7 Fascinating Magicians Who All Bring Something Unique to the Table

Keelan Leyser

Written by Tim Grable

July 7, 2019

If you always wanted to offer the audience an unforgettable experience, then magic is one of the best ways to do that. It has a powerful effect on the audience, making people stare in awe, unsure whether to believe their eyes or not.

People love it when they don’t know what to expect. Also, this type of thrill is in high demand.

If you want your corporate event to stand out, then you’ll have to bring in something new. So magic may be precisely what you’re looking for.

We’ve written this article to showcase a set of fascinating magicians who can offer the audience an incredible experience with their amazing performance.

And we hope you’re ready because they have many new and exciting tricks – and your guests won’t see them coming!

1. Keelan Leyser Blends Magic with Technology

Keelan Leyser bears the unusual title of “iPad magician.” He is a performer from the United Kingdom who has reached international fame due to his unique brand of magic.

The reason he is called the “iPad magician” is that instead of the traditional top-hat, he has opted for a more modern approach to magic.

His act relies heavily on the use of technology to pull mind-boggling tricks and illusions.

Keelan Leyser, Fascinating Magicians Who All Bring Something Unique to the Table

For example, he’ll use the screen of a tablet to show the viewers an image of an object and, before you know it, he’ll make that object appear right before their eyes.

On some other occasions, he might even make himself disappear and then magically reappear on the display of a flat TV screen.

Keelan’s masterful combination of magic and technology has garnered him numerous awards and has offered him the opportunity to perform in over 60 countries around the world.

He has performed many shows, and some of his biggest clients are prominent Fortune 500 companies, such as Microsoft, Coca Cola, Vodafone. So there’s no sign of him stopping!

2. Adam Trent is the Next Generation of Magic

It wouldn’t be far from the truth to say that Adam Trent is a magician from the future. While he isn’t a time-traveler, he puts on a futuristic show.

He dubs his show as being “the next generation of magic.” To understand why you only need to look at props that he makes use of.

He uses lasers to create intricate illusions, a robot as a personal assistant and there is even a mockup 3D printer which prints Adam whenever he is supposed to come on stage.

Without even joking, you can say that his entire performance is cutting edge.

3. Mark Robinson Puts on a Motivational Magic Show

Magic and motivational speaking may seem like an unusual combination, yet they make for an incredible show. And Mark Robinson is the one who makes it happen.

He uses the eye-catching effect of magic to draw in people’s attention. Afterward, when all eyes are on him, he takes advantage of the opportunity to deliver an eloquent and inspiring speech.

Mark Robinson

His magic show is incredibly funny, filled to the brim with moments of lighthearted comedy. For example, it’s not unusual for him to call a guest on stage to assist with a trick only for Mark to play tricks on the guest.

Mark is one of those fascinating magicians the audience can’t get enough of. However, the real magic of his show lies within his ability to incorporate life-affirming lessons into his act cleverly.

For instance, Mark has a signature joggling trick, in which he juggles with balls of different sizes, each of them made to represent different stages of life. Where one ball is heavy, the other might be lighter and easier to toss.

He uses this trick as an exciting way to teach his viewers how to joggle with the lives’ priorities.

4. Jon Dorenbos is Magic with a Message

If you prefer something more down to earth, then Jon Dorenbos is the ideal performer to hire for your event.

He is a motivational speaker, a storyteller, and magician with a positive outlook on life. To understand where his drive comes from, it’s essential to know Jon’s story.

Jon used to be a different type of entertainer, performing on a football field.

He was a sports figure, playing 14 seasons in the NFL, most notably as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. However, his football career ended abruptly when Jon had to perform open-heart surgery.

The surgery was successful, but it came at a price. Jon would never be able to play football again. This experience has strengthened his resolve and gave him an extra reason to continue to inspire others.

As a top magician, Jon uses sleight of hand tricks to wow the audience. However, the wow factor lies in his ability to create a strong and positive narrative to accompany his impressive magic tricks.

5. Peter Boie Is the Magician for Non-Believers

Magic isn’t real. An hour with Peter Boie on stage will make your guests think otherwise.

Peter is an ardent believer in magic and its power to offer people unique experiences. He was first introduced to magic during his childhood when he discovered a book about it at his local library.

This incredible event ignited his desire to see himself perform on stage for the entertainment of others.

Peter Boie

Nowadays, Peter’s living his dream. He’s a comedy magician with decades of on-stage experience, and his objective is to provide his audiences with an astonishing magic show.

He got the title “Magician for Non-Believers” because of his ability to make even the biggest naysayers of magic question themselves.

Because when he goes on stage to perform, he manages to grab the attention of even the hardest to please audiences.

6. Derek Hughes is Stand-Up Comedy with Magic

Do you want to know something fascinating? Magicians tend to cheat a little when they’re performing their tricks.

Derek Hughes admits that he is one of them. His performance is a combination of theatrics, comedy and magic tricks that’ll make the audience go – “How did he do it?”

He starts by performing a magic trick, but he quickly relies on distractions to lure the public’s attention from what he’s doing.

However, it’s these distractions that make up the whole show. He uses his wry sense of humor and elaborate mentalism acts to entertain the audience all while secretly performing the magic trick.

To understand just how incredible Derek’s show is, click the following video:

7. Piff the Magic Dragon as seen in Las Vegas and AGT

Let’s just say nothing about this act is what it seems at first. He comes out in an oversized costume and calls himself Piff the Magic Dragon. At first you are skeptical but within 30 seconds, you are laughing. Laughing at a magic show! He has an excellent delivery and a keen sense of improv. Moreover, his magic will leave you scratching your head. He keeps your attention the whole time.

These Fascinating Magicians Are What Your Event Is Missing

If there’s one thing to be learned from this is that magic never fails to impress.   Looking to turn your event into something unique?  You might want to consider hiring the amazing magicians we’ve featured in this article.

To get to work with them, all you need to do is give us a call at (615) 283-0039, and we will help you with all the necessary procedures!

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