Meet 17 Of The Best Corporate Magicians In The Industry (2020 edition)

The Evasons

Written by Tim Grable

April 30, 2019

If you’ve heard rumors about magic being quite a craze nowadays – well, we can confirm they’re 100% true. In recent years, people are aching to see magic being performed live

If you want your event to resonate with your guests, then you need to offer them something extraordinary. Finding the right performer for that isn’t an easy task.

Rest assured because we have exactly what you need. If you’d like to feature a magic show at your event, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s Take A Look At The Best Corporate Magicians In The Industry

We’ll showcase 17 of the top corporate magicians who will click with your audience.  Be sure to give this article an attentive read because you will surely not want to miss the chance to work with them.

1. The Evasons

To understand The Evasons, you need to understand the history behind their act.

During the 19th century, there were a few couples of professional magicians and tricksters who put on a performance called Second Sight.

The Evasons, Meet 15 Of The Best Corporate Magicians In The Industry

The Evasons

At its core, it is a mentalism act which has one of the magicians act as a medium, being able to read minds and even to tell the future.

And, that’s what Jeff and Tessa Evason bring to the audiences. They interpret a modern version of Second Sight, where Tessa would act as a medium and Jeff would be the showman.

During their entire performance, they will wow people in the audience with how incredibly accurate their predictions are. In the end, people will be like, “how did they do that?”.2.

2. Jon Dorenbos

A former NFL player, Jon is even better-known as an America’s Got Talent competitor. His outstanding sleight-of-hand tricks, coupled with his easygoing humor have charmed the American audience who got him all through to the 3rd place.

Part of this success is Jon’s highly interactive approach to his acts. The spectators can never catch a break; their attention is busy with following Jon’s hands as they are shuffling the cards so that they do not miss any of his moves.

So if one needs even more proof that he is a master of delivering interactive, TV-worthy acts, it is worth knowing he has entertained the audience of The Ellen Show (and not just once). Just recently, in March, he presented his latest tricks – watch this and decide whether you would like it at your event:

3. Oz Pearlman

America’s Got Talent season 10’s 3rd place finalist is another magician who knows how to put together an audience-pleasing interactive sensation.

Right from the get-go, Oz came on the show to ‘freak everyone out’, as he stated in his first AGT interview. So this is what he did throughout his time on the show – leaving everyone in disbelief and bewilderment.

Once people see him on stage, they will be sucked in a performance which is masterfully executed and brimming with interactive bits, self-deprecating humor, and great flow. Here’s one of the most exquisitely constructed acts Oz presented on AGT:

4. Rick Smith, Jr.

America’s Got Talent is the perfect source for finding new ways of expression and entertainment. Card throwing, for instance, is something most people learned about once they saw Rick Smith, Jr. presenting it on season 5 of the show.

Rick’s audition had everyone involved in the performance as soon as he started testing his abilities with the audience. Everyone was eager to see whether Rick was able to throw a card as farther away as the camera guy at the back of the hall. Here’s the proof he did:

5. John Pullum

Less mysterious, yet entertaining all the way, that’s John Pullum.

He is a mentalist who has been in the game for well over 25 years. In all this time, he has developed a comedy style he can pretty much call his own. What he offers is motivational entertainment.

John Pullum

If you think you’ve heard of him or his brand of humor before, then you’re right. John has been the host of many TV shows from History Channel and Discovery Channel.

He believes magic and comedy should go hand in hand. Not only yet, but they should also both be channeled to serve to reinforce people’s morale, in an almost therapeutic way.

Also, John doesn’t do this through any hocus pocus. He relies on his wits and sense of humor, and the people love it.

6. Craig Karges

If you want a performer who builds up suspense and creates an enticing atmosphere, then Craig is one of the best professional magicians to hire.

He is a masterclass among corporate magicians – he aims to expand the knowledge of his audience and to have them entertained throughout the entire process.

Craig Karges

With Craig on stage, things tend to take a turn towards the extraordinary. Usually, a magician doesn’t reveal his secret, but with Craig, there is no secret.

All he needs is his persuasive nature and his mastery of mentalism tricks. With just these skills, he can change people’s minds – or, depending on the situation, actually read them.

