Entertaining Ideas to Inspire Your Upcoming Live Events

Entertaining Ideas Live Events

Written by Tim Grable

April 19, 2021

When organizing a live event, it’s important to explore new entertaining ideas and to offer your attendees an experience that will go beyond their expectations.

We have found that magic works wonders in subverting people’s expectations, and that’s an integral part of the whole experience. With magic, your guests will never know what will come up next, and they will be alert at all times, not wanting to miss a thing.

In the following article, we will share a few ideas on how you can add magic as an entertaining segment for your upcoming live events.

Interactive Magic

Interactive magic is a modern take on the classical form of magic. It relies heavily on modern technology, specifically gadgets – such as phones, tablets, screens, and lasers.

When it comes to interactive magic, Digital Deception are kings. They are a duo of magicians and tech enthusiasts who use various tools and gadgets to show audiences the capabilities of modern technology.

Magicians Ryan and Doug have been touring around the world in a unique way in which they manage to bring a glimpse of the future into live events.


Mentalism is a subset of magic, and it involves the use of body language, misdirection, and trickery to showcase impressive mental feats. Rather than performing regular magic tricks, mentalists create elaborate experiences that toy with the audience’s mind.

For example, The Evason’s, are a mentalism-duo that have developed their brand of mentalism, known as Second Sight. To put it bluntly, this act involves both members relying on one another to guess what people from the audience are thinking.

The act needs audience input to work, so their live events include many moments of audience interaction.

the evasons  

Sleight of Hand

Sleight of hand is among the oldest tricks in magic, yet it is as exciting and fresh as ever, with people still gasping at the sight of cards appearing and disappearing in front of their eyes.

For the past 25 years, sleight of hand has been improved, and numerous takes on this classic artifice have brought a series of impressive tricks.

Magician Jason Bishop is an innovator when it comes to sleight of hand.

He has constantly been developing new techniques and ways to make things disappear. Jason also weaves a deeply touching story into his tricks, through which he manages to amplify the experience and give his show an emotional edge.

Comedy Magic

Comedy magic doesn’t rely much on the wow factor of conjuring tricks as much as it banks on getting big laughs out of the audience. A trick doesn’t have to be as flashy, as long as the magician’s performance brings out laughter across the audience hall.

However, when you combine world-class magic with some of the best comedic performances out there, you’re bound to get an unprecedented experience.

Mac King is perhaps the best comedy magician in the business right now, taking the audience on a journey filled with moments of astounding magic and relentless humor.

mac king  

Enhance the Experience of Your Live Events with Entertaining Ideas

At Grable Group, we provide event organizers with a wide array of entertainment solutions for their upcoming events. If you’re interested in giving magic a try for your event, then be sure to browse our extensive list of magicians for hire.

If you’re interested in working with other kinds of performers across all types of performance arts, then be sure to give us a call at +1 615 283 0039.

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