Eric Jones and Steven Brundage the Best Dueling Magicians

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Written by Courtney Grable

January 27, 2019

Dueling Magicians: Jones vs. Brundage

This is it. The greatest show. The night of all nights. The showdown of showdowns, dueling magicians Eric Jones and Steven Brundage. This is the Clash of the Conjurors. That’s right, you have seen them on America’s Got Talent, Masters of Illusion and Penn and Teller. What’s about to happen next is the most thrilling, most exciting, most epic showdown of all time. It’s Eric Jones vs. Steven Brundage, who will win? Well, we have our ideas, but you have to be the one to decide that on your own. How will you perform this daring feat? Simple, we’re going to put our two competitors through three rounds of performances that will put their skills to the ultimate test of talent. After all of the rounds are over, we’ll ask you, the audience, to tell us which of the conjurors won each round. Is it the sleight-of-hand master Eric Jones or is it Rubix Cube maven Steven Brundage? You’ll vote by filling out a quick poll, and we’ll finally see who is the true master of the conjurors. Sound intriguing? Well, let’s see what the first round holds. Buckle up and prepare for an out of this world ride!

Challenge One- Uniqueness

Challenge one is pretty simple…which act creates a fresh, new twist on the classic entertainment world of magic? The audience waits in anticipation for the first competitor to take the stage. A hush falls over the crowd of thousands and not even a pin drops without someone noticing. This is it; the games are about to begin. The announcer steps onto the stage, microphone clutched in his hand, reaffirming the intensity of this moment. This is it…let the Clash of the Conjurors the dueling magicians begin!

Eric Jones: The Master of Illusions

Eric Jones and Steven Brundage the Best Dueling Magicians

He steps on stage and even the sound of his shoe is hitting the floor can be heard. A pin drops. The crowd breathes. So now, he is ready to begin. Taking out his deck of cards, every audience member is wowed at the skilled competitor Eric Jones shows. The selected card is changed from blue to red, and the crowd goes wild. However, this is just a simple warm-up for the Master of Illusions, Eric Jones. The show intensifies as he prepares for his next trick. A glass wall is brought onto the stage and he…steps right through it? Applause and cheering erupt through the crowd. When was the last time you saw this happen? As Eric Jones steps off-stage, his competitor, Steven Brundage, takes his place. What will ensue in this next performance of the dueling magicians?

Steven Brundage: The Rubix Cube Whisperer

Steven Brundage

Stepping on-stage is never an easy task, but Steven Brundage completes it with ease. As he steps forward towards the audience, a camera focuses in on his hands, which are holding a Rubix cube. The colorful toy is then put into a paper bag and…it vanishes? But wait, now it’s back again? What’s he doing now? How-how did a piece of paper end up inside of the cube? Fascinating! Brundage can take an ordinary child’s toy and turn it into a spectacular show with just a little bit of creativity and uniqueness. What else can he do? 

Challenge Two- Prop Usage

So, who won that round? You’ll be able to vote in the poll when you finish experiencing the thrill of each round of Clash of the Conjurors. However, for right now, you want to tune in to challenge two of the competition…the prop usage round. We’ll be able to see how competitors Eric Jones and Steven Brundage use their resources to their advantage and discover who is the best at it. Are you ready? Good, because the next installation is about to begin.

Eric Jones: Cards, Coins, and 21st Century Technology

Eric Jones: 60 Second Promo

As soon as he steps onstage, it’s lights, camera, action! Eric Jones blends the classic card and coin tricks of magic with modern day music and technology to create a thrilling and memorable performance for every audience member. See how the energy of the audience rises with the upbeat music he performs to? It’s something that many magicians attempt to use, but don’t succeed at blending them as seamlessly as Jones. His performance may be over as he steps off-stage, but it’s far from over for the captivated audience he leaves behind, as the music he performs his tricks to reverberates through their minds the rest of the night. And now, it’s time for his competitor to take the stage. Can he beat Eric Jones? Let’s take a look. 

Steven Brundage: Sticking to What’s Simple

Rubik’s Cube Magician Steven Brundage

Steven Brundage takes the stage, and with him, there are no flashy lights or modern music, only his tricks, and an attentive audience. They say sometimes sticking to simple is best, but it only works if you can pull it off, and pull if off Brundage can! As he seamlessly transitions between his tricks, from making a Rubix cube disappear in a paper bag, to finding a piece of paper in one of the corners when it comes back, simple may be the setup, but extravagant is the act. What do you think? How’s he doing up there? As he walks off the stage, there’s only one question left…who won this round of Clash of the Conjurors?

Challenge Three- The Best Overall

This is it. This is the final round of the Clash of the Conjurors, and it’s the most anticipated round yet. That’s right, it’s the Best Overall round, and at the end, you’re the judge. Are you ready, because the tension is rising, the excitement is extreme, and the competitors are ready to perform. So, here it goes…last round!

Eric Jones: Magician and Illusionist

As Eric Jones takes the stage, the crowd is hushed and ready for his performance. And so, he begins. As the music plays, the energy of the audience rises, and his magic tricks become even more exciting than before. Eric Jones fascinates the crowd with his unique, yet classic magic tricks. He takes the stage with his fresh, new twist on magic and captivates the audience with his blend of sound and lights. He steps off the stage, leaving everyone in awe. What is next on this Clash of Conjurors?

Steven Brundage: Rubix Cube Extraordinaire

As Eric Jones exits the stage, Steven Brundage enters it, and the crowd is ready to be blown away once again. With his simple, yet unique take on the classic Rubix cube toy, Brundage astonishes the crowd as it disappears and reappears and spins and twists and somehow manages to solve itself. How could this be happening? Is it too good to be true, or could it be? This is the apocalypse of the conjurors, and we have no clue who could be winning because both competitors are wonderfully talented and creative in their presentation. As Steven Brundage wows the crowd, the act is over too soon, and he steps off-stage to join his competitor. Now, it’s time to decide.

Now You’re the Judge

So, who do you think should win? Is it the Master of Illusions, Eric Jones or is it the Rubix Cube Extraordinaire, Steven Brundage? There’s only one way to tell, vote!  Even better, why not create your Clash of Conjurors at your next event?

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