Book One of These AGT Illusionists if You Want to Leave Your Guests in Awe

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Written by Tim Grable

April 1, 2018

Long gone are the days when magicians only needed magic tricks to have their audiences spellbound.

Now, they need an entire skillset to do so: stage presence, humor, audience profiling or other talents (like ventriloquism or musical skills).

To illustrate this complex magician, we can refer to AGT illusionists because they are the ones who need to come up with intricate, camera-friendly and instantly hooking concepts. What’s best, their performances have been tested and validated, time and time again, by the American public who voted them through because they wanted to see more.

Joel Meyers

Our list debuts with a master of performative versatility who is known to possess several stage attributes: the Adventurer, the Inventor, the Dreamer or the Showman.

This reputation as a comedy chameleon originates in Joel’s network TV appearances (AGT, Penn and Teller Fool Us, FakeOff), international tours or frequent performances for private celeb gatherings.

Leading his professional life by the slogan “Nothing is impossible,” Joel Meyers keeps reinventing his otherwise stacked acts with ever-surprising content. That is why he keeps being asked back: original sleight of hand routines, infectious on-stage presence, and top-of-the-class humor. All these ingredients fuse into an act which transports guests into a world of possibility and visual delight.

Book One of These AGT Illusionists if You Want to Leave Your Guests in Awe

Eric Jones 

Among AGT illusionists who possess the gift of making your guests’ jaws drop we can find Eric Jones, America’s Got Talent Season 12 semi-finalist.

Eric impressed everyone with his close-up magic tricks, fast-paced delivery, and dynamic concepts. By ‘dynamic’ we also mean surprising and we are referring to the judges’ cuts stage, where Eric impressed Simon Cowell with a bold buzzer-smashing move of his own. Like this:

The AGT Illusionists landscape is a stacked field, but Eric set himself apart with ease due to previous success on shows like Masters of Illusion or New York City’s Monday Night Magic, the longest-running Off-Broadway magic show in NYC.

Blake Vogt 

Also known as ‘the allergic magician,’ Blake Vogt first met the American public in Season 11, where he advanced all through to the semifinals.

The idea for this clever nickname came naturally to Blake, who is allergic to rabbit fur (and other 90+ agents). So you already have a clue Blake is not your average rabbit-from-the-hat kind of magician. He even figured he could use this to his advantage, so during the audition round he correctly guessed allergies of random audience members.

Blake Vogt’s strength lies in fun props, a genuine and relatable presence and mind-boggling tricks which made Simon Cowell “I believe in magic now.” That was the extent of the innovative factor he brought with his illusions. Watch this and see if you believe your eyes. Alternatively, even more importantly, if you want your guests’ round of applause to be as loud as the AGT public’s.

AGT Illusionists Are No Joke

They deliver on what they promise and then some more.

In other words, it will be noticeable they have America’s Got Talent Magic background: well-rounded act package, surprising elements, unparalleled stage presence – they have it all, and they can put it at your service.

If you have not made up your mind yet, here’s a link where you can search for even more mind-boggling performers using the keyword “magician.”

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