What going virtual means for a family reunion

family reunion

Written by Terre Grable

July 23, 2020

Miss out on your Family Reunion this year?  Going virtual means you can still make memories! Don’t let the travel and social distancing restrictions prevent you from creating memories as a family!  Here is how and what you should do an online get-together!

going virtual means family reunion

How to do a virtual reunion

Doing a family gathering has never been easier.   It’s as simple as 1-2-3!

1. Why have an online reunion?

To get started, identify the goal of your reunion?  Is it to catch up with one another?  Do you want to celebrate a special occasion?   Are there going to be certain relatives that want to meet and chat?  Perhaps, the teenage cousins would like to interact with one another while gaming online. Would the adults like to experience a virtual happy hour together?  Identifying the agendas can make planning easier and expectations known so that every member can contribute their ideas and make it time together enjoyable.

2. Going virtual means make a plan for your family reunion

Next, make a plan!  What do you want your time together to look like?  Although you will not be having a potluck, you can still share a meal!  Dinner conversations can take place from any location. Are you celebrating a birthday or anniversary?  Offering for family members to share favorite memories or things they appreciate about the person of honor will be far more meaningful than and gift.  Your presence will mean more than presents.

Virtual happy hours are another great way for adults to connect.  Catching up during a happy hour on Zoom eliminates the need to wait for a table, being forced to choose from a limited drink menu and frees you from loud rooms and crowds.

Instead, going virtual means you can interact with your favorite people no matter where they are from the comfort of your backyard, living room, or garden area.  Another benefit that is unique to a meeting during a online happy hour is the timing.  Members that would be unable to attend the traditional family reunion because of prior commitments or work can now take part in time together.

3.  Schedule the activities for your gathering

Are you wondering what types of activities to plan for an online get-together?  Here are some ideas from our experienced virtual entertainers.   Each will take care of all the technology needs and will excel for your virtual reunion because virtual events are second nature to each of them.  Many have been doing it longer than anyone else.  So your family gathering will be fun, energetic, and build lasting

Family Comedy Night

How does it work? You pick a time for everyone to meet, and comedian Marty Simpson, will take it from there. Not tech-savvy? Not a problem! Marty has you covered and will make sure everything is set up in advance.  Worried it would be cheesy and awkward because it is a virtual event? Nothing to worry about!  Marty Simpson has entertained audiences of all ages, and sizes, and in every venue. He event has his own Dry Bar Comedy Special.  His ability to perform in the online realm will make each person feel included, and apart of a fun time together – regardless of location. It’s like having a personal virtual comedy show that is relatable to the uniqueness of your loved ones.

Trivia Night

For years one of our family’s favorite past times is to participate in a trivia night. It allows each person the opportunity to flex their intellectual powers and poke fun at each other. Now you can play trivia from the comfort of your home and include loved ones all around the country with virtual trivia. You can hire virtual hosts that know how to plan and produce a highly interactive, high-quality trivia game for your friends and family.

Virtual Happy Hour

Are you looking for the perfect way to encourage social distancing while bringing close ones a much-needed opportunity to socialize? Even though COVID 19 has turned socialization and drinks at the bar into drinks at home, that presents an opportunity to connect with friends and family in other locations. Consider booking a virtual entertainer that can also function as a moderator to help the conversation run smoothly.

Graduation Party

You can still celebrate milestones and  special days in a way that is meaningful and unique to your graduate! Plan a virtual graduation party!  Instead of being disheartened, why not come together and celebrate this  achievement with your loved ones in a personalized manner regardless of location?

Birthday Celebration

Is someone in your family celebrating a milestone birthday this year?  Make the birthday special by having the entire family join in to celebrate this occasion?  Your virtual host will take care of all the details, including set up and recording this event.   All you have to do is find a time to host the special event and click to join….and let the party begin!


Wish you could include your soon-to-be fiancé’s family on your proposal plans but are limited by social distancing and travel restrictions?  Don’t let the pandemic prevent you from starting your life together!  Are your parents or grandparents forced to celebrate their special anniversary alone?  No longer!

One of the benefits of virtual family reunions is the flexibility that it provides.  While some relatives can be together, others can join in virtually.  No one is left out.  Special occasions are celebrated with fun, enthusiasm, and, most importantly – Together!

Virtual Magic Night

It’s pretty straightforward. Every segment of a magic act – be it close-up magic, mind-reading, sleight-of-hand demonstrations – is done online via video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams.  Invite loved ones from all over the world can join in the fun and see each other’s reactions, which makes things even more entertaining. Unlike watching magic acts on YouTube a Virtual Magic Night is an interactive experience for guests, as they become part of the show rather than sitting back and watching.

The benefits of a virtual family reunion

1. It’s affordable

Unlike in-person family reunions, there are no costs for travel and accommodations. No hotels, waiting in line at restaurants or snoring relatives.  Instead, you can spend time with your family from the comfort of your own home without blowing your budget.

Whether your budget is $500 or $50,000, our virtual entertainers will have your family laughing together and building memories.

2. Going virtual means it’s fun and flexible

Wish your relatives could attend a personalized family comedy show?  Now they can! Are you looking for a broadway Magic show?  Pick a showtime!   Or combine the two Comedy Magic. Trivia buff?  We’ve got that too!

Family fun happens regardless of where you live.   Our talented virtual entertainers will make sure your family engages with one another in a fun manner, where everyone is glad they took to the time to participate.

3.  It can be recorded

It’s easy, and you will have a recorded memory that you can return to again and again.

We’re here to help.  For help in planning an interactive family experience give us a call at 615 283 003 or drop us an email.  As experts in virtual entertainment, we will take care of the details so you don’t have to.

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