Finding The Perfect Work Christmas Party Ideas using Holiday Entertainment

Work Christmas Party Ideas Holiday Entertainment

Written by Tim Grable

March 9, 2017

Work Christmas Party Ideas Holiday EntertainmentCongratulations! You have been chosen to run the annual office Christmas party. First, don’t panic! Take a deep breath and talk to your co-worker to gain viable work Christmas party ideas.  When you plan your holiday party, hiring the right entertainer can be a daunting task. You should not hire an artist without much forethought.

It would help if you booked a comedian that everyone enjoyed listening and laughing to. You also want comics that are versatile and can perform a variety of holiday entertainment to keep your co-workers entertained and happy. 

Holiday party vary depending on the environment and space you have. For instance, if you are planning to have your work Christmas party at the office, you’ll need to plan the event differently than if you’re planning to hold the event in a larger venue. The entertainers featured below provide a wide range of activities from stand-up comedy shows to sand painting.

Holiday Entertainment is the Best Christmas Party Ideas

If you are looking for unique work christmas party ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Are you looking for an excellent comedian for your next holiday party? Do you want to have people laughing, but are unsure who might be suitable for the more conservative or prudish guests?   Hiring a comedian or a magician is one of the most exciting ways to celebrate the holiday season. These professionals will capture the interest of any crowd. You will virtually see the stress of the year melting off your colleagues as they laugh as hard as they possibly can. Work problems will disappear, and good times will roll in. Laughter has that kind of effect on people.  Good Christmas entertainment can be hard to come by. Wow, your colleagues by doing something they never expected. 

Some of the Best Work Christmas Party Ideas

Understanding The Wife's Code. Jeff Allen - Full Special

Jeff Allen has more than four decades of experience delivering clean comedy to audiences of all sizes and interests. You might recognize Jeff from his star role in Apostles of Comedy or his feature in Thou Shalt Laugh. Jeff’s routines often center around life lessons, allowing audiences to appreciate the humor that surrounds us in daily living. Jeff’s clean comedic style makes him a popular comedic choice for holiday entertainment.

Comedian Tom Cotter Sizzle Reel 2019

Recognized nationwide as a finalist on America’s Got Talent, Tom Cotter will have your guests gasping for air as he delivers line after line of side-clutching humor. Tom has quickly become a familiar face in American comedy with appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and NBC’s Today Show. With non-stop laughs and real audience engagement, it is easy to understand the momentum behind Tom’s quickly rising popularity.

Sarcastic Humor - Comedian Keith Alberstadt

Nashville-born Keith Alberstadt discovered his love for making others laugh early on in life. A die-hard Vandy fan, Keith began his professional career as a sideline announcer for the football team’s radio broadcasts before pursuing a career as a comedian. Keith now dishes out witty sarcasm to audiences worldwide, with features on Last Comic Standing and The Late Show with David Letterman. He has also contributed his work to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and SNL’s Weekend Update. With experience, entertaining audiences of all interests, Keith’s comedy offers something for every guest.

Adam Trent: 2020 TV reel for Magic

Adam Trent delivers comedy with a twist, performing magic tricks intertwined with hard-hitting humor. Adam first learned the art of maintaining an audience’s attention span when he began street performing at the young age of 14. Now Trent keeps his large corporate audiences engaged with his hilarious magic routine. Adam prides himself on his ability to connect with his audience, a skill he finds most important in delivering a memorable and entertaining routine, and talent that has made him a top choice entertainer.

Your First Colonoscopy. Bob Stromberg

Bob Stromberg has been described as a genuinely funny man with comedic routines focused on a deeper understanding of what it means to be human. Bob has performed stand-up for audiences worldwide, and he co-wrote and starred in the theatrical comedy megahit, Triple Espresso. Centering on the importance of accepting responsibility for one’s work and one’s self, Bob delivers a message to nurture employees to become better people, leading to overall business success, making Bob’s routine both entertaining and beneficial for corporate audiences.

Performing Comedy In The Weirdest Places. Robert G. Lee

If you do not recognize Robert G. Lee from his feature on the cover of the Wall Street Journal, you might know him from his performances on Dry Bar Comedy, VH-1 Stand Up Spotlight or Comedy Express. Regarded in the Hollywood entertainment industry as a top warm-up comic, Robert’s on-stage experience enables him to engage large, diverse audiences of all interests.