7. Khevin Barnes

Khevin Barnes is an incredible performer with a multitude of talents. He’s an entertainment heavyweight with many years of experience on stage. His signature act is his fusion between motivational speaking and magic.

Meet 3 Of The Best Corporate Magicians In The Industry

On stage, he performs amazing magic tricks which will leave the audience stunned. Also, as it is customary among the best corporate magicians, his entire performance is meant to educate and empower his listeners.

To understand Khevin better, it’s essential to know a bit more about his life story. He has been in the entertainment industry for well over 35 years and was looking forward to retiring at some point.

At 64 years old, he was diagnosed with male breast cancer. This kind of news is disastrous. However, Khevin managed to pull through. This miraculous event served as a great inspiration for him.

It was such a life-changing moment; it reignited his passion for performing on stage and helped him reinvent his entire career.

Nowadays, he’s very outspoken about his incursion with cancer and is keen on spreading awareness and empowering others who are going through a similar battle.

8. Don Bryan

Don Bryan might very well be one of the best corporate magicians in the industry. He has been performing tirelessly for the past 30 years, and his show is a sight to behold.

Being able to remain relevant to the audiences for such a long time is no easy task. Don managed to do this successfully.

Perhaps, the reason behind his flourishing career is his versatility and willingness to combine multiple styles of entertainment.

Don Bryan

First and foremost, Don is a ventriloquist. He is not afraid to mix this craft with other forms of entertainment, such as stand-up comedy and magic.

Before every show, Don researches his clients, his audience and he knows what type of humor he should approach and what tricks to perform.

Besides that, he’s never alone on stage. As a ventriloquist, Don also has a set of three puppets which have become well-known among his audience.

In that case, regardless of the performance, Don and his animated assistants will bring joy to everyone watching.

9. Tom Coverly

Tom Coverly is a professional comedian with a knack for performing elaborate magic tricks and illusions on stage. However, what sets Tom apart from other corporate magicians is his unique approach to performing.

He doesn’t go on stage to impress people; he is set on educating them. His goal is to help the audience overcome adversity and to better themselves along the way.

The illusions he performs serve as a metaphor for the “greater illusions” people are confronted with on a day-to-day basis. These are obstacles everyone can encounter – fear, distrust, and self-doubt.

Tom Coverly

During his performance, Tom captures the audience’s attention and helps them recover their self-worth and confidence. After watching his show, people will walk off completely changed for the better.

10. Dana Daniels

Dana Daniels is a classic performer who adds new twists to magic. Dana once awed Howie Mandel with a trick using Howie’s twenty dollar bill on national television. Dana has been awarded Comedy Magician of the Year and is a two-time winner of the Stage Magician of the Year Award, all from the Academy of Magical Arts. He is also a recipient of the Jimmy Durante award. Dana has had the privilege of performing for McDonald’s, Frito-Lay, and Lincoln Financial.  Dana combines magic and comedy in his unique and multifaceted routine. With help from audience volunteers and his assistant, Luigi the psychic parrot, Dana impresses his audience with card tricks and antics while keeping up a witty sense of humor all throughout. His performance has earned him the title of comedian magician of the year.

Dana Daniels has a sense of humor that appeals to everyone. He does not use demeaning tactics for the audience’s amusement, and he does not perform any blood and gore shock tricks. He relies rather on his wit and his cute parrot perched at his side to bring his humor to life in his magic tricks. This allows the audience a truly enjoyable show time and time again making Dana Daniels magic a must have at your next event.

11. Adam Trent

Adam Trent is a magician, illusionist, musician and comedian who is guaranteed to leave his audience in stitches! Featured as himself on Disney’s Shake It Up, Adam has enjoyed worldwide success, performing in 19 countries and enjoying hits on the Billboard Charts. Incorporating his many talents in music and audience participation, Adam Trent is a crowd pleaser who is sure to provide feel good, quality entertainment for any group or event.

Fun for all age groups and he will have the people in the audience feeling valued and included. No questionable antics or shocking visuals here to run folks off. Just good valuable entertainment for your enjoyment to make your event the place to be. Dana Daniels is the perfect speaker to help host anything from corporate events to charitable fundraisers.

