Our Top Picks for the Best Magicians You Can Hire This Year

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Written by Tim Grable

October 22, 2018

Magic today involves more than just a few cool tricks and pulling a rabbit out of a hat. It has evolved to include some of the most outstanding performances one can imagine.

The chances are that the guests at your event have seen traditional magic in the past, so that’s why you should aim to present them with something different.

For that, you want to get the best magicians you can hire; magicians who stand out from the rest with their outside-the-box brand of magic.

So the entertainers featured in this article perfectly fit that description.

Our Top Picks for the Best Magicians You Can Hire This Year

1. Adam Trent

Known for being one of the stars of the box office success “The Illusionist,” Adam Trent is what many would call a jack-of-all-trades.

His show is part-concert, part-comedy, part-magic and 100% entertainment. He has made appearances on highly acclaimed shows such as Good Morning America, Ellen, where he gave the audience a glimpse of his mesmerizing performance.

He adds a bit of music and comedy to diversify the entire show and engage the audience. His charisma, along with his high-energy attitude and overall comedic tone of his performance makes him very popular among audiences of all ages.

It’s undeniable that Adam is one of the best magicians you can hire if you want your attendants to have some fun. Better yet, why not watch him perform and see for yourself?

Click on the following video to see Adam Trent perform on the Megyn Kelly Today show:

2. Colin Cloud

Known worldwide as the “Modern-day Sherlock Holmes,” Colin Cloud has been making waves with his outstanding mentalist act. He first started out doing comedy shows in England and quickly rose up to win magic festivals.

Soon his mind-reading tricks were leading to sold-out shows. Eventually, Colin’s rise to stardom led him to appear on the 2017 edition of America’s Got Talent.

During the auditions, he introduced himself as The Human Lie Detector and put on a show where he predicted the audience’s guesses and judges’ intentions in a highly complex mentalism act.

Everyone was impressed beyond measure, and Colin made it further into the next rounds all the way up until the semi-finals, which saw one of his most elaborate performances yet.

You can see it for yourself by clicking the following video – and better understand why he is one of the best magicians you can hire:

3. Eric Jones

Eric Jones is the type of AGT magician which never ceases to amaze the audience. He uses everyday items to create elaborate or mind-bending illusions. Furthermore, his sleight of hand is unmatched in today’s magic scene.

He had a successful run during the 2017 edition of NBC’s America’s Got Talent, where he made it all the way up until the semi-finals.

He has performed magic shows for companies such as State Farm and Coca-Cola. His show is perfect for the corporate environment, and his enthralling performances will impress even the biggest disbelievers in magic. 

Anything becomes a magic item if it’s in Eric’s hands. He proved this time and time again during his many magic shows performed around the entire world.  For a thrilling, exciting evening of entertainment dueling magicians Clash of the Conjurors might be for you.  It is the greatest show. The night of all nights.

Get a taste of Eric’s magic performance by clicking on the following video:

Find the Best Magicians You Can Hire This Year!

The magicians featured in this article are some of the most outstanding performers of this year and audiences can’t get enough of them. This can only mean that high-quality magic is a public’s favorite.

If you’re interested in booking a magician for your event, then call 615 283 0039, and we will gladly assist you!

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