Comedy Magician Dana Daniels - 6min Promo

Dana Daniels is a clean comedian magician, making him a popular choice for church groups and corporate events. Experienced at delivering his routine for corporate crowds, Dana engages his audience with rapid-fire humor, audience participation, and mind-bending magic tricks. Dana offers a genuinely memorable routine, and audiences have fallen in love with Dana and his sidekick, Luigi, a bright green psychic parrot who performs atop Dana’s shoulder.

Danny Browning Demo

Danny Browning has years of experience delivering memorable shows at corporate events and fundraisers, and he has shared the stage with some of the comedy’s most prominent names like Louis C.K. and Jim Norton. Born in Southern Indiana, a country boy at heart, Danny relates to his audiences by explaining the difficulties of daily life through the lens of pure comedy. Danny’s experience entertaining audiences of different interests has made him skilled at delivering a stand-up routine that is both engaging and tailored to the benefit of each unique audience.

Disneyland - Joe Castillo

Joe Castillo works wonders with sand creating pictures that seem to pop out on screen. Called “Sand Story,” Joe works with a light board, sand, and his fingers to create images that are projected on a screen. Some work Christmas party ideas could include stories while Joe creates the images on the screen.

I'm Not Real. Taylor Mason

Taylor Mason brings a lot to the table. He is a comedian, puppeteer, and musician. He manages to combine those in a way that is hilarious and not kitschy. His lyrics are as funny as his stand-up. With Taylor, you get the full entertainment package.  A ventriloquist that uses a variety of materials, Taylor Mason, makes ordinary his puppets come alive. He also is a great comedian and accomplished pianist. He also specializes in contemporary themes to makes audiences laugh.

Wives Talk Too Much. Daren Streblow - Full special

Longtime radio host and stand-up comedian Daren Streblow is a master of subtle humor and timing. He seems to see the world just a bit differently than most of us and has a way of finding those little things in everyday life that make us all laugh. He is at home with any sized audience, large or small.  Daren’s talents lie in the observational outlook on life. Daren Streblow works to customize his routines to ensure that everyone can see the humor without feeling offended by his remarks. His clean, positive comedy is a hit with all ages, from teens to the elderly.

Paul Aldrich is Pure Comedy

An accomplished guitar player and writer, Paul Aldrich wows audiences with his unique take on people. Paul specializes in creating inspirational parodies and customized songs for both corporate and church events.

Comedian Brad Trackman - Demo

Brad Trackman is making the rounds. This New Yorker has told his jokes on The Late Late Night Show, Gotham Comedy Live, and NY Comedy Festival. His clean delivery and relevant style make his audiences sit up and listen.


You’ve seen this guy before. Jimmy Dunn has a recurring role on the TV show The McCarthys. You might have seen him when she started in Massachusetts slinging comedy in exchange for beer and fried clams. Alternatively, maybe you’ve seen one of his performances, like the one on The David Letterman Show or Comedy All-Stars. Either way, his comedy makes you feel like you are visiting with an old friend.

James Gregory - Lottery

Now here is a seasoned professional. James Gregory is the Funniest man in America. His style of humor is down-home and real – you either know someone who would say some of the things Gregory says or you would. Moreover, James is funny. Oh, is he funny? He’ll make you laugh harder than you expected to.

Scott Wood - Impressions

Scott Wood is most famous for his uncanny celebrity impressions. With over 300 impressions such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and John Travolta, Scott Wood will have audiences doubled over in laughter. Scott Wood is a full-time comedian with a laundry list of television and corporate function appearances. With more laughs-per-minute than any other comedian, Wood’s comedy is practically lethal.

Todd Oliver - Funny Dog Trailer

With over 35 years of experience and many notable television appearances such as “Late Show with David Letterman” and “America’s Got Talent,” this ventriloquist/comedian will not fail to put a smile on people’s faces. He constantly tours the United States and has appeared in venues such as The Magic Castle in Los Angeles and the Luxor in Las Vegas. Make sure to plan your holiday party so that his dogs have a chance to interact with your party guests. His innovative act involves both dummies, and live dogs – Oliver creates the illusion of talking dogs! When he is not busy entertaining an audience, you can find Oliver at his ranch wit his family and his many animal friends.

comedians, that will turn your holiday party into an unforgettable experience that your guests will talk about for many years to come. No one will leave you event without a smile.  Comedy has a calming effect on people. They walk away feeling refreshed and new. Be the person who brings that to the office. If you are looking for Christmas party ideas for work that are different and outside the box, hire a different kind of entertainer. Hire a comedian or a magician for your holiday entertainment and let the laughter begin.

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