12. Magician Neo

Magician Neo is a world-renowned magician who specializes in creating very elaborate acts of mentalism and intricate illusions. He is a highly skilled performer and has a compelling stage presence.

Magician Neo

Magician Neo was born in Seoul, Korea, and has dabbled in magic from a very young age. Over the course of his entire childhood, he has practiced relentlessly and eventually decided to take up magic as a career.

At the age of 16, his enthusiasm leads him to study acting, directing, and backstage production. Moreover, all these skills that he acquired gave him the confidence to start performing professionally.

His career began with him performing local shows which eventually branched out into a fully-fledged tour across the entire country. By 2009, he took his magic show outside Korea and began to perform internationally.

Nowadays, he is a very sought after performer, and his style of close-up magic is a perfect fit for corporate audiences. He is one of the best corporate magicians you can hire for your event!

13. Christian Ford

Christian Ford is often hailed as a pioneer of “the next generation of magic.” He has been appreciated for his different approach to magic, a fact which has brought him a lot of fame and notoriety across the entire industry.

The reason behind his surge in popularity is his unusual way of performing magic, combining it with a hefty dose of stand-up comedy. This brings an exciting twist to his performance, making it fresh and very entertaining to watch.

His critically acclaimed magic act has lead him to perform sold-out shows to audiences worldwide. A few of his notable shows include him headlining The Venetian and Treasure Island Hotels & Casinos in Las Vegas.

Christian Ford

He has even performed on America’s Got Talent, managing to showcase his talents to television audiences and internet users across the entire world.

Hiring Christian to perform at your event will prove to be a great decision, and your guests will fall in love with his keen sense of humor!

14. Gene Turner

Gene Turner is regarded as the U.S’s friendliest pickpocket, being a very cheerful figure which teaches his guest how to prevent thievery, while performing live disappearing tricks.

Gene first started pursuing magic as a hobby, all the way back in the ’70s. He used his skills to impress clients at his job, and when he saw the effects of his work, he realized it has the potential to become something big.

During the ’80s, he was confident enough to pursue magic as a full-time career, and it proved to be a very successful venture for him.

Gene Turner a professional magicians

Nowadays, Gene is one of the best corporate magicians in the field who has adapted his performance to address contemporary issues, such as identity theft and swindling.

His shows are an ingenious fusion between motivational speaking and traditional magic. So add in the fact Gene is quite the hilarious showman and you get the recipe for a truly unforgettable performance.

15. Piff the Magic Dragon

Piff the Magic Dragon brings a performance unlike any other with his blend of stand-up comedy and magic tricks. With his bright green dragon suit and faithful dog, Mr. Piffles, Piff wows audiences with card tricks and stunning illusions while cracking goofy jokes and witty one-liners. Piff’s performance would be an evening to remember.

16. Justin Flom

Justin Flom is an associate producer and stars alongside Penn and Teller on SyFy’s hit television show Wizard Wars, where he showcases his charismatic style and high-quality material. Flom has appeared on shows like Ellen and The Today Show, where he continues to win new fans over with both his magical material and his magical personality.

17. Collins Key

Collins makes you ask how. He’ll make you say it out loud, make you think about it later when you get home. Moreover, try as you might you will not be able to figure it out. He is a new face introduced by America’s Got Talent and is bringing it.

Hire The Best Corporate Magic for Your Event

Magic is a very popular choice of entertainment for corporate events. Also, for good reasons, because it stands out from other forms of entertainment, making your event something truly unique.

If you are interested in offering your guests a magical experience, then you’ll need the help of professional magicians. So we luckily, we know the best corporate magicians out there.

We hope this article helped you get more acquainted with these incredible performers and helped shed a bit more light on how corporate magicians can make your event incredibly interesting. We can assure you that your guests will love to see them live on stage

If you were impressed by the professional magicians that we featured here, then why not book them to perform at your next events?

The audience will love to see them perform, and you can be sure all eyes will be on the stage.

In that case, why not book their services? If you’re interested in doing so, then call us at (615) 283-0039, and we will gladly assist you further!

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