Why We Love John Crist And You Will Too

john crist

Written by Tim Grable

April 6, 2017

Thousands of people have seen John Crist’s performances both live and on the Internet so far. Everybody loves his talent, his way of telling jokes and making fun about day-to-day topics.

If you have not heard about him by now, you are missing out on a lot.

John is young and hilarious, but he does not resort to insults to make his audience laugh. He keeps it clean. Thus his shows are perfect for almost all ages.

Read on to find out why everybody loves this clean comedian – and so should you!

Why We Love John Crist And You Will Too

John Crist’s Jokes about Homeschooling and the South

John’s career started off in a different way than most people would expect.

His childhood in the south, his big family and the fact John was homeschooled, undoubtedly shaped him and turned him into the Christian clean comedian we know today.

Even his first “performance” took place at Church. He was an announcer, but communicating useful information quickly turned into making jokes.

Then, John Crist’s first actual performance happened in 2009. His raw talent and pure passion helped him emerge as one of the funniest comedians out there.

Clean Christian Comedy for Any Audience

You will not see John’s comedy being offensive. His jokes are never about race, gender or religion. Sex and taboo topics are completely out of the question.

John Crist likes to keep it clean. In his shows, he talks a lot about his childhood and “problems” young people face nowadays. That is why he is performing in both private clubs and churches.

John loves to make people laugh, all people. We have got proof to back it up: he reached over 1 Billion views on Facebook and YouTube.

John is the Perfect Entertainer for Different Types of Events

First of all, John is a smart and talented comedian with great amounts of wit.  He can adapt to any audience, no matter the age, and strays from using foul language.

John Crist tours the country almost all the time. He loves doing shows at private clubs and church events, but that does not mean he does not like a challenge.

His humor is perfect for charities and fundraisers. Making your guests happy is a goal every organizer should strive to achieve. Additionally, John’s jokes are clean and safe enough for audiences of all ages.

Are you planning a corporate party? Your guests can even bring their children along to your corporate event; they will have a good time as well.

John has performed so far for the following corporations:

  • Microsoft,
  • GE,
  • American Family Insurance,
  • HP Computers,
  • Lexus.

Want to Hire John Crist?

Don’t worry; John never tries to convince people to join his religion. He just tells funny stories about going to Church as a kid. His show is not about judging people, but about his entertaining them. He makes it suitable for people with different beliefs as well.

John was part of some of the biggest events in the world, like ‘Live at Gotham,’ ‘Burbank Comedy Festival’ or ‘Louie Anderson’s Larger Than Life Las Vegas Comedy Show.’

To book him for your next event, you should just contact us online.

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