tells them with precision and warmth. Moreover, it’s entirely possible that Bob’s hilarious description of his colonoscopy will comfort you the next time you’re due for this dreaded procedure.

10. Ron Pearson

Among the many distinctions that Ron Pearson has earned is a world record in juggling. And he brings the split-second timing of elite juggling to his stand-up comedy. Additionally, when you see Ron, you might feel as though you’ve seen him before. That’s because you probably have: He has made countless appearances in movies and on television shows including That 70s Show, The George Lopez Show, The Drew Carey Show, Two Guys and a Girl and Norm.

Which One of These Clean Comedians Caught Your Eye?

With or without foul language, funny is funny. Each one of the comedians mentioned in this article is proof that this is true.

If your event will include high-quality entertainment that is both safe and hilarious, it has all chances of being a huge success.

If you’re interested in hiring some of the best clean comedy performers in the world, get in touch with us online if you want to book any of the talented performers featured in this article.

We are a booking agency with years of experience under our belt. We manage a select pool of talents suited for different types of corporate or charity events.

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