7 of the Most Astonishing Magic Acts for Your Next Event

Giovanni Livera Astonishing Magic Acts

Written by Courtney Grable

October 28, 2018

Entertainment is one of the best ways to make your next event stand out from the rest and create a memorable experience that will delight guests.  However, choosing an entertainer who can rise to expectations is not always easy.

Booking a magician can be very beneficial for your event. For starters, magic is one of the most compelling forms of entertainment, and it’s bound to have quite a lot of success among the audience.

In the following article, we have featured some of the best magicians we think will put on some of the most amazing magic acts. Not convinced yet, then be sure to read on further!

What’s Your Next Event?

Is it a Trade Show? Appreciation Event? Maybe a Product Launch? Well, whatever it is, we’re sure you want to make it majestic and magical, and what better way to do that than with Astonishing Magic Acts? But who to choose, there are so many options! Well, we’ve gone ahead and saved you the time and trouble of searching and googling and reviewing ads and such by compiling a list of the top seven magic acts for any event. What’s even better? They all have their own special and unique take on the timeless trade of magic. From The Sacred Riana to Eric Jones to Adam Trent, there is no doubt in our minds that your next event will exceed expectations on the entertainment charts. So what are you waiting for? Prepare to be amazed at talent and pizzazz!

7 Astonishing Magic Acts You Can Hire

Sacred Rhiana, Three Astonishing Magic Acts for Your Next Event

Halsey meets magic in this spectacular show for your next event. That’s right, it’s The Sacred Riana, and she’s here to chill your bones and thrill your instincts. Her dark and ominous aura intrigues many people, but only those whose minds are open to seeing her abilities will be able to appreciate the full Sacred Riana experience. From her black clothes and hair to her silence on and off stage, there is no doubt she has a sort of connection with the other world. Her stage presence is enough to captivate and seize the audience into a hushed trance, something unbelievably rare for any event. However, never underestimate the power of silence, as she progresses to do magical, and supernatural things onstage. Whatever your event may be, Rhiana is no doubt one of the best options if you want to captivate and thrill everyone involved.

Okay, so maybe you want a lighter approach to magic for your event. After all, Rhiana is probably not the best choice for events such as a wedding or anniversary. So, here’s another wonderful choice…Eric Jones! That’s right, one of the top magicians from NBC’s hit show, America’s Got Talent. Jones takes the classic entertainment of magic and turns it into a masterpiece of the 21st century. As he adds digital effects that never fail to captivate the audience every time. He’ll perform classic magic tricks with cards but put his own twist on them. Then, he’ll perform magical illusions that will leave you wondering, how exactly did he do that? There is no telling what the final trick will be because he mixes up his tricks to tailor your event. That’s right, you’re special! Anyways, no matter what the event, we’re confident that you will never walk away from any of his magic disappointed, well…except for when it’s over.

So, are you still not sure if you’ve found the perfect magician for your event? Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve saved one of the best for last…Adam Trent! You may have seen him on The Today Show or The Ellen DeGeneres Show, just to name a few. That’s right, Trent is sort of a big deal in the entertainment industry. But why? Well, that question can be answered quite simply. Through the combination of classic card tricks and digital technology, Adam Trent creates a mind-blowing union of magic and excitement that blows the audience away every time. Watch as he turns a regular deck of fifty-two cards and turns them into a beautiful piece of artwork as the perfect song plays in the background. Experience the world of magic as it was meant to be seen. Don’t believe us? Go check him out for yourself and you will see why he is one of the most astonishing magic acts.

Adam Christing Amazing Magic Acts

Adam Christing is one of the most revered magicians in the industry. He’s a restless entertainer, having performed over 3.000 venues across his entire career.

Having such a high number of shows under his belt has made Adam a legend in the corporate world, making him a favorite performer with both the client and audience.

He started performing professionally from a very early age, as he was 17 when he became part of the prestigious Magic Castle, a private magicians’ club from Hollywood. Ever since his career took off, Adam went on to perform on radio shows, television specials, and numerous venues.

He performs incredible acts of mentalism, such as guessing games and mind reading.  Adam goes out of his way to add moments of humor, making his shows a complete entertainment experience and one the most amazing magic acts to see.

Giovanni Livera Astonishing Magic Acts

Giovanni Livera is the type of entertainer your audience will come to adore. Giovanni is mainly a magician, but calling him just that would be an understatement.

He is a variety performer, being able to switch between magic to public speaking with ease. It’s hard to put his show into words because it’s best to be there in person and to see it for yourself.

Fusing both magic and motivational speaking gives his shows a fascinating dynamic, making them some of the most fantastic magic acts you’ll see.

Imagine he delivers a soaring speech while performing a set of close-up magic tricks. All of this keeps the audience more attentive to what he’s saying.

Dennis Kyriakos

Dennis Kyriakos is a unique performer, bringing some of the most elaborate magic shows across the entire U.S. He has performed on numerous types of events around the country.

As an entertainer, he has a particular type of allure on stage, managing to capture the audience’s attention through his sheer presence. Not to mention the fact that the tricks he performs are an absolute show-stealer.

And for good reasons, as his masterful display of close-up magic and illusions leave the audience speechless. Notably, his signature mind-reading routine is an audience favorite.

To get an idea of just how much of an accomplished performer he is, Dennis has been recognized as “Best of the Industry” by the Silicon Valley National Association for Catering and Events.

Justin Flom has been seen on “Late Late Show,” WWE weekly telecast, NBC’s “Today Show,” “The Ellen Degeneres Show” and The World’s Best.

Justin Flom is a top American magician, and you may also know him from his show called “Wizard Wars,” in which he performs magic using ordinary objects.

Justin also performs live, either with his show or an open act.  Justin has been touring with Country Superstars Florida Georgia Line and creating magic for other celebrities and companies, such as:

  • Coca-Cola
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Lady Antebellum
  • John Legend
  • Nick Jonas
  • and Chrissy Teigen.

Justin also made quite an impression as a contestant on The World’s Best, where he presented a set of incredible card tricks that left the show audience utterly-stunned.

His magic is something you need to see to believe, so make sure to watch the video below to get a better grasp of what he can do on stage.

Take Your Event to the Next Level by Booking one of these Amazing Magic Acts

What now? Aren’t you ready for more than just sixth-grade magic shows? Aren’t you ready for a real magician to captivate and inspire you? But who will it be? The supernatural Sacred Rhiana, who awes the audience to silence as she steals away their grip on reality the moment she steps onstage. What about exciting Eric Jones who adds a twist on the classic act of magic? Or even the futuristic Adam Trent, with his timeless card tricks, meets the digital age? The point is, no matter what the event is, we’re confident you will have no trouble finding your perfect fit magician.

If you feel like your event isn’t up to par with your expectations, then why not take it to the next level?

To do that, you can book one of these magicians to provide your guests with quality entertainment, and the results will be positive. So what are you waiting for? Check out these astonishing magic acts out at The Grable Group today! All you have to do is call us at (615) 283-0039, and we will help you with the arrangements!  Or feel free to browse through our extensive portfolio, featuring top magicians, speakers, comedians, and musicians. You’ll find more options there.


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