10 Amazing Magicians That Will Take Your Guests by Surprise

Steven Brundage

Written by Tim Grable

October 31, 2018

Magic acts are one of the most popular methods of entertainment. A good magic trick can make people believe anything can be possible.  Many of us have been fascinated with magic during childhood. So even in adulthood, magic is still a fascinating subject. 

The performers featured in this article were so fascinated by magic growing up, that they decided to make a career out of it.  Now, they are amazing magicians who entertain audiences from around the world with their dazzling display of mind-boggling tricks, mentalism, and baffling illusions.

This type of entertainment is exactly what you want for your event because not only it will make your audience fall in love with a professional magician right away, but they will also want to discuss the show after it is over.

If you want to take your guests by surprise and offer them a one of a kind experience, then you’re in luck!

In the following article, we will showcase magicians you can hire for your next event – and you can be sure your guests will look forward to seeing them.

Curious to learn more about them? Keep reading.

Amazing Magicians Which Will Make the Audience Say WOW!

1. Rick Smith, Jr.

Quite appropriately called a “Jack-of-all-trades,” Rick Smith Jr. lives up to this moniker through his feat of mentalism, stage shows, and his iconic card throwing trick.

He managed to take the trick to new heights by achieving 3 Guinness World Records – for throwing a playing card the further than anyone ever could.

He appeared live on America’s Got Talent, showcasing a stern and confident personality that was bound to win the audience’s heart.

Ever since, Rick has made appearances on The Tonight Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he makes the audience members rub their eyes in disbelief as he performs mesmerizing card tricks. They can’t believe it!

Rick Smith, Jr. Amazing Magicians Which Will Make the Audience Say WoW

Rick’s act isn’t based on magic alone. He carefully combines it with humor and a dose of motivational speaking which grants him the public’s undivided attention.

2. Eric Jones

Eric Jones was a semifinalist on America’s Got Talent season 12. Before performing on AGT, he was a contestant on Season 2 of Penn & Teller: Fool Us, where he managed to trick the two magic masters.

Eric is now a popular name in the world of magic thanks to the fact he is extremely talented at mind-blowing audiences with his close-up magic tricks.

He can make coins and cards disappear in an instant, which is what makes him a master of illusions and an amazing entertainer.

Here’s a teaser which will leave you wanting to see more of him.

Eric Jones: 60 Second Promo

3. Puck

The Magic of Puck - America's Got Talent-Semi-Finals 2012 AGT

Puck is a combination comedy magician and hypnotist from Florida but is a native New Yorker. Puck’s act is divided into two parts; comedy magic and comedy hypnosis. His original routine with Hoppy the parrot took him all over the world and won him a prestigious 1st place at the World Magic Summit in Washington, DC. He was also a semi-finalist on season 7 of America’s Got Talent and he is one of the regular amazing magicians on Monday Night Magic.

4. Bill Arnold

Bill Arnold- Corporate Magic

Bill Arnold is a celebrated comedian, comic magician, and emcee based out of Minneapolis. He has performed from New York to London and were the co-writer and co-star of Triple Espresso. Bill entertained audiences for seventeen years as Buzz Maxwell in the “highly caffeinated comedy”. Bill is available for corporate events, keynote speaking, fundraising, and corporate theater. The corporate show is a great way to engage employees by bringing them into the act and sending them off with a powerful message.

5. Justin Flom

Justin Flom's Incredible Magic

Justin Flom is both a musician and a magician. Break-dancing animals and hilarious musical remakes are just a few tricks up Justin’s sleeve. He has visited The Ellen Degeneres Show and boasted over 5 million views on YouTube. He has appeared on MTV and the Today Show. Justin has performed all over the world and was a winner of The Peoples Choice Award at the International Magic Fest in Malaysia.

6. Jason Michaels

Jason Michaels - Demo

Jason Michaels is a premier corporate entertainer and of of the amazing magicians who has performed for Walmart, FedEx and Bank of America, just to name a few. He has also entertained college audiences and taken his act to cruise lines. Jason is a comedic and skilled illusionist. His humor and brilliance will leave the most sophisticated audiences enlivened and inspired.

7. Adam Trent

An Incredible iPhone Illusion

Adam Trent is electrifying audiences with energy and wonder. Trent’s energetic performances combine music, magic, and comedy into one innovative show. Factor in his charismatic stage presence and talent for working the crowd – Trent is a star on any stage.  Adam Trent is A Small Venue Entertainer of the Year winner and the highest-rated live entertainer for both Celebrity and Disney Cruise Lines. He has performed for such companies as State Farm, Time Warner Cable, McDonald’s, American Airlines, and many others. Adam sincerely believes that magic should be humorous and entertaining. GP4T magazine wrote, “Adam Trent is best described as Justin Timberlake meets David Copperfield”. All ages will enjoy Adams good, clean, comedic approach to magic.

8. David Ben

David Ben doubles as both a magician and a consultant. As odd as this combination might seem, David has found a way to make it work.

He has noticed that many businesses lack the knowledge on how to deal with conflict efficiently. David attempts to bridge this gap by educating leaders and entrepreneurs on how to anticipate problems or prevent them from ever happening.

David Ben

You might ask, where role does magic play in all of this. Well, David uses it as a platform to better communicate his message.

It also serves as an excellent and entertaining method to present his ideas, as people are more receptive to new information when it’s delivered in a friendly manner.

9. David Goldrake

David Goldrake is a top magician who can create a one of a kind show for his audience. He is a regular headliner for some of the most prestigious clubs in Las Vegas and has even performed for celebrities and Fortune 500 companies.

David Goldrake

David’s performances harken back to the old days of magic shows. The type performed by the great Harry Houdini, where amazing magicians in slick tuxedos would perform all sorts of dangerous stunts.

David even does the classic trick where one of his gorgeous assistants would go in a box, which he would proceed to puncture with spears. And as he slides in the last spear, David reveals that the assistant is no longer in the box.

How did he do it? Of course, a magician will never reveal his tricks!

10. Walt Anthony

Walt Anthony is a magician who will genuinely turn your event into a memorable experience.

He combines stage show magic with the art of storytelling. Also, through this unusual combination, Walt manages to create a very narrative-driven show for the audience – it’s as if they’re listening to a magical ceremony.

It’s crucial to note that Walt is also a very skillful motivational speaker, his stories and magic tricks, often serving as a medium in which he presents more substantial information.

Walt’s show is highly entertaining and educative, being very rich in content. He is an exciting performer, and his magic performances are a trip through the fantastic.

Your guests will be amused and amazed throughout the entirety of his performance because, with Walt, there’s never a dull moment.

Hire Some Amazing Magicians for Your Event

The magicians featured in this article don’t just rely on smoke and mirrors. They are incredibly talented performers with a knack for getting the best reactions out of their audience.

You may be impressed by what you’ve read about the corporate magicians from this article, but their real merit comes from what they can perform on stage!

If you are looking to book the magicians featured in this article or you’re looking for other types of performers, then we’ll gladly assist you.

Just call 615 283 0039 or browse our catalog for more information!

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