How You Can Benefit From Hiring A Professional Magician

Peter Boie

Written by Tim Grable

July 15, 2019

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Magicians and corporate events may not seem like a proper fit, but you’d be surprised to know they’re a match made in heaven.

So as an event organizer, it’s important to be mindful of the event’s entertainment factor because it will have a very decisive role for its entire duration.

If done well, it will have many benefits for you and your organization. So if you’re not yet convinced about hiring a professional magician, then keep on reading this article.

Make Your Event a One of a Kind Experience

Your guests will most likely have participated in other events, either corporate or non-corporate. Also, they have, more or less, some preconceived notions about how the event will pan out.

As the organizer, you have the responsibility to make your event stand out from the crowd. That’s because social events need a bit of a shake to appeal to the guests throughout their duration.

When so many other event organizers are playing it safe, hiring a professional magician will seem like a much-needed breath of fresh air. This kind of attention will make the guests feel special as if they’re not taking part in any run of the mill event.

Peter Boie, How You Can Benefit From Hiring A Professional Magician

Also, you should take advantage of this situation and hire someone as skilled as Peter Boie. He is an award-winning magician who defies reality with his incredible close-up magic and mind-boggling mentalism tricks.

Hiring A Professional Magician Captures Audience Attention

There’s no denying the fact magicians are masters at maintaining people’s attention. Once they go up on stage, everyone in the audience hall is going to be watching.

Having the guests’ undivided attention can help you quite a lot in terms of exposure.

It also serves as a great way to break the ice and allows you to segue into another segment of the event.

And if you’re aiming to make an announcement or a call to arms, now’s the perfect time to do it.

The magicians themselves could deliver the announcement for you, as many of them can customize their magic show to fit the client’s needs.

Lyndy Phillips

For example, Lyndy Phillips is the kind of magician who grabs the audience’s attention and interacts with them throughout the entirety of the show.

Creates a Positive Image for Your Brand

In some sense, the kind of entertainment you will provide will be reflected in your organization’s image. It shapes the people’s way of how they perceive your company, and it will most likely be one of the first things which come to people’s mind when they hear your organization’s name.

With so many things at stake, hiring the right magician is an excellent opportunity to put your organization in a positive light.

If it turns out well, it won’t go unrewarded, as a unique performance will stick in your guests’ memory for a long time. Also, your brand’s name is going to be associated with it.

Aaron Radatz

In this case, if you want to spoil your guests with the entertainment of the highest quality, then you should consider hiring Aaron Radatz. He is an incredible performer who delivers top of the line magic and comedy.

Magicians You Can Hire To Offer Your Guests A Magical Experience

Are you looking to make your event stand out? Then surprise your guests by hiring a magician to provide the divertissement. You will catch them off-guard with such a left-field choice of entertainment.

If this sounds interesting, then be sure to keep on reading. We have featured some of the best magicians you can hire to offer your guests an experience they will surely not forget any time soon.

1. Dennis Kyriakos

Dennis Kyriakos is a very complex entertainer. He is part corporate speaker and part magician. He is a highly entertaining showman who puts on a very sophisticated performance your guests will not want to miss.

As an entertainer, he is very charismatic and exudes a very imposing stage presence, managing to keep the audience’s attention at all times. He is one of the best magicians you can hire to create a memorable experience.

His show revolves between intricate displays of all sorts of magic tricks. He can either perform acts of mentalism, mind reading and clairvoyance, guaranteed to leave your guests awestruck.

Your guests can think of any number, a name or even something profoundly personal and chances are Dennis will guess it. This will surely baffle people in the audience, and many of them will begin to question if they’re truly in control of their thoughts.

Dennis Kyriakos, Magicians You Can Hire

2. Ardan James

Ardan James is a magician who goes old-school. His performances hark back to the days of Houdiniesque stage-shows, with magicians dressed in slick black tuxedos and beautiful assistants who help them to carry out amazing magic tricks.

His history goes back to the early ’90s, where he first started as a ventriloquist. Seeing it wasn’t his calling, he switched to pantomime. Then he ended up working in a magic store.

After earning his degree in media arts, he realized he had an entire repertoire of practical skills he subsequently turned into his magic show.

Ardan James, Hiring A Professional Magician

As a performer, he can juggle, he can play guitar, he can perform all sorts of intricate magic tricks. He is the living embodiment of a jack of all trades, and his show is a reflection of his varied profession.

3. Andy Hickman

Andy Hickman is the type of entertainer people can’t get enough of. He is a magician who goes above and beyond with his surreal combination of inspirational magic.

Yes, you read that right. Unlike regular magicians, Andy also dabbles into the realm of motivational speaking, combining it with his magical performance to come up with a morale-boosting stage show.

Andy Hickman

He believes excellent, and well-thought-out entertainment is the key to people’s mind and heart. Which is why all the tricks he performs are filled with moments of intense suspense, audience interaction, and lots of humor.

Some of the Best Professional Magicians You Can Hire

The magicians featured in this article were handpicked by us, as we believe their experience can genuinely turn your event into something exceptional.

When it comes to making a successful corporate event, hiring a professional magician will benefit you in many ways.

That being said, why wait any longer?

If you genuinely believe in magic, then it can work in your favor. You can book a magician for your upcoming event, right now!

Be sure to give us a call at (615) 283-0039, and we will provide you with some of the best magicians you can hire!

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